1930 Shelby County Texas  Census

This document is a copy of the microfilm in order of visitation by the census taker.   

         Precinct #   1,    Nacogdoches Road                                                               Page # 67

Last Name First Name Relation Sex Race Age Marital BP FBP MBP Occupation
Smith, Robert B. Head MW 52M TX TN TN Superintendent/Schools
  Lucy E Wife FW 52M TX TX TX  
  Robert B. Son MW 26S TX TX TX  
  Lucille Daughter FW 24S TX TX Tx Teacher
  Max H. Son MW 22S TX TX TX Truck Driver/Lmbr Mill
  Marguerite Q Daughter FW 19S TX TX TX  
  Georgia R. Son MW 17S TX TX TX  
  Fern M Daughter FW 14S TX TX TX  
Corbitt, Herbert B. Head MW 53M LA GA GA Farmer
  May L. Wife FW 52M LA LA LA  
  Herbert N. Son MW 28S TX LA LA  
  Ada J. Daughter FW 17S TX LA LA  
  Maurice M Son MW 15S TX LA LA  
  Robert C. Son MW 14S TX LA LA  
  Cecil Daughter FW 11S TX LA LA  
Gunnels Jarrel A. Head MW 40-M TX TX TX Teacher
  Mattie Wife FW 38M TX TX TX  
Martin, Joseph E. Head MW 52M TX TX TX Teamster/Sawmill
  Della Wife FW 51M TX GA AL  
  Lucette Daughter FW 14S TX TX TX  
McNorton, R. J. Nephew MW 17S TX TX TX  
Adams, Jack Head MW 29M TX LA LA Barber
  Pauline Wife FW 24M TX TX AL  
  Jack P. Son MW 5S TX TX TX  
Permenter, Claude O. Head MW 38M Tx TX Tx Labor/Oil Well
  Anna M. Wife FW 33M TX TX TX  
  C. O. Son MW 8S TX TX TX  
  Eldrid O. Son MW 6S TX TX TX  
  Anna F. Daughter FW 6/12S TX TX TX  
Ayers, Ira Head MNegro 20M TX TX TX Farmer
  Blanche Wife FNegro 20m TX TX TX  
  Leroy Son MNegro 2S TX TX TX  
  Ula M Daughter fNegro 3/12 TX TX TX  
Tutton, Iva T. Head MW a31M MS MS MS Carpenter
  Johnnie Wife FW 24M TX TX TX  
Cooper, Joseph O. Head MW 64M TX TN MS Farmer
  Grace L. Wife FW 43M TX TX TN  
  Joseph E. Son MW 37S TX TX Tx Farmer
  James E. Step son MW 12S TX TX TX  
Cooper, Mollie E. Head FW 80WD FL GA Cuba  
Palmore, Allen Head MNegro 80WD VA VA GA  
  Magnolia Daughter FNegro 41S FL VA GA  
Cooper, Major D. Head MW 60M TX TN AL Farmer
  Ora Wife FW 55M TX TN AL  
  Frank Son MW 10S TX TX TX Laborer/Farm
Johnson, Richard Head MNegro 35M LA LA LA Farmer
  Frankie Wife FNegro 44M LA LA LA  
Cartwright, Napoleon Son MNegro 13S TX TX TX Farmer
  Judie Mother/Head FNegro 31WD TX GA TX  
  Rodie Sister FNegro 12S TX TX TX  
Maxy Rosie Head FNegro 38WD TX TX TX Farmer
  Ida M Daughter FNegro 19S TX TX TX Laborer
  Matilda Daughter FNegro 27S TX TX TX Laborer
  L. C. Son MNegro 15S TX Tx TX Laborer
Johnson, Ira B. Grandson MNegro 3S TX TX TX  
  Ira T. Grandson MNegro 1S TX TX TX  
Jones, John Head MNegro 59M TX AL AL Farmer
  Florence Wife FNegro 37M TX TX TX  
  Tweetie Daughter FNegro 29S TX TX TX  
  Noah GSon MNegro 10S TX TX TX  
  Mable Daughter FNegro 2S TX TX TX  
Campbell, Lacy B. Head MW 35M TX TX TX  
  Naomi Wife FW 30M TX TX TX  
  James E Son MW 5S TX TX TX  
Ayer, Francis Head FNegro 40WD TX TX TX Farmer
  Marshall Son MNegro 15S TX TX TX Laborer
  Metroy Son MNegro 12S TX TX TX  
  Aslee Daughter FNegro 22 TX TX TX  
  Laurence Son MNegro 8S TX TX TX  
  J. O. ? Grandson MNegro 9S TX TX TX  
Sparks, Paul Head MNegro 30M TX Tx TX Farmer
  Lottie Wife FNegro o27M TX TX TX  
  Arthur Son MNegro 15S TX TX TX Laborer
  George Son MNegro 14S TX TX TX  
  Melvin Son MNegro 10S TX TX TX  
  Jessie J. Son MNegro 9S TX TX TX  
  Angela Son MNegro 6S TX TX TX  
  Clara V Daughter FNegro 4S TX TX TX  
  Clarence Son MNegro 2S TX TX TX  
McCowan, Zeke Head MNegro 29M TX TX TX Farmer
  Adeline Wife FNegro 27M TX TX TX  
  Abert Lee Son MNegro 20S TX TX TX  
  Caldonia Son MNegro  7S TX TX TX  
  Lamar Son MNegro 5S TX TX TX  
  Leonard Son MNegro 3S TX TX TX  
  Varniel Daughter FNegro 1 8/12 TX TX TX  
Sharp, Albert Head MNegaro 23M TX TX TX Farmer
Pilot, Rufus Head MNegro 23S TX TX TX Farmer
Richards, Tom W Head MW 40M GA GA GA Log Hauler/Sawmill
  Oleatha Wife FW 39M TX TX TX  
  Johnnie Daughter FW 17S TX GA TX  
  Edith Daughter FW 15S TX GA TX  
  Jimmie Lee Daughter FW 13S TX GA TX  
  Franklin Son MW 11S TX GA TX  
  Travis? Son MW 8S TX GA TX  
  Henry F. Son MW 5S TX GA TX  
  Billie J. Son MW 1 8/12 TX GA TX