Mangum Funeral Home

This list was transcribed from the files of Mangum Funeral Home for the burial year 2002.  The text has been written just as the recording person wrote them into the register.  Only in a few cases have they been edited and rewritten as they were intended.  Records are sorted into alphabetic sequence for ease of research. 

Name Birthdate  Deathdate Father/Birthplace Mother/Birthplace Spouse Occupation Interment Birthplace
Adams, Tony Jackson 08-27-1956  02-08-2002 Rev. T. O. Adams         Lillie Lou Cook Divorced   Florist New Hope Shelby County
Baker, Hubert Alton 11-26-1940   03-06-2002 Albert Thomas Baker   Edith Delaney Patricia          Store Manager Strong Shelby County
Ballard, Dessie Belle 10-08-1914  03-15-2002 Dock Fleming               Ollie Campbell Neal   Washateria Manager Oaklawn Memorial Shelby County
Barlow, Rev. George Ralph 07-03-1911  09-18-2002 J.E. Barlow                   Mary J. Widower   Minister Strong Shelbyville, Tx
Bellmyer, Betty Jo 07-19-1924  09-26-2002 J. B. Graham                Cora Lee Beeman Gerald   Office Manager Newburn Bartlesville, Ok.
Belrose, Truman D. 10-06-1946  02-06-2002 Troy Dale Belrose        Claudie Cogswell Elaine   Millwright New Hope Shelby County
Bennefield, Patsy Adele 12-23-1921  10-29-2002 - J. W.  Housewife New Hope Trinity County
Benoit, Betty Jean Berry 04-15-1934  04-08-2002 Osacar Franklin Berry/La   Josie Hedrick/La Widow    LPN Adams Robeline, La.
Bickham, Mayron Owens 07-20-1923  05-09-2002 Jim Owens               Katie Rhodes Fred Lee   Homemaker Shelbyville Montgomery, Al.
Biggers, Earl S. 08-17-1913  02-04-2002 Benjamin Biggers             Leo Covington Elizabeth Oaklawn Memorial Brady Community
Billings, Sharon Peek 10-17-1954  07-23-2002 Thomas Arlington Chambliss              Mandy Parker - Nurses Aide Strong Center, Tx
Billingsley, John Terry 02-22-1926  05-10-2002 Forest Billingsley     Eula Billingsley Eleanor Majors  Nurseryman Ramah Jasper, Tx
Blackwell, Franklin DeWayne 02-07-1979  01-23-2002 Billy Frediu                   Lisa Hendricks Single Mechanic Mt. Olive Shelby County
Brown, Pauline 08-23-1915  11-09-2002 Alvy Kyle/Tx                   Clara Walker/Tx Buster  Housewife Restland Panola County
Burress, Terry Lynn 07-23-1958   12-03-2002 Clifford McWilliams    Billie Fisher Lovell Divorced     Homemaker Rather Cemetery Canton, Ohio
Bussey, Lois 06-17-1910  03-04-2002 Ulvia Sapp                 Annie Pearl Brittain Pat       Homemaker Woodlawn Timpson, Tx
Byford, Harold Gene 08-03-1932    12-26-2002 Fate Byford             Cecil Stephens Divorced    Welder Mt. Pleasant Shelbyville
Carnahan, Loneita Mooney 10-07-1913  09-02-2002 Harry Clay Pickett       Vada Wood Lawrence  Red Ball Agent Fairview Waco, Tx
Carter, Bobby neal 01-30-1941   03-16-2002 Johnny Carter                Lula Mae Davidson Maxine         Truck Driver Rather Gilmer, Tx
Castillo, Debra Ann 08-11-1951  08-14-2002 Samuel Flores          Opal Porter Adkison Eddie       Housewife Cremation Nacogdoches, Tx
Clark, Mozelle 03-07-1927   07-06-2002 M. H. Colwell       Minnie Stuart Elton    Housewife Sardis Angelina County
Cockrell, Gladys Irene 01-26-1913  03-04-2002 Ed Whiddon               Mildred Daniel Robert Earl  Homemaker Sholar Paxton, Tx
Cockrell L. B. 12-19-1950  11-29-2002 Lonnie Boyd Cockell/Tx  Annie Spurlock/Tx Hale               Logging Joaquin Cemetery Shreveport, Louisiana
Collins, Annie B. 10-30-1913  01-03-2002 Willia Adam Bradshaw   Callie Renfro Robert B.  Housewife Mt. Pleasant Shelby County
Connell, James Allen, Sr. 08-15-1911   12-20-2002 D.A. Connell/Tx        Lula Cockerell/Tx Neonnie Ann Taylor    Retired Oaklawn Memorial Park  
Conway, Hylma Judine 03-28-1915  08-21-2002 Robert C. Truitt     Fannie Williford Charles   Housewife Ramah Shelby County
Cox, John Arthur 08-28-1926  10-05-2002 Charles Cox                    Marie McLean Diane L.   Coast Guard Cremation New Mexico
Creech, Iva May 10-06-1907  05-24-2002 Dixon Gilford Reynolds   Robina Barbee Burnett   Homemaker Newburn Shelby County
Everett, Diana Sue 06-10-1955   05-06-2002 Robert Troy Everett     Delia Hetton Single       Manager Holly (Ridge, Tx) Pasadena, Tx
Fountain, Christina Marie McCray 08-11-1978  98-07-2002 Ralph McCray        Artha Hare Matlock ?   EZ Mart Manager Old Salem Mt. Clemens Michigan
Flynn, Jimmie Bell 04-01-1909   03-04-2002 Ransom Neal                Irene Bell Eads Jessie Lee   Homemaker Pleasant Grove Center, Tx
Franks, Kyle Wayne 09-28-1939  11-13-2002 Harold Franks         Oline Mahan Divorced Maintenance Oaklawn Memorial Shelby County
Gibbs, Adelle McCall 10-11-1914  09-03-2002 Clinton C. Dhilds        Mary Ethel Betz Ely  Housewife Union Tenaha, Tx.
