1930 Shelby County Texas  Census

This document is a copy of the microfilm in order of visitation by the census taker.

Precinct # 1,  Africa Road and Shelbyville Highway                        Page #36

Last Name First Name Relation Sex Race Age Marital BP FBP MBP Occupation
Moore, William M Head MNegro 62WD TX AL TX Farmer
Cartwright, Abe A Head MNegro 53M TX TX AL Farmer
  Adeline Wife FNegro 60M TX GA AL -
Goodwin, Charlie Head MNegro 35M TX TX TX Farmer
  Eliza Wife FNegro 35M TX TX TX -
  Loa V ? Daughter FNegro 12S TX TX TX Laborer
  Ima G. Daughter FNegro 11S TX TX Tx Laborer
  Willie Son MNegro 9S TX TX TX -
  Joe Son MNegro 8S TX TX TX -
  Ruth Daughter fNegro 5S TX TX TX -
  Addie M Daughter FNegro 2S TX TX TX -
  Charlie M Daughter FNegro 0S TX TX TX -
Price, Elzie P. Head MNegro 27M TX TX TX Farmer
  Addis Wife FNegro 24M TX TX TX Laborer
  Katie V Daughter FNegro 10S TX TX TX -
  Mertie B Daughter FNegro 7S TX TX TX -
  Aileen Daughter FNegro 5S TX TX TX -
  O. J. Son MNegro 3S TX TX TX -
  Prentiss Son MNegro 1S TX TX TX -
Risinor, Dodie Brother in Law MNegro 11S TX TX TX Laborer
  John H. Brother in Law MNegro 9S TX TX TX -
  Bee O. Sister in Law FNegro 5S TX tX TX -
Pride, Edwin D Head MW 35M TX MS TX Farmer
  Lerna Wife FW 32M TX AL TX -
  Alvis Son MW 13S TX tX TX Laborer
  Lamar Son MW 3S TX TX TX -
McCollister, Mark Head MNegro 39M TX TX TX Farmer
  Alberta Wife FNegro 28M TX TX TX Laborer
Lister, Woodson Head MNegro 17M TX TX TX Farmer
  Renise ? Wife FNegro 17M TX TX TX Laborer
McKee, Samuel C Head MW 60M TX TX LA Owner/Grocery
  Nodie Wife FW 40M TX TX TX -
  Margaret J Daughter FW 2S TX TX TX -
Blockbery? Joel C Step Son MW 18S TX TX TX Laborer
Dockens, Winifred F Head MW 39M TX GA GA Carpenter
  Evie 35M Fw 35M LA GA LA -
  Otha Son MW 16S TX TX LA Laborer
  Oscar Son MW 13S TX TX TX Laborer
Allen, John H. Head MW 38M TX TX TX Farmer
  Nonie Wife FW 35M TX TX TX -
  James Son MW 14S TX TX TX Laborer
  Ernest Son MW 13S TX TX TX Laborer
  Erin Son MW 12S TX TX TX Laborer
  Mozelle Daughter FW 11S TX TX TX -
  Arlon Son MW 9S TX TX TX -
  Lucille Daughter FW 8S TX TX TX -
  Francis Daughter FW 7S TX TX TX -
  Nora M Daughter FW 0 S TX TX TX -
Minton, Marlin Head MW 29M TX TX TX Farmer
  Mary Wife FW 33M TX AL TX -
  Marlon Jr Son MW 3S TX TX TX -
  Wayne H. Son MW 10mo S TX TX TX
Heagler, Elbert M. Father in Law MW 84WD AL NC NC -
Neal, Norman M Head MW 51M TX TX TX Farmer
  Cassie C Wife FW 47M TX TX GA -
  Obie P. Daughter FW 12S TX TX TX Laborer
  Nannie M Daughter FW 10S TX TX TX -
Oliver, Mary E Mother in Law FW 83WD GA GA GA -
Bridges, Elvin R. Head MW 21M TX TX U.S Farmer
  Clara M Wife FW 20M TX TX TX -
  Elvin Son MW 0 S TX TX TX -
Price, Ellen Head FNegro 32WD TX TX TX Farmer
  Hazel Daughter FNegro 14S TX TX TX Laborer
  Alicia Daughter FNegro 10S TX TX TX -
  Lucille Daughter FNegro 7 S TX TX Tx -
  Mack Son MNegro 4S TX TX TX -
Payne, L. B. Brother MNegro 22S TX TX TX Laborer
Kirkland, Elllis Head MNegro 33M LA TX TX Farmer
  Evie Wife FNegro 22M TX TX Tx Laborer
Green, Silas Head MNegro 50M TX MS TX Farmer
  Henrietta Wife FNegro 40M TX TX TX -
  Alice Daughter FNegro 22WD TX TX TX Laborer
  Buford Son MNegro 20S TX TX TX Laborer
  Reuben Son MNegro 19S TX TX TX Laborer
  Grady Son MNegro 15S TX TX TX Laborer
  Johnnie M Daughter FNegro 13S TX TX TX Laborer
  Lucy Son FNegro 8S TX TX TX -
  John H Grandson MNegro 7S TX TX TX -
  Weyford Son MNegro 5S TX TX TX -
  David Son MNegro 2S TX TX TX -
  Geraldine Grand Daughter FNegro 4S TX TX TX -
  Aileen Grand Daughter FNegro 2S TX TX TX -
Smith, Norman Head MNegro 38M TX TX TX Farmer
  Annie Wife FNegro 28m TX TX TX Laborer
  Etta Daughter FNegro 12S TX TX TX Laborer
  Chester Son MNegro 8S TX TX TX -
Squyers, Charles W Head MW 45M TX LA LA Farmer
  Lena M Wife FW 41M TX TX TX -
  Rodney H Son MW 0S TX TX TX -
Holden, Leo Head MNegro 37M LA LA LA Farmer
  Rose L. Wife FNegro 34M LA LA LA Laborer
Hunt, Alice ? Step Daughter FNegro 15S LA LA LA Laborer
  John L. Step Son MNegro 9S LA LA LA Laborer
  Charlie Step Son MNegro 8S LA LA LA -
Holden, Curtis Cousin MNegro 21M LA LA LA Farmer
  Edna Cousin FNegro 14M LA LA LA Laborer
  Myrtle L. Cousin FNegro 0 S LA LA LA -