1930 Shelby County Texas  Census

This document is a copy of the microfilm in order of visitation by the census taker.               

Precinct #   5,   Paxton Road/Tenaha Road                                        Page # 213

Last Name First Name Relation Sex Race Age Marital BP FBP MBP Occupation
Williams, David Head MNegro 22M LA LA LA Farmer
  Idelle Wife FNegro 19M TX TX TX  
Bowden, Lem E. Head MW 22M TX TX TX Farmer
  Lois Wife FW 21M TX PA TX  
  Lawrence A. Son MW 1S TX TX TX  
Templin, John Head MW 49M AL AL AL Farmer
  Florence H. Wife FW 50M TX GA GA  
  Ezra H. Son MW 25S TX AL TX Farmer
  Mattie F. Daughter FW 17S TX AL TX  
  Grace H. Daughter FW 8S TX AL TX  
Templin, Ernest Head MW 21M TX AL TX Farmer
  Edna M. Wife FW 24M TX TX TN  
Love, William Head MNegro 25M LA LA LA Farmer
  Jennie Wife FNegro 25M LA LA LA  
  Janette Daughter FNegro 6S LA LA LA  
Parrish, Herman Head MW 33M TX TX TX Farmer
  Hazel Wife FW 27M TX IL TX  
  Buford Son MW 8S TX TX TX  
  Murial Daughter FW 4S TX TX TX  
May, George M Head MW 38M TX TX TX Farmer
  Della Wife FW 27M TX MO TX  
  Dowell Daughter FW 15S TX TX TX  
  Dana L. Daughter FW 1S TX TX TX  
Harris, Marvin Head MW 27M TX TX TX Farmer
  Sallie L. Wife FW 20M LA LA LA  
  Dorothy B. Daughter FW 4S TX TX LA  
  Iva J. Daughter FW 2S TX TX LA  
Thomas, Frances Mother in Law FW 60WD LA LA LA  
McCann, Marshall Head MW 50M MS MS MS Farmer
  Sallie E. Wife FW 39M TX TX TX  
  Florence E. Daughter FW 22S TX MS TX  
  Minnie E. Daughter FW 21S TX MS TX  
  Beatrice Daughter FW 15S TX MS TX  
  Ella M Daughter FW 10S TX MS TX  
McCann, James B. Head MW 30M MS MS MS Farmer
  Odessa Wife FW 26M TX TX TX  
  Veta Daughter FW 10S TX MS TX  
  Lloyd J. Son MW 9S TX MS TX  
  Agnes Daughter FW 7S TX MS TX  
  Bvif C Son MW 5S TX MS TX  
  Barbara Daughter FW 4S TX MS TX  
Preston, Joe L. Hired hand MNegro 20S LA LA LA Farm Labor
Caldwell, Myrta J. Head FW 38WD TX AL TX Farmer
  Bruce J. Son MW 12S TX GA AL  
  Rex N. Son MW 9S TX GA AL  
Myers, R. T. Head MW 49WD TX TX TX Farmer
  Cleddie Son MW 17S TX TX TX  
  Foy Son MW 13S TX TX TX Farm Labor
Myers, Leon J. Son MW 20M TX TX TX Farmer
  Wilma Daughter in Law FW 20M TX TX TX  
  Geraldine Granddaughter FW 1S TX TX TX  
Smith, Daniel W. Head MW 66M NC NC TX Farmer
  Luella Wife FW 60M TX MS TN  
Parkman, Howard Head MW 30M TX GA AL Farmer
  Ruth Wife FW 28M TX TX TX  
  Willard Son MW 9S TX TX TX  
  Lindal B Daughter FW 7S TX TX TX  
  Bennie V. Daughter FW 4S TX TX TX  
Bowden, William F. Head MW 67M US US US Farmer
  Francis E. Wife FW 57M TX TN TN  
Patterson, James F. Head MW 60M LA TN LA Farmer
  Josephine Wife FW 59M LA LA LA  
  Boyd Son MW 21S TX LA LA Deliveryman/Ice
Goodman, Virgil Head MW 25M TX TX TX Farmer
  Birtie M Wife FW 18M TX LA LA  
  Maurine Daughter FW   TX LA TX  
Finklea, Howard E. Head MW 57M AL AL AL Farmer
  Mary E. Wife FW 50M TX TX TX  
  Hiram Son MW 17S TX AL TX Farm Labor
Finklea, John L. Head MW 28M TX AL TX Farmer
  Lottie Wife FW 23M TX TX TX  
  Thomas E. Son MW 2S TX TX TX  
Wilson, Bishop Head MNegro 29M TX LA LA Farm Labor
  Nettie Wife FNegro 36M LA LA LA  
Colbit, Mary StepDaughter FNegro 13S LA LA LA  
  Dollie StepDaughter FNegro 10S LA LA LA  
  Birtie B. StepDaughter FNegro 7S LA LA LA  
Wilson, Cooper B. Son MNegro 3 TX TX LA  
  Freeman Son MNegro 0 TX TX LA  
Mims, Jesse D. Head MW 44M MS MS MS Teacher
  Blanche Wife FW 34M TX MS TX  
  James D. Son MW 11S TX MS TX