Goodwin, Thlema Marie Moore 10-24-1920   08-14-2002 Jim Moore           Georgia Barton Widow          Food Pantry Restland Shelby County
Gray, Virgie Mae 09-19-1909  02-15-2002 Jim Stansberry             Annie Lee Brown Cl;arence     Homemaker Rather San Augustine Co
Grubbs, Richard Earl, Sr. 02-05-1925  05-04-2002 Fred Ashford/Tx           Alice Richards Tommye      Millwright Oaklawn Memorial Center, Tx
Hagler, Laurie Elbert 01-23-1913  04-01-2002 John Wilburn Hagler    Edna Matthews Alice              H&S Grocery Oaklawn Memorial Shelby County
Harvey, Jo Dale 05-18-1962  04-10-2002 Jim Bob Harvey       Tommie Lee Thedford Single   Homemaker ? Cremation Center, Tx
Harvey, Myrtle Onita 01-06-1926   06-27-2002 Mathie Hendricks       Lela Fleming Roy Cal    Strong Shelby County
Herrington Dr. Hearld Dawson 01-16-1930   01-20-2002 Dawson Reece Herrington  Hilda Lillian Cullum Divorced Cremation Little Rock, Ar.
Holder, Mirtie I. 11-09-1909   08-12-2002 James Franklin Stewart   Isron Holder Widow  Seamtress White Rock Shelby County
Hughes, Jeff Milton 05-07-1917  06-26-2002 Isaac Hughes/Tx       Sallie Davis/Tx Lillie Mae    Boilermaker Sardis Shelby County
Jobe, Donald William, Sr. 12-29-1920  01-24-2002 Roy C.Jobe              Dorothy S.Price                   Furlow  Pilot Donation Buffalo, NY
Jacobs, Lucille Bridges 07-26-1917  05-21-2002 Obie Wilson Bridges    Martha Lou Brown William Thomas    Maxwell Coffee Union Center, Tx
Jacobs, Lurena Bell 01-06-1913  06-08-2002 C.T. Jamison         Nannie Gann Joe            School Teacher West Hamilton Shelby County
Johnson, Juanita Lout 11-04-1922  12-27-2002 Walter Lout             Betty Beck Royce  Housewife Rather Cemetery Shelby County
Jones, Dorothy Fayrene 04-11-1930  10-05-2002 Henry Thomas Conway   Georgie Ritnour William Andrew  Housewife Ramah Tenaha, Tx.
Kemp, Eula B. 11-07-1903  01-09-2002 J.C. Weeks                Pearl Davis O. K.        Housewife Carroll Shelbyville
LaFitte, Lorena McSwain 01-04-1917  07-25-2002 Sanford B. McSwain/Al  Stella Holt/Tx Bernard   Dietition Oaklawn Memorial Shelby County
Lagrone, Fred Stephen 11-29-1957  01-12-2002 Carroll J. LaGrone/La   Vera Frizzell/Ar Single Laborer Joaquin Shreveport, La.
Lawhorn, Beatrice Hall 11-21-1925  01-26-2002 William Oscar Hall       Lulla Craddock William Fred   Homemaker Old Center Bradtown, Ok.
Linscomb, Dorris Patterson 10-02-1912  05-13-2002 Gene Patterson        Emma Stanley Robert     Beautician Powdrill Center, Tx
Locke, Richard R. 05-23-1924  09-21-2002 Johnny Bridges         Mattie Doster Geneva          Farmer Oaklawn Memorial ?
