1930 Shelby County Texas  Census

This document is a copy of the microfilm in order of visitation by the census taker.               

Precinct #   3,    Choice Road                                                               Page # 145

Last Name First Name Relation Sex Race Age Marital BP FBP MBP Occupation
Land, Sam Jr. Head MNegro 29M TX TX TX Farmer
  Janie Wife FNegro 21M TX TX TX  
  Fleta Daughter FNegro 5S TX TX TX  
  Leo Son MNegro 3S TX TX TX  
Ruth, Fate Head MNegro 65M TX SC GA Farmer
  Janie Wife FNegro 64M TX TX TX  
  Fate Jr. Son MNegro 20S TX TX TX Farm Labor
Lewis, Gladys GrandDaughter FNegro 17S TX TX TX  
Thompson, Bertie Niece FNegro 17S TX TX TX  
Johnson, Ponder Head MW 29M AL AL AL Farmer
  Oma Wife FW 27M AL AL AL  
  Grover Son MW 7S AL AL AL  
  Wilbur Son MW 4S AL AL AL  
  Roy Son MW 1S AL AL AL  
Johnson, Sam Head MW 51M AL AL AL Farmer
  Alice Wife FW 58M AL GA GA  
  Irene Daughter FW 11S AL AL AL  
Monroe, Pete Adopted Son MW 1S TX AL AL  
Cutright, ? William Head MW 29M LA LA LA Farmer
  Lizzie Wife FW 24M LA GA NY  
Chandler, Joe Head MW 68M MS KY MS Farmer
  Cassie Wife FW 69M MS MS MS  
Chandler, Fed Head MW 44M MS KY MS Farmer
  Lizzie  Wife FW 45M TX TX TX  
  Zada Daughter FW 42S MS KY MS  
Meadow, Claude Head MW 29M TX GA GA Farmer
  Lottie Wife FW 27M TX GA TX  
  Dennis Son MW 4S TX TX TX  
  Dewey Son MW 8/12? TX TX TX  
  Emma Mother FW 72WD GA GA GA  
Tatum, Buford Head MW 46M TX GA GA Farmer
  Mary F. Wife FW 38M TX TX TX  
  Frank Son MW 15S TX TX TX Farm Labor
  Lucille Daughter FW 12S TX TX TX  
  Lavigne Daughter FW 10S TX TX TX  
  Junita Daughter FW 7S TX TX TX  
  Doyle Son MW 3S TX TX TX  
  Jack Son MW 6/12 TX TX TX  
  Jake Son MW 6/12 TX TX TX  
Tatum, Ralph Head MW 23M TX TX TX Farmer
  Emede Wife FW 19M TX TX TX  
  Ralph Jr. Son MW 3 9/12S TX TX TX  
  Roy Son MW 1 6/12S TX TX TX  
Barton, Floyd Head MW 38M TX TX TX Farmer
  Bessie Wife FW 26M LA LA LA  
  Vivian Daughter FW 8S TX TX LA  
  William Son MW 6S TX TX LA  
  Arnold Son MW 3S LA TX LA  
  Margie Daughter FW 10/12 TX TX LA  
Lout, Joe Head MW 34M TX TX TN Laborer
  Bonnie Wife FW 29M TX TX TX  
  Joe E. Jr. Son MW 12S TX TX TX Farmer
  Dorothy Daughter FW 9S TX TX TX  
  James Son MW 7S TX TX TX  
  Dan Son MW 3 4/12S TX TX TX  
Polley, Amon Head MNegro 20M TX TX TX Farmer
  A.V. Wife FNegro 19M TX TX TX  
  Lion Son MNegro 1 2/12 TX TX TX  
Eddins, Joe Head MNegro 32M TX TX TX Farmer
  Lizzie Wife FNegro 31M TX TX TX  
  R. E. Daughter FNegro 14S TX TX TX Farm Labor
  Georgia M Daughter FNegro 11S TX TX TX  
  John Son MNegro 8S TX TX TX  
  Leon Son MNegro 7S TX TX TX  
  Y.C. Son MNegro 3S TX TX TX  
  Janie Daughter FNegro 1 11/12S TX TX TX  
Jenkins, Roxy Mother FNegro 52WD TX GA GA  
Bell, Mary Grand Daughter FNegro 12S TX TX TX  
Guise,? Roxie GrandDaughter FNegro 6S TX TX TX  
Ratcliff, Willie Head MNegro 35M TX TX TX Farmer
  Nancy Wife FNegro 29M TX TX TX  
  T. O. Son MNegro 9S TX TX TX  
  Loraine Daughter FNegro 7S TX TX TX  
  Corine Daughter FNegro 5S TX TX TX  
  Lucindy Daughter FNegro 3 S TX TX TX  
  W. I. Son MNegro 1 S TX TX TX  
  LoraWillie Daughter FNegro 0S TX TX TX  
  Hattie Mother FNegro 56WD TX GA GA  
White, Alva Head MNegro 40M TX TX TX Farmer
  Mandy Wife FNegro 40M TX TX TX  
  Mary Daughter FNegro 16S TX TX TX  
  Margret? Daughter FNegro 14S TX TX TX  
  Alva Jr. Son MNegro 6S TX TX TX  
  Alvis Son MNegro 2S TX TX TX  
Ratcliff, Cas Head MNegro 46D TX GA GA Farmer
White, Kate Niece MNegro 12S TX TX TX  
  Watsy Nephew MNegro 11S TX TX TX  
  Louisia Niece FNegro 9S TX TX TX  
  Corine Niece FNegro 6S TX TX TX  
Smith, Roberta ?? FNegro 30WD TX TX TX