1930 Shelby County Texas  Census

This document is a copy of the microfilm in order of visitation by the census taker.     

 Precinct #   2,  Campti-Center Rd/ Campti-Shelbyville Rd.                                                      Page #93

Last Name First Name Relation Sex Race Age Marital BP FBP MBP Occupation
Fults, Marion Head MW 42M TX TX TX Farmer
  Vera Wife FW 30M TX TX TX  
  Eula L. Daughter FW 11S TX TX TX  
Hughes, Martin D. Head MW 20M TX TX TX Farmer
  Annie B Wife FW 19M TX TX TX  
Watson, Ellis Head MW 29M TX TX TX Farmer
  Gracie Wife FW 27m TX TX TX  
  Basel Son MW 2S TX TX TX  
Clark Thomas W. Head MW 58M TX TX MS Farmer
  Lula Wife FW 40M LA LA LA  
  Addie Daughter FW 21S TX TX LA  
  Carline Daughter FW 18S TX TX LA  
  Jim Son MW 17S TX TX LA Farm Labor
  Mozell Daughter FW 14S TX Tx LA  
  Rex Son MW 10S TX TX LA  
  Eula Daughter FW 8S TX TX LA  
  Jack Son MW 4S TX TX LA  
  Maxie Son MW 1S TX TX LA  
Cooper, Frank Head MW 78M NC NC NC  
  Lizzie Wife FW 68M TX AL AL  
  Leon Son MW 16S TX NC TX Farmer
Pigg, Alman Grandson MW 8S TX TX TX  
Clark Charlie Head MW 31M TX TX TX Farmer
  Ida Wife FW 27M TX TX TX  
  Willie B Son MW 6S TX TX TX  
  Charlie Jr. Son MW 3S TX TX TX  
Cooper, James D Head MW 33M LA NC TX Farmer
  Eutlee Wife FW 28M TX TX TX  
  Leon M Soin MW 11S LA LA TX  
  Gladys M Daughter FW 9S TX LA TX  
  Eulin D. Son MW 5S TX LA TX  
Hughes, Nannie Head FW 54WD TX GA GA Farmer
  Deson Son MW 26M TX TX TX Farmer
  Lela Daughter FW 16S TX TX TX  
  Irene Daughter FW 14S TX TX TX  
  Doyl Grandson MW 5S TX TX TX  
  Pershing Grandson MW 3S TX TX TX  
  Vertie Daughter in Law FW 23M TX TX TX  
McClain, Clinton Head MW 44M TX AL TX Farmer
  Maggie Wife FW 41M TX LA TX  
  Delton Son FW 12S TX TX TX Farm Labor
  Wanda Daughter FW 12S TX TX TX  
Watson, Tom Father in Law MW 59WD LA MS MS Carpenter
Bird, Dougan ? Head MW 30M TX TX TX Farmer
  Mollie Wife FW 27M TX AL TX  
  Nora R. Daughter FW 12S TX TX TX  
  William H Son MW 9S TX TX TX  
  Edith Daughter FW 7S TX TX TX  
  Sudie Daughter FW 6S TX TX TX  
  Thomas Son MW 1S TX TX TX  
Broadway, John Brother in Law MW 21S TX AL TX Farmer
Barton, Hattie Sister in Law FW 18M TX AL TX  
  Hester Niece FW 2S TX TX TX  
Forsyth William G Head MW 71M TX AL AL Farmer
  Mattie Wife FW 46M GA AL GA  
  Edna Daughter FW 15S TX TX GA  
Forsyth E. J. Head MW 23M LA TX GA Farmer
  Ruby Wife FW 21M LA LA LA  
Jackson, Jesse Head MW 89M TX TX TX Farmer
  Gertrude Wife FW 85M LA LA TX  
  Ruth Daughter qFW 16S TX TX LA  
  Tom Son MW 14S TX TX LA  
  Oron Son MW 6S TX TX LA  
Manshack, Dowlin Nephew MW 9S TX LA TX  
Jackson, William S. Head MW 28M TX TX TX Farmer
  Norma Wife FW 21M TX TX TX  
  Evelyn Daughter FW 1S TX TX TX  
Hughes, Bobbie Head MW 36M TX TX TX Farmer
  Mary Wife MW 30M TX GA GA  
  Travis Son MW 6S TX TX TX  
Lansford, Fred Boarder MW 16S TX GA GA Farmer
Watson, Thomas D. Head MW 48M Tx GA TX Farmer
  Belle Wife FW 51M TX NC AR  
  Nason Son MW 17S TX TX TX Farm Labor
  Warren Son MW 12S TX TX TX  
  Rex Son MW 6S TX TX TX  
Parker, Milton Head MW 43M AL AL AL Farmer
  Dovie Wife FW 32M TX TX TX  
  Ouita ? Son MW 12S TX AL TX  
  Syble Daughter FW 7S TX AL TX  
  Mary Mother FW 86WD AL NC NC  
Parker Chester Head MW 47M AL GA GA Farmer
  Winnie Wife FW 42M TX NC AL  
  Elsworth Son MW 17S TX AL TX  
  Gladys Daughter FW 18S TX AL TX  
  Modena Daughter FW 11S Tx AL TX  
  Odell Daughter FW 8S TX AL TX  
Holt, Hardy Head MW 56M TX TX TX Farmer
  Fanny Wife FW 53M TX TX TX  
Hughes, Jim Head MW 24M TX TX TX Farmer
  Ila Wife FW 19M TX AL TX  
  Rosa Daughter FW 2S TX TX TX  
Hughes, Isaac C Head MW 61M TX AL AL Farmer
  Sarah Wife FW 45M TX TX TX  
  Otto Son MW 21S TX TX TX Farmer
  Myrtle Daughter FW 15S TX TX TX  
  Jeff Son MW 12S TX TX TX Farm Labor
  Buford Son MW 10S TX TX TX  
  Louise Daughter FW 4S TX TX TX  
Pigg, Katie Daughter FW 27M TX TX TX