Massey, Jan Ellen 12-24-1953   08-11-2002 Robert Lewis Fairchild   Patsy Ferguson Pharmacist Oaklawn Memorial Woodville, Tx
Masters, Lois H. 08-24-1926  12-23-2002 Julian Jones/NY     ?  Harper/NY Seamstress  Cremation New York
Mayfield, Edith Mary Lacy Gault 02-11-1921   11-03-2002 Turk Lacy               Annie Mae Jones Eugene    Bookkeeper Fairview Carthage, Tx
McCauley, Cleburn 01-10-1903  03-16-2002 John McCauley           Jenny Emanis Pauline       Antique Dealer Oaklawn Memorial Tenaha, Tx
McSwain, Jesse William 06-11-1915   06-03-2002 Sanford Bunk McSwain   Stella Holt Iris Lowery    Poultry Bus. Oaklawn Memorial Shelby County
Mercado, Laura Lee 01-22-1961  01-17-2002 Arnie Aaron Cuylberson   Norma May Raul   Bookkeeper Joaquin Carthage, Tx
Moore, Wilma Dorothy 05-22-1912   02-23-2002 Alma Douglas/Al         Edna Grandberry/Al W. I.      Custodian JISD Joaquin Dothan, Al.
Muckleroy, Anna Thelma Kennon 04-13-1911   10-30-2002 Roby Clifton Kennon       Lela Maude Brady Delbert    Housewife Short Cemetery Shelby County
Muckelroy, Vada 09-12-1912  07-17-2002 Ellis Page/Tx         Martha Pate/Tx R.E.    Broiler Grower Pilgrim Rest, Martinville Nacogdoches County
Nettles, Carroll Fred 03-10-1922  01-08-2002 Carroll R. Meeks         Lillie Mae Lout Mildred Greer   Auto Mechanic Latham San Benito, Tx
Oates, Amanda Lavada 02-04-1914   08-24-2002 Marion Gann         Minnie Monroe Widow        Homemaker Oaklawn Memorial Shelby County
O'Neal, Evelyn Ruth 05-21-1911  06-04-2002 John Walter McGinty    Nora Maude Ledbetter Zelma Bailey   Cook Shelbyville Gonzales County Tx
Owens, Herbert Glenn 11-11-1924   03-07-2002 Will Owens                   Leta Brown Vivian          Rancher Joaquin Shelby County
Paxton, Curtis Randal 02-24-1952   01-25-2002 Sam Paxton               Frankie Waldon Divorced      Laborer Restland Tenaha, Tx
Phillipps, Kark Frederick 07-07-1930  06-01-2002 Karl F. Phillipps       Agnes G. Baxter Adal Elaine  Retired Navy Cremation Minnesota
Porter, Maggie Hollis 06-02-1905    02-02-2002 Riley Nichols                  Manderville Risinger Oscar            Hotel Manager Woodlawn Shelby County
Price, Doris Corder 07-01-1924  09-18-2002 Atness Corder            Tommie Hill Dale  Nasa Ramah Houston, Tx
Quick, Olivia L. 11-28-1916  10-08-2002 Lee Lowe                   Sally M. Williams Charles Francis  Homemaker Jackson Shelby County
Ramsey, William Allen 01-23-1917  09-02-2002 Edward Lewis Ramsey   Euna Mae Finklea Widow  Fire Chief Joaquin Shelby County
Reynolds, Virgll Allen 06-14-1947  08-30-2002 V. A. Reynolds, Jr.       Alma Lue Cooley Betty Louise  Steel Fabracater Adams Center, TX
Riley, Bobby 12-20-1923  09-03-2002 Bob Riley                      Ida Mull Single  Disable Ramah Joaquin, Tx.
Rogers, Evelyn Ruth 96-04-1919   01-06-2002 Will J. Rogers           Tippie Caraway                Single   Secretary Fairview Shelby County
Rogers, Vaudine 01-20-1918  05-27-2002 Willis Adam Bradshaw   Callie Renfro George      Homemaker Oaklawn Memorial Shelby County
Rudd, Mary Alene 02-13-1924   07-16-2002 Jeff Davis Cook      Sudie L. Ramsey P.W.   Homemaker New Hope Shelby County
Schump, Sherry Joyce Hribal 07-03-1946  06-08-2002 Chester J. Hribal, Sr.    Iva Joy McSwain Norton Service Manager Old Salem Center, Tx
Seaton, Earl Davis 10-12-1921  05-26-2002 Thomas Seaton     Virginia Jackson Lou Ella Grant   Shell Oil Powdrill Oklahoma
Sholar, Andrew Ollis, Jr. 08-02-1925  12-28-2002 Ellis Sholar            Viola Coil Leone Paxton  Logger Cremation Nacogdoches
Smelser, Sara 09-21-1911  06-03-2002 Oscar Julius Bryan      Icie Lillia Ross Widow   Nurse Oaklawn Memorial Timpson, Tx
Smith, Lourice Hendricks 11-06-1927  10-09-2002 Walter Hendricks     Samantha Renfro Divorced   Housewife White Rock Shelby County
Sonmor, Lucille Hughes 08-20-1915  04-16-2002 William Robert Hughes     Mary Winnie Wilson Bill  School Teacher Oaklawn Memorial Shelby County
Squires, Edward Charles 10-05-1938   10-28-2002 Edward Charles Squires  Tressie Julia Williams Divorced Powdrill Erie, Pa.
