1930 Shelby County Texas  Census

This document is a copy of the microfilm in order of visitation by the census taker.               

Precinct #   4, Haslam Town, Row 1, Negro                                                            Page # 155

Last Name First Name Relation Sex Race Age Marital BP FBP MBP Occupation
Parker Lela E Head FNegro 36D LA LA LA Manager/BoardingHouse
Kesley, Mary Boarder FNegro 38S LA LA LA Laundress
Sims, Will Boarder MNegro 37S LA LA LA Laborer/Sawmill
Call, Clef Boarder MNegro 21S TX TX TX Laborer/Sawmill
Gray, Albert L. Boarder MNegro 22S TX TX TX Laborer/Sawmill
Turks, Nunn Boarder MNegro 31M LA LA LA Laborer/Sawmill
Henry, George Boarder MNegro 23S TX AZ TX Laborer/Sawmill
Griffin, Frank Boarder MNegro 32S TX TX TX Laborer/Sawmill
Harrison, Ed Boarder MNegro 25S TX TX TX Laborer/Sawmill
LeRoy, James Boarder MNegro 21M AR AR AR Laborer/Sawmill
Jackson, West Boarder MNegro 22S MS NC MS Laborer/Sawmill
McKinley, Retts Boarder MNegro 26M KN KN KN Machinist/Shop
Williams, Ray Boarder MNegro 22S TX TX TX Musician/City
Roquemore Bonnie Boarder MNegro 25S TX GA TX Lumber Stacker/Sawmill
Call, Will Boarder MNegro 24s TX TX TX Laborer/Sawmill
Martin, E. L. Boarder MNegro 35S TX TX TX Musician/City
Sanders, Emmit Servant MNegro 42D TX TX TX Cook/City Hall
Maldrow, Hardee Boarder MNegro 61WD NC NC NC Manager/City Hall
  James L. Boarder MNegro 78S TX NC TX  
Berkley, Ollie Boarder MNegro 39S TX TX TX  
Napier, John Head MNegro 45 D TN TN TN Labor/Lumber Yard
Davis, Medea Servant FNegro 36D TX TX TX Cook
Walker, Shelton Boarder MNegro 21S LA LA LA Laborer/Lumber Yard
Murray, Marshall Head MNegro 40M LA LA LA Laborer/Lumber Yard
  Etusa Wife FNegro 25M TX TX TX  
  Samuel Son MNegro 13S TX LA TX  
  Marshall, Jr. Son MNegro 9S TX LA TX  
Garrison, Charles Head MNegro 48M LA LA LA Laborer/Sawmill
  Pearl Wife FNegro 28M LA GA LA  
Watkin, Jimmie Lee Head MNegro 37D TN TN TN Grader/Plander Mill
Nelson, Julia Head FNegro 56WD AR MS MS Laundress
Bryant, Tracie Boarder MNegro 55D GA GA GA Scavinger/SawMill
Watkin, Nancie Daughter FNegro 28D AR AR AR Operator/Beauty Shop
  Jimmie Lee Granddaughter FNegro 9S TX AR AR  
Chaney, Willie H. Head MNegro 33M LA LA LA Block Setter/Sawmill
  Josephine Wife FNegro 31M LA LA LA  
Hall, Jessie E. Head MNegro 45M TX TX TX Laborer
  Marguerite Wife FNegro 41M TX AR AR  
Johnson, Holden Head MNegro 46D LA LA LA Lumber Stacker
Clay, Minnie Cook FNegro 34D TX TX TX Cook
Fisher, Eugene Boarder MNegro 14S TX TX TX  
Coleman, General Head MNegro 39M LA LA LA Lumber Stacker
  Mary Wife FNegro 33M TX TX TX  
Brown, Lillie Mae Step Daughter FNegro 14S TX TX TX  
Coleman, Ila M. Daughter FNegro 14S LA LA LA  
Williams, Jessie Head MNegro 37M TX TX TX Edgemole/Sawmill
  Ara Wife FNegro 31M TX TX TX  
Roqmore, Rosie Head FNegro 21D TX GA GA Cooking
Roy, Andy Boarder MNegro 45D TX TX TX Pondman/Sawmill
Harrison, Alford Boarder MNegro 24S TX TN TX Lumber Stacker/Sawmill
McDonald Emma Head FNegro 32D TX AL GA Cooking
Grigsby, Vernon Son MNegro 17S TX TX TX Laborer/Sawmill
House, Pink Head MNegro 45D TX SC TX Fireman/Sawmill
Simms, Sorrell Lodger MNegro 18S TX TX TX Laborer/Sawmill
Ervin, Ike Head MNegro 29M LA LA LA Laborer/Sawmill
  Eva Wife FNegro 23M LA LA LA  
Bell, William Head MNegro 33S TX TX TX  
Beck, Dan Head MNegro 40D LA LA LA Lumber Grader
Gales, Will L. Boarder MNegro 23S LA LA LA Laborer
Tucker, Jessie Boarder MNegro 40S LA LA LA LogTripper/Sawmill
Williams, Lovie Head MNegro 17S LA TX TX Lumber Stacker
McGowan, Jessie Head MNegro 37M Ar AR AR Laborer
  Lon E Wife FNegro 29M Ar AR AR  
  U. L. Daughter FNegro 6S LA AR AR  
  Pernelle Daughter FNegro 5S TX Ar AR  
Stephenson, Olian Head MNegro 51M TX GA GA Laborer/Sawmill
Wilson, Nellie Servant FNegro 29D LA LA LA Servant
Call, Ed Head MNegro 32M TX TX TX Log Sawer/Sawmill
  Rozalin Wife FNegro 30M LA LA LA  
Neal, Willie Boarder MNegro 25D TX TX TX Pondman/Sawmill
Stewart, G. L. Head MNegro 38D TX TX TX Cook/Restaurant
Wilson, James Head MNegro 42S LA VA LA Blocksetter/Sawmill
Brown, Effie Servant FNegro 30WD TX TX TX Servant
  O. B. Boarder MNegro 12S TX TX TX  
Truselle, Elmore Head MNegro 30S TX TX TX Laborer/Sawmill
Maxwell, Lillian Cook FNegro 40D LA LA LA Cook
Mimms, George Head MNegro 32M TX TX TX Brakeman/MillTrain
  Bernice Wife FNegro 30M TX TX TX  
Chapman, Sallie Boarder FNegro 29D LA LA LA  
Moore, Dalia ? Head MNegro 35S TX TX TX Laborer/Planer
Cain, John Head MNegro 38M LA LA LA Pondman/Sawmill
  Martha Wife FNegro 53M TX TX TX  
Dere? Willie Stepdaughter FNegro 24D TX TX TX  
Simms, Robert Boarder MNegro 21S TX TX TX Laborer/Sawmill
Hadnot Eddie Boarder MNegro 29S TX TX TX LmbrStacker/Sawmill
Shepherd, Pit Head MNegro 36S TX TX TX  
Roy, Lizzie Servant FNegro 31D TX TX MO Servant
Warr, Ora Bell Head FNegro LA TX TX TX  
Tyrone, Eugene Boarder MNegro 32S TX TX TX LmbrStacker/Sawmill
Johnson, Elijah Head MNegro 34M LA LA LA Laborer/Sawmill
  Jessie L. Wife FNegro 20M LA LA LA  
Carroll, C.C. Lodger MNegro 39D LA LA LA Laborer