1930 Shelby County Texas  Census

This document is a copy of the microfilm in order of visitation by the census taker.

Precinct #  2,      Myrick Ferry Road                                                             Page # 81

Last Name First Name Relation Sex Race Age Marital BP FBP MBP Occupation
Tamplin, Levi Y. Head MW 33M TX TX TX Farmer
Venie A. Wife FW 28M TX LA LA
Henry W. Son MW 6S TX TX TX
Bernice Daughter FW 4 S TX TX TX
Bailey, Emmitt Head MW 39M TX LA TN Farmer
Mary E. Wife FW 44M TX AR LA
Jerry Son MW 1 11/12 TX TX TX
Pugh Laroyd Stepson MW 13S LA LA TX Farm Labor
Alvin Stepson MW 11S LA LA TX Farm Labor
Permenter, Thomas S. Head MW 56M LA LA LA Farmer
Tecy O. Wife FW 51M TX MS TX
Floice Son MW 19S TX LA TX Farm Labor
Lemerl Daughter FW 14S TX LA TX
Marlin Daughter FW 12S TX LA TX
Permenter, Albert L. Head MW 39M LA AR LA Farmer
Josie F. Wife FW 45M TX LA AR
Oma Daughter FW 17S LA LA TX Farm Labor
Ray B. Son MW 12S LA LA TX Farm Labor
Fay W. Daughter FW 12S LA LA TX
Smith, Jim F. Head MW 59M GA GA GA
Ida B. Wife FW 49M TX AL TX
Reagan Son MW 19S TX GA TX
Rascoe, Sallie E Mother in Law FW 78WD TX VA VA
Bailey, Tana Boarder MW 29S TX LA LA Farmer
Daw, Hobert Head MW 30M TX LA TX Farmer
Lyda Wife FW 30M AL AL AL
Snider, Luther W. Head MW 63M MO IO VA Farmer
Jula B. Wife FW 47M TX TX TX
Minnie E. Daughter FW 24S TX MO TX Farm Labor
Carl W. Grandson MW 2S TX TX TX
Nash Velma M Daughter FW 2S TX MO TX Farm Labor
Wych, George W. Head MW 49M TX AL TX Farmer
Mamie Wife FW 31M TX TX TX
Williams, James A. Boarder MW 45M MS MS MS Pole Contractor
Wilkison, Ferman? Boarder MW 24S TX TX TX Pole Peeler
Worsham, Magoman Boarder MW 28M TX TX TX Pole Peeler
Bennie Boarder FW 23M TX TX TX
Arnold, Emma M. Boarder FW 5S TX TX TX
Buddie Boarder MW 4S TX TX TX
Rayborn, Nancy Head FW 73WD TX AL AL
Wych, James Boarder MW 20S AL AL AL Farmer
Collins, William Head MW 69M TX TX TX Farmer
Olive Wife FW 44M TX TX TX
Nellie Daughter FW 13S TX TX TX
Nolan Son MW 11S TX TX TX Farm Labor
Strong, Virgil Head MW 30M TX TX TX Farmer
Fleta Wife FW 27M TX TX TX
Irene Daughter FW 10S TX TX TX
Mildred Daughter FW 9S TX TX TX
Estalene Daughter FW 5S TX TX TX
Elzina Son MW 5S TX TX TX
Moze D. Daughter FW 3S Tx TX TX
Billie T. Son MW 1S TX TX TX
Fleming, Benjaman F Head MW 60M AL AL AL Farmer
Adaline Wife FW 34M TX MS MS
Alfred Son MW 28S TX AL TX Farmer
Velma Daughter FW 22S TX AL TX
John Son MW 15S TX AL AL Farm Labor
Harris, Aaron Head MW 59M MS AL MS Laborer
Fanny Wife FW 64M GA GA GA
Summers, Jewel Head FW 38M TX AL AL
Bryant Son MW 8S LA TX TX
Chambers, Maple Daughter FW 19M TX TX TX
Doyle Grandson MW 10/12 LA TX TX
Permenter, Price Head MW 29M TX TX TX Farmer
Roy Wife FW 19M TX TX TX
Willard Son MW 10/12 TX TX TX
Green, Robert G Head MW 55M TX AL TX Farmer
Evie Wife FW 50M TX TX TX
Nonia Daughter FW 16S TX TX TX
Herman Son MW 14S TX TX TX Farm Labor
Delbert Son MW 12S TX TX TX Farm Labor
Permenter, Alain Head Mw 27M TX LA TX Farmer
Mandie Wife FW 27M LA LA MS
Endell Daughter FW 7S TX TX LA
Levern Daughter FW 5S TX TX LA
Gladis Daughter FW 3S TX TX LA
Thomas J. Son MW 0 TX TX LA
Denman, James Head MW 49M LA MS LA Farmer
Minnie Wife FW 39M TX TX AL
May Daughter FW 14S LA LA LA
Raford Son MW 2S Tx LA TX
Elias Father MW 75WD MS MS AL
Callie StepDaughter FW 16S TX TX TX
John T. Step Son MW 15S TX TX TX Farm Labor
Hendricks, Luther Head MW 48M TX TX AL Farmer
Lizzie Wife FW 54M TX TX TX
Bertie Daughter FW 25S AR TX TX
Wendell Grandaughter FW 0S TX TX TX
Cassel, Eli Head MW 48M TX TX TX Farmer
Azlle Wife FW 36M TX TX TX
Dowell Son MW 9S TX TX TX
Ray Son MW 0S TX TX TX
Hendricks, Martha Head MW 36WD TX TX TX Farmer
Edna L. Daughter FW 10S TX TX TX
Cleron L. Son MW 8S TX TX TX
Oma L. Daughter FW 6X TX TX TX
Myrtle O. Daughter FW 4S TX TX TX
Furlow, Garland Head MW 22M TX TX TX Farmer
Neva Wife FW 19M TX TX TX
Carl Son MW ? TX TX TX
Harvey, Robert Boarder MW 21S TX TX TX Farmer