Strickland, Dena Bernice 05-26-1918  09-30-2002 William Thomas Cobb/Tn  Lula Simpson/Tn Julian     Housewife Oaklawn Memorial Shelby County
Tamplin, Henry W. 02-19-1924  05-19-2002 Levi Tamplin                   Vennie Bailey Louise Carter   Gulf Oil Wimberly Rayborn Huxley, Tx
Taylor, Paul 01-24-1935  -09-04-2002 Jake Taylor/Va            Mary White/Wv Divorced Electrician Patroon Mingo County West. Va.
Templin, Reba Dell 11-14-1910  02-14-2002 Henry T. Conway       Georgia Ritnour Hubbard    Homemaker Ramah Shelby County
Thames, Iris Muriel 09-22-1919  07-07-2002 Samuel Burton Samford  Lurline Lemons Hugh    Homemaker New Hope Shelby County
Thompson, Harold, Jr. 08-12-1956  11-17-2002 Harold Thompson, Sr.  Lillie Roe Townsend Karren     Construction Joaquin Houston, Tx
Thompson, Leonard Max 08-14-1939  09-22-2002 Guy Cecil Thompson   Edna Patterson Judith M.   Boiler Tech. Union Smiley, Tx.
Thompson, Theo "Pat" 03-02-1922  08-11-2002 Roy Thompson       Jennie May Divorced      Truck Driver Old Home Shelby County
Tucker, Damon Lee 06-09-1974  01-19-2002 Tommy Lee Tucker      Jessie Lauigne Single  Electrican Jackson Hearne, Tx
Vallone, Edna Innes 10-08-1916  06-06-2002 Roy Innes                  Addie Johnson Divorced  Homemaker Oaklawn Memorial Shelby County
Verner, Laura Bell Lee 12-01-1940  95-04-2002 Tolllie C. Lee              Willie B. Hogue Lee     Homemaker New Hope Ellis County Tx
Waggoner, Travis Glenn, Jr. 06-14-1919   03-15-2002 Travis Glenn Waggoner                Vada Irene Turner Bonnie Windham  Longshoreman Wilkerson Stamford, Tx
Walker, Luther Jerrell 12-22-1943   02-06-2002 Wayne Lee Walker     Lottie Mae Wilson Susie Donelda Grocery Manager Pine Ridge Joaquin, Tx
Warren, Barbara Jeff Davis 05-18-1918  11-24-2002 T. O. Davis              Ellen Mary Ellington Spencer Warren School Teacher Oaklawn Memorial Center, Tx
Way, Lorene Cobb 08-24-1912  09-19-2002 William Cobb                Lula Simpson Dennis Way  Housewife Ramah Shelby County
Weeks, Joseph Larue 06-28-1920  01-28-2002 James Curtis Weeks     Pearl Davis Dean           Forest Service Holly Springs Shelby County
Whyte, Mary 09-22-1938  10-05-2002 Milton Bertrand, Sr.   Doris Ione Paddock Divorced  Bookkeeper Cremation Denton County
Wilburn, Kenneth Randall 10-02-1960  09-27-2002 Kenneth Maurice Wilburn   Kathryn Sherrod Divorced      Truck Driver West Hamilton Center, Tx
Williams, Sally Adena 12-09-1918  06-04-2002 Everett Youngblood/La  Minnie Haight/Tx Norman  Retired Mt. Herman Shelby Countyu
Wilson, Hilma "Gay" 04-02-1904  10-17-2002 John Ellis Wilson/Tx    Callie Oates/Tx Single    Waitress Lone Cedar Joaquin, Tx
Windham, Mary Irene 06-13-1926  02-03-2002 Tom Williams                            Eur? McCauley Roy   Housewife White Rock Shelby County
Windham, William Jewell 04-16-1950  05-21-2002 Albert Jeff Windham    Sally Edna Duncan Divorced  Credit Manager Duncan Shelbyville, Tx
Wood, Boyce Richard 05-20-1914   02-23-2002 John Lee Wood           Zella Ferguson Florence Gray     Farmer Enterprise Tenaha, Tx