1930 Shelby County Texas  Census

This document is a copy of the microfilm in order of visitation by the census taker.               

Precinct #   2,  Highway # 8                                                                 Page #113

Last Name First Name Relation Sex Race Age Marital BP FBP MBP Occupation
Howard, ? Jim S. Head MW 45M TX AL TX Farmer
  Lena Wife FW 42M TX TX LA  
  Warren Son MW 18S TX TX TX  
  Alvin Son MW 12S TX TX TX  
English, Jesse W. Head MW 32S TX TX TX Farmer
  Joanah Mother FW 65WD TX TX TX  
  Tandy Brother MW 36S TX TX TX Laborer
Preston, Henry P. Head MNegro 42M AR KY AR Farmer
  Ludie Wife FNegro 33M LA LA LA  
  Clayton Son MNegro 9S LA AR LA  
  Le Roy Son MNegro 7S LA AR LA  
  Chester Son MNegro 5S LA AR LA  
  Alvin Son MNegro 3S LA AR LA  
  Verna Son MNegro 2S LA AR LA  
  Junius Son MNegro 0 LA AR LA  
Gaddis, Sam Head MNegro 47M LA LA GA Farmer
  Rillar Wife FNegro 45M LA LA LA  
  Pate Son MNegro 17S LA LA LA Laborer
  Lorine Daughter FNegro 15S LA LA LA Laborer
  June L. Son MNegro 13S LA LA LA  
  Wallace Son MNegro 10S LA LA LA  
Greer, Vesse Head MNegro 21M TX TX TX Farmer
  Rosa Lee Wife FNegro 20M TX TX TX  
  R. V. Son MNegro 1S TX TX TX  
Wade, Pink Head MNegro 53WD TX TX TX Farmer
Rather, Joe Head MNegro 50M TX TX TX Farmer
  Delia Wife FNegro 40M TX TX TX  
  Weldon Son MNegro 19S TX TX TX Laborer
  Maurine Grand Daughter FNegro 6S TX TX TX  
Greer, Andy Father in Law MNegro 84WD TX TX TX  
Greer, Henry C. Head MNegro 68M TX MS TX Farmer
  Luteria Daughter FNegro 40M TX TX TX Laborer
  Melvin Son MNegro 43S TX TX TX Laborer
  Ed Son Mnegro 42S TX TX TX Laborer
  Lunk Son MNegro 39S TX TX TX Laborer
  Coyle Son MNegro 28S TX TX TX Laborer
  Leona Daughter FNegro 25S TX TX TX Laborer
Buckner, Carl C. Head MW 39M TX TX TX Farmer
  Lutie Wife FW 27M LA LA LA  
  Beeman Son MW 10S TX TX LA  
  Roy Son MW 8S TX TX LA  
  Ray Son MW 7S TX TX LA  
  Newman Son MW 6S TX TX LA  
  Melba Daughter FW 3S TX TX LA  
  Allen Daughter FW 2S TX TX LA  
Christian, Chas. W. Head MW 61M AL AL AL Farmer
  Ethel Wife FW 42M TX TX TX  
  Lela E. Daughter FW 19S TX AL TX Teacher
  Annie Daughter FW 17S TX AL TX  
  Charlie Daughter FW 16S TX AL TX  
  Winfield Son MW 15S TX AL TX  
  Edith Daughter FW 10S TX AL TX  
  Dorothy Daughter FW 9S TX AL TX  
  Bonnie Daughter FW 6S TX AL TX  
Whittlesey Oscar A. Father in Law MW 65WD TX NC TN Laborer
Bounds, Ben C. Head MW 43S TX TX TX Farmer
  Len Aunt FW 60S TX TX TX  
Jennings, John J. Head MNegro 51M TX TX TX Farmer
  Carrie Wife FNegro 35M TX TX AL  
  M. A. Daughter FNegro 24S TX TX TX Laborer
  Ira Ruth Daughter in Law FNegro 0S TX TX TX  
Sigler, Wm. J. Head MW 54M LA LA LA Farmer
  Mary E. Wife FW 60M AR MS MS  
  Norman Son MW 21S TX LA AR Laborer
  Edith Daughter FW 8S TX LA AR Laborer
Jones, Andrew L. Head MW 50M AL GA AL Farmer
  Annie Wife FW 36M LA LA LA  
  Bernard Son MW 14S TX AL LA  
  Melvin Son MW 11S TX AL LA  
  Mavis Daughter FW 8S TX AL LA  
  William Son MW 2S TX AL LA  
Enmon, Burette R. Head MW 32M TX TX LA Farmer
  Margaret Wife FW 30M TX TX TX  
  Melvin Son MW 12S TX TX TX  
  Clyde Son MW 10S TX TX TX  
Enmon, Charles T. Head MW 46m TX TX LA Farmer
  Francis Wife FW 53M TX TX TX  
  Chas. Son MW 20S TX TX TX Laborer
  Henry E. Son MW 17S TX TX TX  
  Vessie Son MW 15S TX TX TX  
  Annie Mae Daughter FW 13S TX TX TX  
Enmon, Mike P Head MW 26M TX TX TX Farmer
  Corine Wife FW 20M TX TX TX  
Waterhouse, Odis Head MNegro 30M TX TX TX Farmer
  Mozelle Wife FNegro 22M TX TX TX  
  Pete Son MNegro 5S TX TX TX  
Waterhouse, Joe L. Head MNegro 25M TX TX TX Farmer
  Evie Wife FNegro 23M TX TX TX  
  Sayle Daughter FNegro 2S TX TX TX  
Price, Mary Head FNegro 30WD TX TX TX Labor
  Nettie Daughter FNegro 11S TX TX TX  
  Lila Daughter FNegro 10S TX TX TX  
  Johnie Son MNegro 9S TX TX TX  
  Vada Daughter FNegro 7S TX TX TX  
  Elnora Daughter FNegro 4S TX TX TX  
Yates, Willie Head MW 40M TX GA AL Farmer
  Mary Wife FW 37M TX NY TX  
  Myrle Son MW 17S TX TX TX  
  Katheryn Daughter FW 14S TX TX TX  
  Vivian Daughter FW 11S TX TX TX  
  Everitt Son MW 8S TX TX TX  
  Paul Son MW 5S TX TX TX  
  Charles Son MW 1S TX TX TX