Mangum Funeral Home

This list was transcribed from the files of Mangum Funeral Home for the burial year 1974.  The text has been written just as the recording person wrote them into the register.  Only in a few cases have they been edited and rewritten as they were intended.  Records are sorted into alphabetic sequence for ease of research.  

Special thanks to Leonard Irish for his assistance in transcribing these records.

Name Birthdate  Deathdate Father/Birthplace Mother/Birthplace Spouse Occupation Interment Born
Adams, Emma Jean 03-08-1888 01-12-1974 Alexander Berg   Jannie Welch - Oaklawn Texas
Adams, Gettys 10-28-1890 01-22-1974 Fate Cross            Emily Harris -       Housewife Ramah Panola County Tx
Adams, Inf. Dau. of David & Patricia 02-07-1974 02-07-1974 David Adams       Patricia Hughes Child Truitt Chapel Carthage, Texas
Adams, Lillian Gwendolyn 12-30-1919 05-29-1974 Jeff I. Bridges         Grace Carriker Earl R.  Teacher Oaklawn Center, Texas
Adkison, J. W. 01-02-1951 07-10-1974 Jessie Adkison      Jewell Luman Judy    Logger Mt. Herman Shelby County Tx
Anderson, Joseph Thomas 10-22-1896 11-01-1974 Jim Anderson        Mary Powell Thannie Ret.Farmer Smith Shelby County Tx
Anderson, Wright John 04-01-1890 08-23-1974 Perry Anderson     Rose Wilburn -    Ret.Carpen West Hamilton Shelby County Tx
Andrews, Delia Emma 08-11-1892 04-13-1974 Eziekial Warr     Stacy Patterson -   Housewife Mt. Pleasant Shelby County Tx
Anthony, Minnie Eva 05-17-1888 07-28-1974 John Gilchrist      Nannie Owens -    Ret.Grocer Sardis Shelby County Tx
Bailey, Sallie 06-03-1884 03-04-1974 Thomas Martin     Mary E. Smith - Old Salem San Aug. County Tx
Baker, Charles Ray 09-15-1919 05-14-1974 Dr. Robert Baker Nannie Sikes -            Rest. Mgr. Jackson Panola County Tx
Barnett, Bessie 1925 06-08-1974 - Kenneth      - Jackson -
Bass, Lula 12-21-1914 10-07-1974 Thomas I. Burk     Mary Ellen Wheat -  Contractor Oak Grove, Conv., La Converse, Louisiana
Beavers, Mable M. 11-26-1907 02-18-1974 William Beavers/Ga Ophelia Newberry/G - Din.Rm.Mgr Oaklawn Newton County Tx
Beckham, Susie C. 10-21-1883 01-11-1974 David P. Lawson/Ala Sally E. McKee/Tx - Fairview Shelby County Tx
Bell, George Tribble 11-04-1892 09-26-1974 - -         Cattle Buyer Fairview Shelby County Tx
Bennett, Argie 01-18-1883 10-07-1974 J. F. Grider        Carrie Johnson - Rather Shelby County Tx
Bethel, Benny Allen 05-29-1946 11-11-1974 Jessey Ray Bethel  Eula Sims Sherlon Mechanic Sardis Portales, N.M.
