1930 Shelby County Texas  Census

This document is a copy of the microfilm in order of visitation by the census taker.               

Precinct #   6,    Old Aiken, Waterman, and Stockman Rd/ Aiken-Toomey Rd.                 Page # 236

Last Name First Name Relation Sex Race Age Marital BP FBP MBP Occupation
Bailey, Jennie Head FW 57WD LA MS MS  
  Wilburn Son MW 19S TX AL LA Farming
  Polly E. Daughter FW 17S TX AL LA  
Samford, P. Dale Head MW 30M TX TX TX Farming
  Vera Wife FW 25M TX TX TX  
  Hewyer Son MW 8S TX TX TX  
  Doyle Son MW 6S TX TX TX  
  Melba R. Daughter FW 3 TX TX TX  
Bailey, Harvey J. Head MW 35M TX AL LA Farming
  Oda N. Wife FW 32M TX TX TX  
  J. Audrey Son MW 7S TX TX TX  
  Ouia Son MW 4 4/12 TX TX TX  
  Milliard Son MW 2S TX TX TX  
Corder, Joe R. Head MW 60M TX TX TX Farmer
  Sarah E. Wife FW 49M TX TX TX  
  Egbert Son MW 20S TX TX TX Farm Labor
  Quinton Son MW 17S TX TX TX Farm Labor
  Athie Daughter FW 14S TX TX TX  
  Gladys Daughter FW 11S TX TX TX  
  Roscoe Son MW 9S TX TX TX  
  Hunter Son MW 7S TX TX TX  
  Dorothy J. Daughter FW 3 S TX TX TX  
Corder, Opal Head MW 26M TX TX TX Farming
  Hazel Wife FW 20M TX TX TX  
  James L. Son MW 5S TX TX TX  
Clay, I Hillen Head MW 38M TX US US Farming
  Mona M. Wife FW 26M TX AL AL  
  Huber Son MW 7S TX TX TX  
  Grover Son MW 1 TX TX TX  
  Malissia Mother FW 74WD GA US US  
Helton, Lucious A Head MW 33M AL AL AL Tie Maker
  Lena M. Wife FW 31M TX TX TX  
  Forest M Son MW 6S TX AL TX  
  Beulah V. Daughter FW 5S TX AL TX  
  R. Viola Daughter FW 3 7/12 TX AL TX  
  Hillon L. Son MW 2/12 TX AL TX  
Hughes, Joseph R. Head MW 56WD TX GA GA Farmer
  Fannie T. Sister in Law FW 46M TX TX TX  
  Walter T. Brother MW 54M TX GA GA Sawmiller
  Clifford Son MW 17S TX TX TX Farm Labor
  Hazel Daughte FW 13S TX TX TX  
  Pershing Son MW 11S TX TX TX  
  Delton M Nephew MW 16S TX TX TX  
  Stanton Nephew MW 11S TX TX TX  
Burgay, Travis Head MW 22M TX TX TX  
  Mary Wife FW 20M TX TX TX  
  Verneva Daughter FW 10/12 TX TX TX  
Powdrill, Vernon Head MW 23M TX TX TX Farming
  Era Wife FW 20M TX TX TX  
Burgay, John J. Head MW 53M TX US LA Farming
  Francis O. Wife FW 43M TX AR AR  
  Ona Sson MW 18S TX TX TX Farming
  Iberia Daughter FW 17S TX TX TX  
  Oyise Son MW 15S TX TX TX Farm Labor
  Opal Daughter FW 14S TX TX TX  
  Mary Daughter FW 12S TX TX TX  
  Wylma Daughter FW 9S TX TX TX  
Oliver, Joseph Head MW 38M TX MS TX Farming
  Ina Wife FW 32M TX LA LA  
  Melvin C. Son MW 9S TX TX TX  
  Vivian I. Daughter FW 5S TX TX TX