1930 Shelby County Texas  Census

This document is a copy of the microfilm in order of visitation by the census taker.            

  Precinct #   2,     Neuville- Hott Road                                                              Page # 118

Last Name First Name Relation Sex Race Age Marital BP FBP MBP Occupation
Mask, John W. Head MW 71M LA LA GA none(old age)
Elizabeth Wife FW 71M AL AL SC
Haley Mary Adopted Daughter FW 50S TX TX TX
Glenn, Edmond Head MW 70M MS OK AL Retailer/GenMerch.
Nancy Wife FW 74M AL AL AL
Mask, Mason C. Head MW 45M LA LA AL Laborer/RR Section
Francis Wife FW 49M TX TX TX
Julia Bell Daughter FW 23WD TX LA TX
Alvin Son MW 13S TX LA TX
Jasper, Laverne Grand Daughter FW 4S TX LA TX
Woodfin, Ferman J. Head MW 28M TX TX MS Retailer/Rawhigh Co.
Virgie Wife FW 27M TX TX TX
Bailey, Ed J. Head MW 56M AL AL AL Farmer
Lela Wife FW 53M AR TX IL
Mary Dee Daughter FW 32D TX AL AR
Samuel Son MW 22S TX AL AR Laborer/RR Section
Lula Daughter FW 20S TX AL AR
Fletson Son MW 18S TX AL AR
Jehu Son MW 15S TX AL AR
Dalton Son MW 13S TX AL AR
Pherson, Annie Lee GrandDaughter FW 7S TX TX TX
Winnifred Grand Son MW 1 TX TX TX
Miller, Robert W. Head MW 55M TN TN MS Farmer
Effie Wife FW 50M GA GA GA
Lee, Wilma Grand Son MW 12S TX TX TX
Defee, John B. Head MW 52M TX TX LA Farmer
Tory Wife FW 45M TX TX TX
Potts, Ruby Grand Daughter FW 7S TX TX TX
Lovell, Carroll  A. Head MW 28Wd TX TX TX Farmer
Bell, Melvin B. Head MNegro 29WD TX TX TX Farmer
Eunice Daughter FNegro 7S TX TX TX
C. D. Son MNegro 6S TX TX TX
S. C.? Son MNegro 3S TX TX TX
Ila Daughter FNegro 1S TX TX TX
Jeanie Aunt FNegro 40Wd TX TX TX
Bell, Norman B. Head MNegro 38M TX TX TX Farmer
Addie Wife FNegro 28M TX TX TX
Elner Daughter FNegro 6S TX TX TX
James Son MNegro 4S TX TX TX
Maurice Son MNegro 3S TX TX TX
Tommie Son MNegro 2S TX TX TX
Clarence Son MNegro 2/12 TX TX TX
Jones, Thelma Step Daughter FNegro 9S TX TX TX
Bell, Wade B. Head MNegro 67M TX GA GA Farmer
Sarah Wife FNegro 56M TX TX TX
Chester Son MNegro 24S TX TX TX Laborer
Willis Son MNegro 22S TX Tx TX Laborer
Bobie Daughter FNegro 20S TX TX TX Laborer
Laura Daughter FNegro 18S TX TX TX Laborer
Pertha Son MNegro 16S TX TX TX Laborer
Bell, Birdwell B. Head MNegro 40M TX TX TX Farmer
Allie Wife FNegro 34M TX TX TX
Marvin Son MNegro 13S LA TX TX
Emmett Son MNegro 13S TX TX TX
Lizzie Mae Daughter FNegro 10S LA TX TX
Bessie Lee Daughter FNegro 8S LA TX TX
Ouine Daughter FNegro 4S TX TX TX
Ruby Daughter FNegro 3S TX TX TX
Sarah Daughter FNegro 1S TX TX TX
Graves, Ben F. Head MW 61M AL AL AL Farmer
Mary E. Wife FW 56M AL AL GA
Eppie Daughter FW 13S TX AL AL
Sanford, Vernon Head MW 22M TX TX TX Farmer
Polley Wife FW 16M TX AL AL
Killen, John N. Head MW 47M LA MS LA Farmer
Minnie L. Wife FW 44M LA MS LA
Love, Eugene R. Head MNegro 36M TX TX TX Farmer
Peggie Wife FNegro 34M TX TX TX
Valton Son MNegro 2S TX TX TX
Collins, Ed D. Head MW 48M LA MS LA Farmer
Lillie Wife FW 41M LA MS LA
Lillie Mae Daughter FW 13S TX LA LA
Ruby Daughter FW 11S TX LA LA
Collins, Frank Head MW` 20M TX LA LA Farmer
Stella Wife FW 19M TX AL AL
Laura Mother FW 71WD TX MS MS
Killen, Willie D. Head MW 52M LA MS LA Farmer
Maude Wife FW 33M TX AR TX
Willie Daughte FW 6S TX LA TX
Mildred Daughter FW 4S TX LA TX
Killen, George F. Head MW 43M LA MS LA Farmer
Sarah Wife FW 40M TX TX TX
Geo.  F. Son MW 11S TX LA TX
Mulle, Frank M Head MW 48M GA GA GA Farmer
Lou Wife FW 50M LA MS LA
Killen, Tom H. Head MW 44M LA MS LA Farmer
Maurine Wife FW 24M TX TX TX
Killen, Thomas J. Head MW 77M MS MS MS Farmer
Elizabeth Daughter FW 58S LA MS LA
Johnson, Eber Head MW 44M La AL LA Farmer
Oma `Wife FW 37M TX AL AL
Hoyt Son MW 11S TX LA TX
Henry Son MW 10S TX LA TX
Elmer Son MW 7S TX LA TX
Killen, Jim J. Head MW 50M LA MS LA Contractor/PinePoles
Bonnie Wife FW 44M LA MS LA
James Son MW 7S TX LA LA
Askew Henry W. Head MW 49M GA GA GA Farmer
Leola Wife FW 45M TX TX LA
Olga Daughter FW 26S TX GA TX
Ted Son MW 21S TX GA TX Laborer
Elton Son MW 19S TX GA TX Labroer
Irene Daughter FW 15S TX GA TX
Beatrice Daughter FW 9S TX GA TX
Hoyte Son MW 6S TX GA TX