Biggar, Mary K. 01-29-1902 04-15-1974 Jack Kennedy   Minnie Pessara - Ret.Teacher Oaklawn Quintana, Texas
Boles, Gladys 02-26-1899 06-26-1974 Lee Warren           Mae Bridges - Oaklawn Angelina County Tx
Boney, Charles Lane 01-10-1959 05-05-1974 Edward T. Boney, II Ethel Mae Traylor Child Joaquin -
Bounds, Tenie 03-06-1887 09-08-1974 James Mull      Rebecca Dempsey - Short Rome, Georgia
Bowers, James W. 10-03-1901 10-06-1974 Giles Bowers      Clara Brown Willie C.  Retired Brookside, Houston, Texas Panola County Tx
Bowlin, Robert H. 10-16-1918 12-06-1974 Benny Bowlin      Annie Weir Mary F.  Pipe Fitter Tennessee Shelby County Tx
Bradshaw, Henry Bascom 09-21-1892 08-17-1974 Gid Bradshaw     Sally Windham Vic  Ret.Farmer Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Bridges, Jeff I. 12-29-1890 02-28-1974 Alf Bridges          Susie McLemore Grace  Ret.Acct. Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Bridges, Zed 07-22-1885 06-03-1974 Ben Bridges        Louisia Smith Tassie  Ret.Lawyer Newburn Shelby County Tx
Britt, Douglas 08-09-1939 06-15-1974 Warren M. Britt Rosie Turnley Sarah    Welder Beulah Baptist Many, Louisiana
Brittain, Vera 07-24-1904 08-16-1974 Robert G. Green   Evie Sample -    Housewife Fulsom Chapel
Brittnell, Charles Homer 10-14-1885 12-23-1974 John W. Brittnell   Debra White - Old Home Russellville, Alabama
Broadway, William R. 03-25-1896 05-19-1974 Bill Broadway           - - Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Brown, Jane Virginia 12-30-1888 01-01-1974 J. M. Poplin        Mattie Forman - Restland Albermale, N. C.
Buckner, Ivey Lee 12-31-1925 01-19-1974 Lee Buckner       Beular Barlow -    Ret.Serv.M Bucker Shelby County Tx
Burgay, Willie Mae 10-11-1903 09-02-1974 Will Spurlock    Georgia Pate - Powdrill -
Burton, Cynthia May 08-28-1897 08-27-1974 Joseph L. Daugherty Sara Elizabeth Davis - Brookland Shelby County Tx
Bush, Thayan (Jake) 03-20-1919 10-10-1974 Robert Bush       Pearl Samford -  Serv.St.Op. Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Bush, Travis R. 06-29-1912 06-22-1974 W. O. Bush        Beulah Jetton Estelline Ret.Teacher Oaklawn Center, Texas
Campbell, Maybell (Bell) 11-23-1887 11-04-1974 Jim Barlow             Mary Miller - Shelbyville Shelby County Tx
Campbell, Phillip A. 07-21-1917 04-11-1974 - Margaret Signal Oil Sardis Kinnard, Texas
Carpenter, James Audice 11-29-1913 04-23-1974 James R. Carpenter Ora Wiggins -   Ret.Farmer Munnerlyn Shelby County Tx
Carroll, Katherine L. 02-11-1921 12-04-1974 J. A. Sangster             - Everett J.     - Corinth Shelby County Tx
Carson, James M. 03-21-1901 02-22-1974 Xtylander Carson Lula Hambrick Doris Ret.Mercht Fairview Texas
Chevalier, David J.W. 12-17-1942 08-15-1974 J. W. Chevalier      Gay Hanson - Johnson Shelby County Tx
Christian, Joseph Richard (Joe) 05-23-1895 03-02-1974 Jessie W. Christian Dora Story Irene  Ret.Postmas Union Shelby County Tx
Clark, Newton W. 12-23-1881 10-06-1974 Robert Clark              - -  Ret.Grocer Oaklawn Tennessee
Collins, William Floyd 10-20-1900 04-01-1974 Wade Collins      Emma Rooker -  Ret.Logger Johnson Shelby County Tx
