1930 Shelby County Texas  Census

This document is a copy of the microfilm in order of visitation by the census taker.               

Precinct #  7,    Timpson City                                                               Page # 243

Last Name First Name Relation Sex Race Age Marital BP FBP MBP Occupation
Mayfield, Zena Head FNegro WD TX TX TX Cook
  Lillie Daughter FNegro 15S TX TX TX  
Todd, Robert W. Head MW 59M TX GA AL Ginner
  Bessie Wife MW 52M TX TX TX  
  Thomas Son MW 26M TX TX TX Bookkeeper/Bank
  William Son MW 25S TX TX TX Postal Clerk/PO
  Era A. Daughter FW 18S TX TX TX  
  Marie Daughter in Law FW 24M TX LA TX  
  Robert M GrandSon MW 1 9/12 TX TX TX  
Hawthorn, Bernard Head MW 44M TX AL AR Cashier/Bank
  Alleen Wife FW 41M TX GA GA Teacher
  Bernard J. Jr Son MW 19S TX TX TX  
  Hazel Daughter FW 11S TX TX TX  
  Doris Daughter FW 8S TX TX TX  
Ward, William C. Head MW 53M TX AL AL Prop/Cafe
  Loma Wife FW 45M TX MS AR Mgr/Cafe
  Jammie B. Daughter FW 16S TX TX TX  
  Taylor Son MW 13S TX TX TX  
Lovell, Bessie Boarder FW 21S LA LA LA Waitress/Cafe
Smith, Judson A. Head MW 58WD TX AL TX Merchant/ ?
  Howard W. Son MW 20S TX TX TX  
  Theron J. Son MW 18S TX TX TX  
  Wilburn Son MW 15S TX TX TX  
  Paul W. Son MW 10S TX TX TX  
Ramsey, Joe B. Boarder MW 22M TX AL TX Bookkeeper/Bank
  Golda Boarder FW 20M TX TX TX  
Burns, Albert F. Head MW 40M TX NC TX Merchant
  Mira E. Wife FW 38M TX TX TX  
  Maydelle Daughter FW 17S TX TX TX  
  Evie R. Daughter FW 15S TX TX TX  
  Doris Daughter FW 11S TX TX TX  
Ramsey, Zed B. Head MW 43M TX TN TX Merch/Grocery
  Beulah E Wife FW 35M TX Ga GA  
  Blanche N. Daughter FW 11S TX TX TX  
  Zed B. Jr. Son 6S TX TX TX  
  Jack R. Son MW 4S TX TX TX  
Wigley, Alfred J. Head MW 62M ENG ENG N.IRE Mgr/ Grocery
  Sarah L. Wife FW 56M TX AL MS  
McDavid, Grover C. Head MW 45M TX TX TX Druggist/Retail
  Catherine Wife FW 41M TX TX TX  
  Finis E. Son MW 23S TX TX TX Teacher
Walker, George E. Boarder MW 24S TX TX TX Teacher
Trammell, Emma Head FW 54WD TX NC TX Merch/Retail Gro.
  Thomas E. son MW 28S TX TX TX Butcher/Retail
Hooper, Robin L. Head MW 28M TX TX TX Salesman/Drugs
  Emma L. Wife FW 24M TX TX TX  
  Robin L. Jr. Son MW 3 8/12 TX TX TX  
Shepherd, Alga Head MW 25M TX TX TX Prop/Cafe
  Lela Wife FW 22M TX TX TX  
  Marion A. Son MW 2 7/12 TX TX TX  
Brinson, Zack Head MW 63M TX TX TX Farm  Labor
  Martha J. Wife FW 56M KY KY KY Prop/Boarding House
Cordell, Jamie Boarder FW 16S TX MO KY  
Palmer, Ruel R. Head MW 47M TX SC TX LocoEngineer/RR
  Emma Wife FW 44M TX TX TX  
  Maxie Daughter FW 13S TX TX TX  
Anderson, Everett, Head MW 24M TX TX TX Machinist/Auto
  Lillie Wife FW 21M TX TX TX  
Cobb, Grover B. Head MW 35M TX TX MS LocoFireman/RR
Creech, Mailon A. Head MW 29M TX TN KY Roofer
Booth, Jeff Head MNegro 28M TX TX TX Porter/RR
  Pearl Wife FNegro 25M TX LA TX  
  Dorothy Daughter FNegro 2 1/12 TX TX TX  
Matthews, Charles Head MNegro 61M TX TX TX Cook/Hotel
  Minnie Wife FNegro 40M TX TX TX Assist.Cook/Hotel
  Charles Son MNegro 18S TX TX TX  
  Lenny Son MNegro 9S TX TX TX  
King, Limmie Head MNegro 48M TX TX TX Farmer
  Limmie Wife FNegro 47M TX TX TX Laundress
  Theamy Daughter FNegro 19S TX TX TX Teacher
  Gladys Daughter FNegro 15S TX TX TX  
  Sam H Son MNegro 12S TX TX TX  
  Wilmadel Son FNegro 7S TX TX TX  
Bowsley ? Idella Head FNegro 93WD TN LA VA  
Boatner, Allie Head FW 59WD TX TN TX Agent/Drygoods
  Annie Daughter FW 23S TX TX TX Saleslady/Variety Store
Brown, William C. Brother in Law MW 67M TX KY TX Clergy/Baptist
  Naomi Sister FW 55M TX TN TX  
Walkins, Eula Head FNegro 37WD TX TX TX Cook
Noble, Frances L. Head FW 63WD TX KY KY FOB Cotton Buyer
  John V. Son MW 38WD TX MS TX  
Biering, Henry Head MW 74S GER GER GER  
Daughy, Edgar Head MNegro 28M TX TX TX Farm Labor
  Lillie Wife FNegro 29M TX TX TX Laundress
  Loistine Daughter FNegro 11S TX TX TX  
  Edgar Jr. Son MNegro 10S TX TX TX  
  Gladys Daughter FNegro 7S TX TX TX  
  Arthur Son MNegro 5S TX TX TX  
  Andrew Son MNegro 3S TX TX TX  
  S. L. Son MNegro 1 6/12 TX TX TX  
  Lucias Brother MNegro 14S TX TX TX  
Mosby, Dave Head MNegro 57M TX TX TX Farmer/Farming
  Mandy Wife FNegro 54M TX AL GA Laundress
  Ottrell Son MNegro 33S TX TX TX Teacher
  Rebel Son MNegro 21S TX TX TX  
  Velvalar Son MNegro 19S TX TX TX  
  Thursis M Daughter FNegro 15S TX TX TX  
  Bernice Niece FNegro 12S TX TX TX  
  Margie Niece FNegro 9S TX TX TX  
  Effie Niece FNegro 6S TX TX TX  
  Doll Niece FNegro 3 TX TX TX