1930 Shelby County Texas  Census

This document is a copy of the microfilm in order of visitation by the census taker.               

Precinct #   4,    Haslam Town            Row 6 & 7                                                    Page # 159

Last Name First Name Relation Sex Race Age Marital BP FBP MBP Occupation
Holmes, Ara Head MNegro 35M LA LA LA Laborer/Sawmill
  Polly A. Wife FNegro 25M TX TX TX  
Booker, M. B. Head MNegro 19S TX TX TX Laborer/Planer
  Sallie Mother FNegro 41WD TX US US  
Cole, Lessie Aunt FNegro 56WD TX US US  
Crosby, Mose Head MNegro 54M LA LA LA Driver/Mill Yard
  Eliza Wife FNegro 49M LA MO MO  
Tyler, John Head MNegro 33M LA LA LA Edgeman/Sawmill
  Lula Wife FNegro 32M LA TX LA  
  John Jr Son MNegro 13S LA LA LA  
  Mary Daughter FNegro 10S LA LA LA  
  Janie B. Daughter FNegro 6S LA LA LA  
  Ruthie Daughter FNegro 3S TX LA LA  
  Mayce Daughter FNegro 1S TX LA LA  
Adams, K. Head MNegro 48M SC SC SC Clergy/Church of Christ
  Gertrude Wife FNegro 30M TX TX TX  
  K. Jr. Son MNegro 12S TX SC TX  
  Priscilla Daughter FNegro 10S TX SC TX  
  Elvin J. Son MNegro 8S TX SC TX  
  Mich I. Son MNegro 6S TX SC TX  
  Daroks Son MNegro 4?S TX SC TX  
  Omer Son MNegro 3S TX SC TX  
  Naomi R. Daughter FNegro 6/12 TX SC TX  
Christerpher, John Head MNegro 37M LA LA LA Dogger/Sawmill
  Evelena Wife FNegro 32M MS MS MS  
Smith, Robert Step Son MNegro 12S AR LA MS  
Self, Willie Head FNegro 34WD AL VA GA  
Young, Frank Son MNegro 19S LA GA AL Laborer/Sawmill
Self, Clinton Son MNegro 6S TX LA AL  
  Eddie P. Daughter FNegro 2S TX LA AL  
Mallott, Maggie Head FNegro 42D TX TX TX  
Kennon, Annie B. Head FNegro 24D LA LA LA  
Okra, Alberta Daughter FNegro 4S TX LA LA  
  Bertha M Daughter FNegro 2S LA LA LA  
  Claymon Son MNegro 8/12S TX LA LA  
Ogalvie, Shoman Head MNegro 41M LA LA LA  
  Lou E. Wife FNegro 33M LA LA `LA  
Dandrige, John L. StepDaughter MNegro 17S LA LA LA  
  Lizzie B. Step Daughter FNegro 15S LA LA LA  
  Willie B. Step Daughter FNegro 12S LA LA LA  
  Exie L. Step Daughter FNegro 8S TX LA LA  
Faulkner, William Head MNegro 28M LA LA LA Laborer/Section Gang
  Bertha Wife FNegro 26M LA LA LA  
Harper, W. C. Step Son MNegro 12S LA LA LA  
Preston, Victoria Step Daughter FNegro 10S LA LA LA  
Turner, Selestine Niece FNegro 8S LA AR LA  
Smith Olla Boarder FNegro 24D LA LA LA  
Reeves, Arthur Head MNegro 49M TX TX TX Doggie/Sawmill
  Julia Wife FNegro 39M TX TX TX  
Miller, Claudia Boarder MNegro 20S TX TX AR Laborer/Sawmill
William, Milton Head MNegro 46M TX TX TX Fireman/Sawmill
  Annie M. Wife FNegro 36M GA GA GA  
Wilder, Austin Head MNegro 38M TX TX TX Pondman/Sawmill
Carroll, Edd Head MNegro 44S LA US US  
Colonel, Henry Boarder MNegro 44S LA LA LA Laborer/Sawmill
Jones, Frank Head MNegro 89M IL VA VA  
  Ninerva Wife FNegro 81M MS US GA  
Byrd, Wash Head MW 65M TX AL LA Farmer
  Lizzie H. Wife FW 55M TX TX TX  
  Jennie D. Daughter FW 15S TX TX TX  
  Ernest Son MW 21M TX TX TX Laborer
  Claudia Daughter in Law FW 21M TX TX TX Farmer
  Emmitt J. Grand Son MW 2S TX TX TX  
  Jerry Grand Son MW 4/12 TX TX TX  
Price, John B. Head MW 56M TX GA GA Farmer
  Mittie Wife FW 47M LA LA LA  
McDonald, Oscar Head MNegro 36M LA LA LA Farmer
  Fannie Wife FNegro 35M LA LA LA  
  Elzie Son MNegro 15S LA LA LA Farm Labor
  Bessie M Daughter FNegro 12S LA LA LA  
  Elzadia Daughter FNegro 11S LA LA LA  
Ballard, Martin L. Head MW 37M TX TX TX Farmer
  Bessie Wife FW 27M TX TX TX  
  Lurline Daughter FW 11S Tx TX TX  
  R. A. Son MW 10S TX TX TX  
  Vivian Daughter FW 7S TX TX TX  
  Lecester M Son MW 6S TX TX TX  
  Emma G. Daughter FW 4S TX TX TX  
  Bobbie G. Son MW 2S TX TX TX  
Walls, Herman Head MW 27M TX TX TX Farmer
  Maurine Wife FW 18M TX TX TX  
  Richard Son MW 6/12S TX TX TX  
Lafitte, J. C. Head MW 28M LA LA LA Farmer
  Annie B. Wife FW 24M TX MS TX  
  Lilwynne Daughter FW 6S TX LA TX  
  Marzell Daughter FW 3S AR LA TX  
  Bobbie J. Son MW 1S AR LA TX  
Nash, John W. Head MW 65WD MS MS MS Farmer
Dickerson, James W. Head MW 55WD LA LA LA Farmer
  James W. Jr Son MW 13S TX LA LA  
  Lexa B. Daughter FW 9S TX LA LA  
  Marlyn Daughter FW 6S TX LA LA  
  Robert H. Son MW 3S TX LA LA  
Glaze, John H. Head MW 29M TX US TX Farmer
  Clara Wife FW 27M TX TX TX  
  Sybil E. Daughter FW 4S TX TX TX  
  John Jr. Son MW 3S TX TX TX  
  James F. Son MW 1S TX TX TX  
Brinson, Mathe J. Head MW 71M TX TX TX Farmer
  Virginia L. Wife FW 59M LA MS LA