Connell, Lular 04-23-1887 05-30-1974 Henry Cockrell       Ena McMillian - Joaquin Panola County Tx
Cook, Marlon 02-21-1908 01-23-1974 John Robert Cook  Bonnie Ellen Lee - Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Corder, Mary Frances 05-20-1879 05-14-1974 Asa Thomas Davis Betty E. Hooper - Ramah Joaquin, Texas
Cordray, Willie W. 10-23-1905 12-26-1974 William Cordray   Bell Gallaty Claudia  Ret.Jus.Pce Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Courtney, Rubin 01-19-1916 02-06-1974 James E. Courtney  Willie Risinger Edith  Electrician Bradley Springs Shelby County Tx
Covington, Sallie 11-07-1885 11-01-1974 Haden Dalby       Sarah Ford - Bethel Harrison County Tx
Crocker, Francis Alvie Radar 04-29-1886 05-19-1974 Albert Fults           Dora A. Reynolds - Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Crocker, Sallie 04-06-1887 06-10-1974 Jim Smith               Lottie Walker -   Housewife New Hope Shelby County Tx
Daniels, Oliver Cecil 08-15-1894 06-22-1974 - Roxie  Ret.Farmer Fairview Upshur County Tx
Davis, Alvin 05-19-1900 05-04-1974 William Edward Davis Bettie Jackson -          Retired Old Union Shelby County Tx
Dean, Essie Mae 04-07-1912 07-22-1974 H. W. Tindol      Minnie Ola Shiver S. L.  Housewife Strong Shelby County Tx
Dockens, Evie 01-09-1895 01-22-1974 Herny Huffman      Emma Treadaway -    Housewife Oaklawn Louisiana
Dockens, William Elvis 09-03-1899 08-27-1974 Jessie F. Dockens  Amanda M. Wheeler Elberta Ret.Carpen White Rock Shelby County Tx
Duke, George David 10-29-1889 05-05-1974 James Camiel Duke Mattie Gordie Ada  Ret.Bro.Pro Oaklawn Georgia
Eakin, Richard Lewis, Jr. 11-22-1915 07-30-1974 Richard Lewis Eakin  - Vivian         - Jackson Shelby County Tx
Eaves, Jessie Warren 07-31-1974 07-31-1974 Jackie Eaves       Jecie Kay Derrick Child Restland Carthage, Texas
Eddins, Clevie 12-26-1898 04-18-1974 Frank Faulk           Mary A. Lemons Robert J. Ret.Teacher New Hope Shelby County Tx
English, Vera Aliene 02-24-1909 03-23-1974 Henry C. Craft     Emily Williams Manuel  Housewife Oaklawn Rosepine, Louisiana
Farrar, W. W. 03-05-1912 06-22-1974 Leonard Farrar  Bernettie Walker Edna W. Ret.Mfg.Eng Mt. Olive Moscow, Texas
Faulk, Jencie E. 02-14-1896 07-06-1974 Lester Jackson      Caline Haight Bill    Housewife New Hope Joaquin, Texas
Faulk, Raymond K. 01-09-1911 08-25-1974 Aubrey Daniel Faulk Gurtrude McKinney Lucille Broiler Gr. Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Fausett, R. B. 01-29-1905 04-04-1974 Rubin B. Fausett    Annis Jetton Fleta   Ret.Farmer New Hope Shelby County Tx
Felker, Maynard Charles 07-22-1930 12-03-1974 Verner W. Felker   Elva Dickerson -    Pur.Agent Oaklawn Hasting, Nebraska
Fields, William Drury 01-18-1893 06-22-1974 Clive Fields          Mollie McKee Mary E. Ret.Co.Trs. Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Fletcher, Steven Glynn 08-26-1954 10-18-1974 H. P. Fletcher     Lucille Myers -  Maint.Dept Old Home Shelby County Tx
Foley, Belar W. 01-21-1910 07-03-1974 Dennis D. Foley   Media Crawford Georgie Whse.Supt. Old TennesseeShelby County Tx Shelby County Tx
