Hayes/Menefee/Franklin Reunion


Hayes Family Reuion was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Franklin of Center in 1922.
Front: Baby Bruce Henry, John Hayes and wife Lennie Bittick Hayes, Bill Menefee and Vera Menefee
Second Row:  Grady Lou Hayes (Standing on chair), Grady and Lennie Holt Hayes, Alfred and Johnny Hayes, Henry and son Fred.  Mrs. Robbie Hayes and son Jack Bittick Hayes and his son in his arms, son Jim, standing in front of Bittick Hayes is John Wesley McCauley, Jr and Harry Menefee, George Menefee and Mittie Hayes Menefee.
Third Row:  Frank and Ada Hayes Short, Nola Hayes. Dan Short, Grace McCauley, Mattie Hayes Franklin and Farish Hayes;
Back Row:  Dwight Short, Owen Hayes, Furman Hayes, J. W. McCauley, Jr, Fleta Hayes McCauley, Tom Franklin and Hayes Menefee.

From Champion photo courtesy of F. J. Hayes, Jr.