1930 Shelby County Texas  Census

This document is a copy of the microfilm in order of visitation by the census taker.               

Precinct #  5,     Hwy 35/Ramah & Parkman & Bowers                                                        Page # 202

Last Name First Name Relation Sex Race Age Marital BP FBP MBP Occupation
Paxton, Annie Head FW 69WD AL Al NC Farmer
Barber, Albert B. Son in Law MW 45WD TX TX NC Carpenter
  Albert Jr. Grandson MW 13S TX TX TX  
Nolan, Clyde E. Head MW 25M TX TX TX Auto Mech.
  Jewel L. Wife FW 20M TX TX TX  
Wilson, Marvin Boarder MW 17S TX TX LA Farm Labor
McElorny, Gonard Head MW 68M TX MO LA Farmer
  Ourelia F. Wife FW 49M TX TX TX  
  John C. Son MW 22S TX TX TX Farm Labor
  Lonnie F. Son MW 20S TX TX TX  
  Sam C. Son MW 17S TX TX TX Farm Labor
Lewis, Joe R. Head MW 72WD KY KY TX BrickMason
  Grady H. Son MW 33S TX KY TX Farm Labor
  Nona ?? Daughter FW 28S TX KY TX MusicTeacher
  Glaydce ? Daughter FW 25S TX KY TX Teacher
  Clyde Son MW 21S TX KY TX Farm Labor
  John G. Brother MW 65S KY KY TN Farm Labor
White, Emmett J. Son in Law MW 50M TX TX TX Barber
  Verna Daughter FW 37M TX KY TX MusicTeacher
Sauer, Albert A. Head MW 70M GER GER GER Farmer
  Mary A. Wife FW 67M GER GER GER  
Stephenson, George Head MNegro 38M LA LA LA Labor/Timber
  Mary Wife FNegro 18M LA LA LA  
Christian, Eric J. Head MW 37M TX GA TX Farmer
  Mattie Wife FW 31M TX TX TX  
  Joseph L. Son MW 11S TX TX TX Farm Labor
  Dorthy B. Daughte FW 9S TX tX TX  
  Dora Lou Daugher FW 6s TX TX TX  
  Ersisadell Daughter FW 4S TX TX TX  
  Rodney K. Son MW 9/12 TX TX TX  
Parkman, Tom F. Head MW 44M TX GA GA Farmer
  Minnie M Wife FW 40M TX TN TX  
  Tommie R. Son MW 1S TX TX TX  
Ingram, Walter H. Head MW 42M TX AL AL Farmer
  Lilley Wife FW 36M TX TX TX  
  Walter H. Son MW 7S TX TX TX  
  Olley B. Daughter FW 5S TX TX TX  
  Juantia Daughter FW 2S TX TX TX  
Norris, Dee D. Head MNegro 30M TX TX TX Farmer
  Ellin Wife FNegro 21M TX TX TX  
  Annie L. Daughter FNegro 6S TX TX Tx  
  Pet Mae Daughter FNegro 4S TX TX TX  
  Lula B. Daughter FNegro 3S TX TX TX  
Adams, John H. Head MNegro 20M LA LA LA Farmer
  Louise Wife FNegro 21M TX TX TX  
  Henry J. Son MNegro 1S TX LA TX  
Hunter, Mariah Niece FNegro 6S LA LA LA  
Loftin, John Head MW 58WD MS MS MS Farmer
  Kendial J. Son MW 18S MS MS MS Farm Labor
  Morris Son MW 13S TX MS MS Farm Labor
Smith, Leslie H Son in Law MW 24M LA LA LA Farm Labor
  Johnny Daughter FW 22M TX MS MS  
Gary, Harold Head MW 27M TX FL TX Farmer
  Alma Wife FW 25M TX TX TX  
  Clifford Son MW 5S TX TX TX  
  Bonnietta Daughter FW 1S TX TX TX  
  Cora Jean Daughter FW 5S TX TX TX  
Hill, John B. Head MNegaro 43M LA LA LA Farmer
  Mary F Wife FNegro 42M LA LA LA  
  Willie Son MNegro 20S LA LA LA Farm Labor
  Arder L. Daughter FNegro 17S LA LA LA  
  Leartina Son MNegro 16S LA LA LA Farm Labor
  Mary L. Daughter FNegro 14S LA LA LA  
  Lawueva Daughte FNegro 13S LA LA LA  
  John B. Jr Son MNegro 9S LA LA LA  
  Walter L. Son MNegro 7S LA LA LA  
Weatherington, Albert Head MNegro 47WD TX TX TX Farmer
  Pauline Daughter FNegro 12S AR TX TX  
  Coy B. Son MNegro 7S TX TX TX  
  Oscar Son MNegro 5S TX TX TX  
  Recia M Daughter FNegro 1S LA LA LA  
McDonald Christopher C. Head MW 42M MS MS MS Farmer
  Ella M Wife FW 34M MS MS MS  
  Guy R. Son MW 10S TX MS MS  
  Bernard J. Son MW 8S TX MS MS  
Smith, Joe P. Head MW 44M TX TX TX Farmer
  Oler R. Wife FW 46M TX TX TX  
  Vestus W. Son MW 13S TX TX TX Farm Labor
  Lemmie O. Daughter FW 10S TX TX TX  
  Martha J. Daughter FW 6S TX TX TX  
Norman, Jim L. Father in Law MW 80WD AL AL GA  
  Willy L. Uncle MW 70S TX AL GA Farm Labor
Thomas, Johnny Head MNegro 32M TX TX TX Farmer
  Lula C. Wife FNegro 35M TX LA LA  
  Isica Stepson MNegro 17S TX TX TX Farm labor
Lord, Ardin H. Head MNegaro 41M LA La LA Farmer
  Vina M. Wife FNegro 25M TX LA TX  
  James H. Son MNegro 1S TX LA TX  
Jopling, Rosco J. Head MW 41M TX TX TX Farmer
  Thurza N. Wife FW 38M TX GA GA  
  Helen E Daughter FW 13S TX TX TX  
  Winnie M Daughter FW 8S TX TX TX  
  Willie H. Father MW 70WD TX MS MS Minister/Baptist