Foley, Mattie 09-16-1900 06-06-1974 Cliff Parkman          Lizzie Pou -    Housewife Ramah Shelby County Tx
Fontaine, Thomas Jefferson 10-26-1903 08-19-1974 Charles T. Fontaine Martha O'Neal Lanie  Ret.Mobil Oaklawn Clark County Miss
Ford, Robert Paul 04-24-1911 02-01-1974 Newt Ford           Amanda Humphries -  Ret.Tx.Hwy Shelby County Tx Shelby County Tx
Foster, William Emmitt (Buddy) 10-01-1905 01-01-1974 W. M. Foster     Nora B. Avery Essie  Ref.Mech. Timpson Miss. Bapt. Shelby County Tx
Fountain, Homer L., Jr. 09-21-1945 12-11-1974 Homer L. Fountain Rachel Brown Wanda  Carpenter Old Salem Nacog., Texas
Fountain, Jewell 07-17-1917 12-13-1974 Jim Renfro            Addie Holmes Clarence      - Mt. Herman San Aug. County Tx
Frazier, George Dewey 12-07-1901 12-08-1974 J. T. Frazier           Ludie Spears Hattie    Ret.Butcher Old Tennessee Henderson County Tx
Fults, Eula Cornelia 09-17-1900 02-24-1974 Charlie D. Jordan   Mattie Askew William M. Housewife Thompson Shelby County Tx
Fults, Sallie 10-20-1887 01-08-1974 Aaron Witherspoon  Mary Eaves -    Housewife Powdrill Shelby County Tx
Geno, Lloyd Mathew 11-20-1910 03-01-1974 - - Joaquin Humble, Texas
Godwin, Lillie C. 12-30-1888 12-02-1974 Warren McBrayer   Kathryn Ross - Timpson Miss. Baptist Alabama
Golden, Henrietta 06-29-1892 09-17-1974 Henry Phillips       Betty Henson -   Housewife Old Sardis Nacog. County Tx
Goodwin, Carlton 02-14-1918 02-16-1974 Victor Goodwin  Vessie Cheshire Thelma  Salesman Restland Shelby County Tx
Gray, Otha L. 11-14-1905 09-29-1974 Frances Marion Gray Ella Errington Eva  Ret.Serv.St. East Hamilton Shelby County Tx
Haight, Dewitt 12-06-1914 Charlie Haight       Ditz Childress - North Jericho Shelby County Tx
Hammers, Edwrd F. 04-09-1896 04-30-1974 Calvin Hammers   Texan Koonce Blanch Ret.Sch.Cus Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Hancock, Mary Malissa 03-27-1894 11-22-1974 Samuel J. Hancock  Mary Menville -   Housekeep Willow Grove Houston, Texas
Hanks, William (Bill) -                   02-16-1974 - Jimmie W. Ret.Mort. Fairview -
Haywood, Stella 03-01-1897 05-04-1974 Joe Adkison        Emma King J. W.  Housewife New Hope, Blair, Texas Shelby County Tx
Heisel, Samuel David 01-30-1958 09-08-1974 Edwin Heisel          Helen L. Ramsey School Boy Oaklawn Houston, Texas
Henry, Howard Benjamin 02-15-1924 10-29-1974 James W. Henry    Ester Whisenhunt Helen  Trk.Driver Mitchell, Yellow Pine Center, Texas
Hickman, Ruth 01-01-1894 05-09-1974 Jim Permenter     Susan Lane Walter         - Old Home Shelby County Tx
Higginbotham, Jo Ann (Johnson) 05-12-1928 11-03-1974 H.B.(Butler) Johnson Velma Sanders Guy R.        - Oaklawn Center, Texas
Hill, Jacob (Jake), Sr. 09-22-1894 06-12-1974 - Dorothy Mobil Oil Sealy Public Sealy, Texas
Holloway, John H. 06-08-1920 02-14-1974 Henry C. Holloway Pruie Turner Myrtis Trans.Driver Oaklawn Jones, Louisiana
Holmes, Robert Leonard 02-09-1910 06-13-1974 Sam Holmes          Allie Byrd Corine    Farmer Old Sardis Shelby County Tx
