1930 Shelby County Texas  Census

This document is a copy of the microfilm in order of visitation by the census taker.               

Precinct # 7, Bogard Rd./Stockman Rd/Smith Rd.                                                                  Page # 281

Last Name First Name Relation Sex Race Age Marital BP FBP MBP Occupation
Curtis, Margaret Head FNegro 56D TX AR TX Farmer
Strange, Julie Granddaughter FNegro 12S TX TX TX  
  Alonzo Grandson MNegro 10S TX TX TX  
Bussey, Verta L. Granddaughter FNegro 8S TX TX TX  
Wallace, Tom Head MNegro 27WD TX TX TX Farm Labor
Richards, Jack Head MNegro 33M TX TX GA Farmer
  Laura Wife FNegro 31M TX TX TX  
  Marjorie Daughter FNegro 6S TX TX TX  
  Glen M. Son MNegro 4 9/12 TX TX TX  
  Lou A. Daughter FNegro 3 1/12 TX TX TX  
  Is Son MNegro 1 11/12 TX TX TX  
  Ruga L. Son MNegro 3/12 TX TX TX  
Booth, Sualler Nephew MNegro 12S TX TX TX  
Richards, Ella Head FNegro 74WD GA GA GA Farmer
Bussey, Lovis Head MNegro 38M TX TX TX Farmer
  Annie Wife FNegro 37M TX TX TX  
Wells, Willie Boarder MNegro 21S AL AL AL Farm Labor
Yarborough, Loy Head MNegro 28M TX TX TX Farmer
  Hattie Wife FNegro 22M TX TX TX  
  Joe W. Daughter FNegro 4S TX TX TX  
  George Son MNegro 3 TX TX TX  
Greer, Will Head MNegro 39M TX TX LA Farmer
  Caroline Wife FNegro 33M TX TX TX  
  Charlie Son MNegro 16S TX TX LA  
  Ollie Daughter F Negro 14S TX TX TX  
  Johnie Son MNegro 11S TX TX TX  
  W. L. Son MNegro 8S TX TX TX  
Richards, Is Head MNegro 35M TX TX TX Farmer
  Louvenia Wife FNegro 30M LA LA LA  
Wilson, Bill Head MNegro 51M TX US US Farmer
  Sallie Wife FNegro 42M TX US US  
  Ida Daughter FNegro 25S TX TX TX  
  Emma L. Daughter FNegro 16S TX TX TX  
  John Son MNegro 14S TX TX TX  
  W. J. Son MNegro 10S TX TX TX  
  Bernice Daughter FNegro 8S TX TX TX  
Osby, Mable Daughter FNegro 22WD TX TX TX  
  Raymond Grandson MNegro 1 6/12 TX TX TX  
Truitt, Henry Father in Law MNegro 85WD TX TX TX  
Collins, Mose Head MNegro 58M LA La LA Farmer
  Addie Wife FNegro 35M TX TX VA  
  Robert Son MNegro 14S TX LA TX  
  Tissue Daughter FNegro 12S TX LA TX  
  George Son MNegro 10S TX LA TX  
  Hiawatha Son MNegro 8S TX LA TX  
Harris, Henry Head MNegro 50M TX AL AL Farmer
  Mary Wife FNegro 29M LA LA LA  
  Fannie K. Daughter FNegro 7S TX TX La  
  Henry Son MNegro 4 TX TX LA  
  Lee R. Stepson MNegro 12S LA LA LA  
  Cleo Stepson MNegro 11S LA LA LA  
Porterfield, Hyman Head MW 54M GA GA GA Farmer
  Anice Wife FW 46M TX GER TX  
  Lizzie Daughter FW 29S TX GA TX  
  Marvin Son MW 23S TX GA TX Farm Labor
  Herbert Son MW 21S TX GA TX Farm Labor
  Emory Son MW 17S TX GA TX  
  Ruth Daughter MW 15S TX GA TX  
  Henry Son MW 12S TX GA TX  
  Gaston Son MW 10S TX GA TX  
  Melvin Son MW 8S TX GA TX  
  Daniel Son MW 6S TX GA TX  
Hamer, Mary J. Head FW 60WD TX GA MO Farmer
Hays, Louverne Daughter FW 21M LA LA TX  
  Louis L. Son in Law MW 31M TX MS TX Farm Labor
Richards, Emmett J. Head MW 34M TX TX LA Farmer
  Virgie Wife FW 24M LA TX TX  
  Adelle Daughter FW 6S TX TX LA  
  Harold, Son MW 4S TX TX LA  
  Stroud Son MW 1 7/12 TX TX LA  
Homer, Louis Head MW 37M TX TX TX Farmer
  Mary Wife FW 29M TX GA TX  
  Mildred Daughter FW 10S TX TX TX  
  Louis Son MW 9S TX TX TX  
  Emory Son MW 8S TX TX TX  
  Thomas Son MW 6S TX TX TX  
  Floyd Son MW 4S TX TX TX  
Childs, Sallie Head FW 44WD TX GA TX Farmer
  Robert V. Son MW 20S TX TX GA Sales/GenStore
  Sara Daughter FW 15S TX TX GA  
  James Son MW 13S TX TX GA  
  Mary Daughter FW 10S TX TX GA  
  Horace Nephew MW 21S TX GA TX Farm Labor
Bussey, William Head MNegro 62M TX AL AL Farmer
  Alice Wife FNegro 68M TX US US  
Richards, Dessie Stepdaughter FNegro 29S TX TX TX  
Richards, Jerry Head MNegro 38M TX TX TX Farmer
  Maggie Wife FNegro 31M LA LA LA  
  Done L. Daughter FNegro 14S TX TX LA  
  Latalian Daughter FNegro 12S TX TX LA  
  Lola B. Daughter FNegro 10S TX TX LA  
  J.M. Son MNegro 3 TX TX LA  
  James G. Son MNegro 1S TX TX LA  
Ramsey, Alford Head MW 38M TX TX TX Farmer
  Empie Wife FW 34M TX GA GA  
  Zella Daughter FW 15S TX TX TX  
  Aaron Son MW 11S TX TX TX  
  Payton Son MW 5S TX TX TX  
Wilson, Annie M. Head FW 19S TX TX TX Teacher
  Woodroe Brother MW 13S TX TX TX