1930 Census Shelby County Texas

This document is a copy of the microfilm in order of visitation by the census taker.               

                            Precinct #   4,  Haslam                                                                         Page # 157

Last Name First Name Relation Sex Race Age Marital BP FBP MBP Occupation
Davis, Elijah Head MNegro 47M TX TX TX Barber
  Annie Wife FNegro 48M TX TX TX -
  Ozell Daughter FNegro 16S TX TX TX  
Johnson, Lee? Boarder MNegro 26S TX TX TX Laborer-Sawmill
Watson, Alvin Boarder MNegro 25S MS MS MS Laborer-Sawmill
Singletery, Porter Head MNegro 39M TX TX TX Blacksmith
  Emma Wife FNegro 39M TX TX TX -
  Lissie B. Daughter FNegro 14S TX TX TX -
Shults?, Gus Head MNegro 46M US US US


  John Brother MNegro 35D Us Us Us Laborer-Sawmill
Brown, Annie Ser?ank? FNegro 22S La La La Servant
Davis, Artie Head MNegro 24S Al Al Al Oiler-Sawmill
Walker, Frank Boarder MNegro 26S TX TX TX Fireman-Sawmill
Anderson, Fannie Servant FNegro 30S La La La Servant-Family
Drake, Jennie Boarder FNegro 22S La La La None
Kemp, Joe Head MNegro 33M TX TX TX Laborer-Sawmill
  Jennie Wife FNegro 29M TX TX TX None
  Jessie M. Daughter FNegro 12S TX TX TX None
  Gladys Daughter FNegro 10S TX TX TX None
  Inez Daughter FNegro 3S TX TX TX None
  Christine Daughter FNegro 3S TX TX TX None
Handen,? Sam Head MNegro 43D LA La La Laborer-Sawmill
Fredric, L.C Boarder MNegro 25S La La La Laborer-Sawmill
Moody, Thomas Head MNegro 45M La La La Laborer-Sawmill
  Maggie Wife FNegro 30F La US Us None
  Charley Son MNegro 15S Ar La La None
  Thomas, Jr. Son MNegro 13S La La La None
  Beatrice Daughter FNegro 6S Tx La La None
  Herbart Son MNegro 4S Tx La La None
  Myrtle Ray Daughter FNegro 2S Tx La La None
Blue, Issac Head MNegro 36M Tx TX TX Laborer-Sawmill
  Bessie Wife FNegro 30M La La La none
  Dorothy Daughter FNegro ?F Tx TX La none
Green, Fannie Boarder FNegro 24S La La La none
Jones, Rosie Boarder FNegro 5S Tx TX Tx none
  Willie B. Boarder MNegro ?S Tx Tx La none
Jackson, Will Head MNegro 46D Tx Tx TX Laborer-Sawmill
  Jessie Servant FNegro 19S Tx Tx Tx Servant
Grisgby, Joe Head MNegro 46M Tx Tx Tx Laborer-Sawmill
  Annie Wife FNegro 32M La La La none
Sims, S?? Head FNegro 39D Tx Tx Tx none
Cook, Rich Boarder MNegro 28S Tx Tx Tx none
Morris, John Head MNegro 27M Tx Tx Tx Brakeman
  Rosie Wife FNegro 24M La La La none
  Fred Uncle MNegro 26D Tx Tx Tx Fireman-Sawmill
Walford, J. D. Step-son MNegro ?S La Tx Tx none
Brooks, Avis Head MNegro 23M Tx Tx Tx Lumber????
  Eda Wife FNegro 23M Tx Tx Tx none
Marshall, Cora ??? FNegro 7S Tx Tx Tx none
Eddins, Lewis Head NNegro 33M La La La Laborer
  Price? Wife FNegro 33M La La La none
Wilson, Leslie Daughter FNegro 28D La La La Laborer
Smith, Curtis Boarder MNegro 19S La Tx Tx Laborer-Sawmill
Williams, Pink Head MNegro 21M La La La Laborer
  Dovie Wife FNegro 20M La La La None
Barkins? Herman Step-son MNegro 5S La La La none
Washington, Henry Boarder MNegro 31D La La La Laborer-Sawmill
Franks, Russell Son-in-Law MNegro 24D La La La Laborer
Smith, Gonnell? Head MNegro 33M Tx Va Tx ?
  Ola Wife FNegro 28M Tx Tx Tx none
King, Alma Step-daughter FNegro 12S Tx Tx Tx none
Woods, Mandy Boarder FNegro 21 US US US ?
Brown, Pat Head MNegro 39M La La La Lumbermill
  Rosie L. Wife FNegro 20M La La La none
Ross, Mary Cousin FNegro ??S La La La none