Holt, Waymon Eafron 11-16-1898 12-26-1974 Milton Holt/Tx      Comella Eses/Tx Bertie  Farmer Strong Shelby County Tx
Hooker, Son 11-11-1939 10-18-1974 B. G. Hooker        Nell Lakey Mady          - Restland Nacog., Texas
Horn, John Lafayette 10-25-1880 01-02-1974 Pruitt Horn/Ga         Lizzie Colb/Ga - Fairview Mangum
Hudspeth, Eddie Dewayne 02-17-1972 07-30-1974 Eddie Hudspeth Delores Harris Child Old Sardis Center, Texas
Hughes, Eugene 06-29-1908 12-10-1974 Lon Hughes                - Carolyn       - Short Shelby County Tx
Hughes, James Mathis 06-29-1899 01-20-1974 Buddy Hughes    Roxie Richards Evie             - Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Hughes, Lillie Mae 03-07-1895 04-19-1974 John H. Turner      Bell Fults -      Housewife Short Shelby County Tx
Hughes, Reby 02-08-1907 11-05-1974 Leonard D. Truss  Susan Horton Joe               - Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Hughes, Vause 10-25-1902 09-24-1974 Bart Hughes           Mary Bell Webb Jewell     Rancher Pleasant Grove Shelby County Tx
Hunt, Billy Eugene 01-19-1925 11-10-1974 Arthur E. Hunt    Pellie McLeroy Betty       Lawyer Shiloh Panola County Tx
Hurst, Zack Reeves 02-10-1888 11-02-1974 Cornilles Hurst      Louise Smith -   Ret.Farmer Rather Shelby County Tx
Jackson, Bruce 01-27-1949 07-27-1974 J. O. (Jude) Jackson Joy Hooper Masumi  Derr. Man Jackson Logansport, Louisiana
January, Condy Buford 04-15-1893 02-03-1974 Thomas January     Sara Morris Maud  Ret.Groc.O Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Johnson, Frank 02-18-1898 11-29-1974 Jess Johnson       Pacilla Bess  Ret.AirFor. Oaklawn Oklahoma
Jones, Alton 11-03-1910 04-08-1974 J. D. Jones             Etta Block -    Ret.Farmer Pleasant Grove Shelby County Tx
Jones, James Eldon 12-20-1919 11-26-1974 Sam C. Jones      Paralee Burns -            StoreOwner Grove Hill, Dallas Antioch Com. Tx
Jones, Loy O. 07-20-1911 03-20-1974 Reece Jones            Ida McGowen Marie  Ret.TxElec. New Prospect San Aug. County Tx
Jones, Pauline Harvey 12-06-1914 01-08-1974 Marion Harvey   Bessie Cassell -    Housewife Wimberly Camden, Arkansas
Jones, Stella Parrish 06-16-1895 01-24-1974 Oliver Parrish      Mollie Parkman - Newburn Shelby County Tx
Joplin, Thirza Mae 05-04-1891 07-28-1974 L. B. Caldwell    Caldonia Bagwell -    Housewife Ramah Shelby County Tx
Kelley, Hollis E. 07-20-1935 09-12-1974 George E. Kelley  Eula Mae Kirkland Hollis          - Wimberly Shelbyville, Texas
Kesinger, Letha 06-03-1887 07-07-1974 David Montgomery   - - Douglas, Texas Kaufman County Tx
Langford, William 05-27-1913 11-01-1974 George Langford Mittie Scott Valley  Ret.R.Road Oaklawn San Aug. County Tx
Latham, Agnas 1895  01-28-1974 W. T. Latham      Willie Crawford - Noble, Louisiana Noble, Louisiana
Lattimer, Frances Mahalia Black 02-18-1880 07-01-1974 John B. Black/Ga   Mary Ann Parker/Tx - Truitt Shelby County Tx
Laughlin, Homer J. 09-19-1927 04-29-1974 M. J. Laughlin          Eva Bell Chandler Avis    Rigger,Op Walnut Ridge Arcadia, Louisiana
