1930 Shelby County Texas  Census

This document is a copy of the microfilm in order of visitation by the census taker.               

Precinct #   2,   Choice Rt. # 1                                                                Page # 114

Last Name First Name Relation Sex Race Age Marital BP FBP MBP Occupation
Creech, Lee S. Head MW 46S TX AL TX Farmer
  Katherine Sister FW 32S TX AL TX Teacher
  Dora Sister FW 24S TX AL TX Laborer
  Alvis Nephew MW 20S TX TX TX  
  Irene Niece FW 16S TX TX TX Laborer
  Lois Niece FW 13S TX TX TX  
  John H. Father MW 75WD AL VA NC  
Weatherford, Enoch Head MW 31M TX MS TX Farmer
  Allie Mae Wife FW 25M TX TX TX  
  Eula Daughter FW 7S TX TX TX  
  Janiel Son MW 4S TX TX TX  
Davis, Hilliard M Head MW 38M LA LA LA Farmer
  Lizzie Wife FW 33M TX TX TX  
Askew, Thos. H. Head MW 62M GA GA GA Farmer
  Ada Wife FW 58M TX TX TX  
  Maurice Son MW 17S TX GA TX  
Askew, Eugene Head MW 36M TX GA TX Farmer
  Bessie Wife FW 34M TX TX TX  
  Homer Son MW 14S TX TX TX  
  Pauline Daughter FW 3S TX TX TX  
  Wanda Daughter FW 6/12S TX TX TX  
Brady, Jim A. Head MW 47M TX TX TX Farmer
  Claudie Wife FW 46M GA GA GA  
Bagwell, Lawrence R. Head MW 69M GA GA GA Farmer
  Fannie Wife FW 71M GA GA GA  
Brady, Bickley Head MW 19M TX TX GA Farmer
  Pauline Wife FW 18M TX TX TX  
Collins, Sim W. Head MW 53M LA MS TX Farmer
  Sallie Wife FW 46M GA GA GA  
  Robert B. Son MW 19S TX LA GA Laborer
  Lamar ? Son MW 17S TX LA GA Farmer
Askew, Cory W. Head MW 39M TX GA AL Farmer
  Nannie Wife FW 40M TX TX MS  
  Ernest Son MW 16S TX TX TX  
  Ernestine Daughter FW 16S TX TX TX  
  Ruth Daughter FW 9S TX TX TX  
  Samuel Son MW 5S TX TX TX  
Askew, Eugene Jr. Head MW 35M TX GA AL Farmer
  Julia Wife FW 34M TX TX GA  
  Adelle Daughter FW 15S TX TX TX  
  Lola Daughter FW 12S TX TX TX  
Askew, Monroe J. Head MW 29M TX GA AL Farmer
  Lillie Wife FW 22M TX TX TX  
  Ewell Son MW 7S TX TX TX  
  William Son MW 5S TX TX TX  
  David Son MW 4S TX TX TX  
Askew, Willie K Head MW 65M GA GA GA Farmer
  Charity Wife FW 60M AL NC GA  
  Bertie Daughter FW 30S TX GA AL  
  Bennie Son MW 18S TX GA AL  
  Amerius Son MW 17WD TX GA AL Laborer
Fults, Oscar O. Head MW 32M TX TX TX Farmer
  Ethel Wife FW 29M TX TX TX  
  Ruby Daughter FW 10S TX TX TX  
  Vernon Son MW 7S TX TX TX  
Jordan, Charlie Head MW 68M TX TN TN Farmer
  Mattie Wife FW 54M TX TN TN  
  Irene Daughter FW 21S TX TN TN  
Askew, Johnie G Head MW 71M GA GA GA Farmer
  Mary Wife FW 68M GA GA GA  
Askew, Tom J. Head MW 42M GA GA GA Farmer
  Reva Wife FW 40M TX TX GA  
  Troy Son MW 13S TX GA TX  
  Simon Son MW 10S TX GA TX  
  Janie Daughter FW 6S TX GA TX  
Busbee, Joe E. Head MW 42M TX GA TX Farmer
  Alice Wife FW 42M GA GA GA  
  Corine Daughter FW 20S TX TX GA Teaching
  Hubert Son MW 13S TX TX GA  
Bello, Ira B. Head MW 46M TX TX TX Farmer
  Ross Lee Wife FW 43M TX TX TX  
  Emmett Son MW 23S TX TX TX  
  Maggie Daughter FW 16S TX TX TX  
  Julia Bell Daughter FW 14S TX TX TX  
  Greer Son MW 8S TX TX TX  
  Vance Son MW 5S TX TX TX  
Greer, Martha Mother in Law FW 67WD TX TX TX  
Windham, Sim Head MNegro 53M TX TX TX Farmer
  Stella Wife FNegro 42M TX TX TX  
Moore, Johnie Nephew MNegro 15S TX TX TX Laborer
Toombs, Mose Head MNegro 40M Tx TX TX Farmer
  Mary Wife FNegro 38M TX TX TX  
  Elbert Son MNegro 16S TX TX TX  
  Vera Lee Daughter FNegro 13S TX TX TX  
  Ruth Mae Daughter FNegro 11S TX TX TX  
  Hollis Son MNegro 10S TX TX TX  
  Ernie Lee Daughter FNegro 5S TX TX TX  
  Elree Son MNegro 2S TX TX TX  
Leslie, Allen Head MNegro 42M TX TX TX Farmer
  Lizzie Wife FNegro 40M TX TX TX  
  William Son MNegro 14S TX TX TX  
  Janie Daughter FNegro 7S TX TX TX  
Fitts, Aaron Head MNegro 18M LA LA LA Laborer
  Ella Mae Wife FNegro 18M TX TX TX  
Davis, Felix Head MNegro 28M LA LA LA Farmer
  Corine Wife FNegro 27M La LA LA  
  Eunice ? FNegro 23S LA LA LA Laborer
  Theoda Son MNegro 2S TX LA LA  
  Felix Jr. Son MNegro 0S TX LA LA