1930 Shelby County Texas  Census

This document is a copy of the microfilm in order of visitation by the census taker.     

 Precinct #   2, Logansport & Patroon Road                                                            Page # 86

Last Name First Name Relation Sex Race Age Marital BP FBP MBP Occupation
Strickland, Holly S Head MW 65M LA GA GA Farmer
Dollie Wife FW 63M LA LA LA
Aquilla Daughter FW 20S TX LA LA
Marveine GrandDaughter FW 8S TX TX TX
Furlow, Clifton Grandson MW 11S TX TX TX
Hughes, Jobie Head MW 26M TX TX TX Track/Rail Road
Reby Wife FW 23M LA TX LA Farmer
Charles Son MW 3S TX TX LA
Leon Son MW 2S TX TX LA
Joe F. Son MW 1S TX TX LA
Dearing, Curtis Hired Hand MW 22S ? TX OK TX Farm Labor
Lawrence, William D. Head MW 63M AL AL AL Farmer
Annie Wife FW 59M LA LA LA
Jones, Buck Head MNegro 43M LA LA LA Farmer
Rosa Wife FNegro 36M LA LA LA
Mary Daughter FNegro 16S LA LA LA Farm Labor
Lemon Son MNegro 13S LA LA LA Farm Labor
Mamie Daughter FNegro 11S LA LA LA
Josephine Daughter FNegro 9S LA LA LA
Erline Daughter FNegro 7S LA LA LA
Mitchel Son MNegro 4S LA LA LA
Gracie Daughter FNegro 1S LA LA LA
Bailey, James T. Head MW 37M TX LA TN Farmer
Mamie Wife FW 24M TX TX TX
Henry L. Son MW 1S TX TX TX Farmer
Snider, Jack Head MW 45M. TX TX TX
Kettie Wife FW 40M TX LA TX
Jewel Son MW 16S TX TX TX Farm Labor
Elma Son MW 10S TX TX TX
Delma Daughter FW 10S TX TX TX
Travis Son MW 5S TX TX TX
Avis Daughter FW 5S TX TX TX
Thom, Ben R. Head MW 63D TX NY GA Farmer
Kitlar Son MW 27S TX TX LA Farm Labor
Wilbur Son MW 27S TX TX LA Farm Labor
Palmer, Sallie Mother in Law FW 82WD LA NY AL
Bailey, Henry J. Head MW 71M LA TN GA Farmer
Tennie Wife FW 65M TN TN TN
Jewel Daughter FW 31S TX LA TN
Bailey, Garland Head MW 25M TX LA TN Farmer
Katherine Wife FW 17M LA LA LA
Davis,  Bill Head MNegro 45M LA VA LA Farmer
Annie Wife FNegro 40m LA LA LA
Gaddis, Fannie Daughter FNegro 20WD LA LA LA Farm Labor
N. P. Grandson MNegro 2S TX LA LA
Perillion Daughter FNegro 0S TX LA LA
Fittz, Duglas Head MW 41M LA LA LA Farmer
Adelle Wife FW 35M Tx LA TN
Gaddas / Son MW 15S TX LA TX Farm Labor
Cline Son MW 13S TX LA TX Farm Labor
Odell Daughter FW 11S TX LA TX
Charles D. Son MW 5S TX LA TX
Litton, Doc Boarder MW 20S TX LA TX Farmer
Snider Jewel Boarder MW 21S TX TX TX Farmer
Harris, Guy Head MW 25M TX TX TX Farmer
Ellen Wife FW 23M TX TX LA
Cox, Everet Head MW 23M TX TX TX Farmer
Myrtle Wife FW 22M TX MS MS
Esther Sister FW 13S TX TX TX
Strickland, William Head MW 34M TX LA TX Farmer
Evline Wife FW 27M TX LA LA
Syble Daughter FW 5S TX TX TX
Parker, Clarence Head MW 38M TX TX TX Farmer
Viola Wife FW 24M TX TX TX
Floyd Son MW 7S TX TX TX
Other Son MW 1S TX TX TX
Alford, Emmett Head MW 35M LA LA LA Farmer
May Wife FW 26M TX TX TX
Nellie Daughter FW 8S TX LA TX
Seaborn Son MW 5S TX LA TX
Edith Daughter FW 2S TX LA TX
Alford, Amos Head MW 30M LA LA LA Farmer
Eva L. Wife FW 25M TX TX TX
Lester Son MW 0S TX LA TX
Mc Kinzie,? Martha Head FW 69WD LA LA LA Farmer
Alford, Emma Daughter FW 26S LA LA LA Farm Labor
Kilburn, Bessie Step daughter FW 45D LA LA LA Farm Labor
Elna Granddaughter FW 16S TX TX LA Farm Labor
Abline Granddaughter FW 14S TX TX LA
Chambers, Tommie Boarder MW 16S TX TX TX Farmer
Duncan, Thomas Head MW 40M TX TX TX Farmer
Jennie Wife FW 34M TX LA TX
Adon Son MW 17S TX TX TX Farmer
Celeste Daughter FW 13S TX TX TX
Jim Son MW 8S TX TX TX
Tindol, Hiram Head MW 42M AL AL AL Farmer
Minnie O. Wife FW 36M AL AL AL
Essie Daughter FW 18S TX AL AL
Reba DAughter FW 14S TX AL AL
Honery Son MW 12S TX AL AL
Davis Daughter FW 6S TX AL AL
Tindol, Edgar Head MW 21M TX AL AL Farmer
Ora Wife FW 21M TX TX TX
Strickland, Jack Head MW 15M TX LA LA Farmer
Etta Wife FW 22M TX TX TX
Gladys L. Daughter FW 2 S TX TX TX
Margie L. Daughter FW 0 TX TX TX
Lafitte, Edgar Head MW 38M TX LA LA Farmer
Miriam Wife FW 34M TX LA TX
Bernard Son MW 12S TX TX TX Farm Labor