Lawson, E. H. Hearne 02-09-1889 12-03-1974 William W. Lawson Theodore E. Halbert - Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Lawson, Nora 01-26-1888 06-25-1974 J. W. Williams       Georgia Ann Hatton -    Housewife Antioch Shelby County Tx
Leach, Ed 11-12-1900 07-20-1974 Alec Leach        Mattie Thompson -    Mechanic Antioch, San Aug. Shelby County Tx
Lee, Bessie Mae 01-06-1892 03-24-1974 - - Old Tenaha -
Lee, William Cary 02-15-1895 05-21-1974 Tom Lee               Nancy Starks Ann   Ret.Farmer Oaklawn Conroe, Texas
Livingston, Inf. Son of Mr. & Mrs. James M. 11-18-1974 11-18-1974 J. M. Livingston     Mary Jane Harvey Child White Rock Center, Texas
Lowe, Sally Ann 01-15-1884 01-13-1974 Allen Williams       Effie D. Kirkland -     Housewife Jackson Shelby County Tx
Lucas, Hattie Bell 05-02-1901 11-15-1974 John Elliott          Minnie Turner -     Housewife Caledonia Shelby County Tx
Mahan, Sallie 08-19-1893 11-03-1974 William H. Childs  Jennie Gillispie - Powdrill Shelby County Tx
Martin, Cecil Eugene 04-18-1916 03-12-1974 Walter A. Martin   Ella E. Chandler Jewell United Gas Oaklawn Browndale, Texas
Martin, Frances Dennie 04-20-1923 04-23-1974 Laborn Jolley      Wilma Latimer Garland  Housewife Jackson Shelby County Tx
Martin, Ronald Ralph 01-25-1942 06-15-1974 Ralph Martin          Waldine Coward Carolyn  C.P.A. Oaklawn Runnells County Tx
Mathews, Andrew Raverne 01-22-1909 11-06-1974 Andrew Mathews  Ella Moore -  Ret.Groc.Sa Joaquin Joaquin, Texas
Matthews, Donald Dean 08-07-1960 06-14-1974 Darrell Matthews   Tommy Yates Shool Boy Jackson Center, Texas
May, Orval Thomas (Tommy) 12-30-1950 07-09-1974 Orval May/Tx     Grace Blackwell -   U.S.Navy Joaquin Overton, Rusk Co.Tx
McCauley, Nell Dorthea 11-07-1911 12-10-1974 Jack Childs          Flossy Tefteller J. Floyd Secretary Mt. Pleasant Kansas
McClane, Clinton Henry 08-05-1886 10-09-1974 Henry McClane   Fannie Carson -    Ret.Farmer Sardis Panola County Tx
McDonald, Miria Stephens 12-12-1901 04-02-1974 John Stephens      Willie Ann Bridges - Short Shelby County Tx
McEachern, Henry Archie 08-18-1907 06-02-1974 Archie McEarhern   Clemmie Mary    Ret.Tool Liberty Hill Alabama
McLeod, Lindsey Monroe 02-09-1887 03-30-1974 John McLeod      Sarah Gordon Verna  Ret.CraneO East Hamilton Mississippi
McNeill, Frances 06-06-1893 09-20-1974 Frank M. Tatum    Mollie Robinson - Old Tenaha Natchitoches Louisiana
McSwain, Bonnie (Mack) 10-22-1909 09-22-1974 Lee Fuller             Nora Harrison Cleve Ret.Nurse Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
McSwain, Lisa Ann 07-24-1974 07-24-1974 Warren G. McSwain Billy Rae Davis Child Old Salem Oklahoma
McSwain, Palace 10-05-1896 12-03-1974 Samuel J. Clark          - -     Housewife Old Salem Alabama
Moffett, Ethel 12-13-1884 04-23-1974 W. L. Welch          Sara Odom - Old Wav., New Wav. Union Parrish La.
Morris, Walter Bradley 08-21-1974 10-21-1974 Robert Earl Morris Cynthia Petty Child Old Tennessee Shreveport, Louisiana
Murray, Resa 08-13-1892 10-02-1974 Jack Webb        Martha -      Housewife Pleasant Grove Panola County Tx
Myers, Louie Ida 09-1905 01-12-1974 Perry Sumner             - - Campti Arkansas
Myers, R. T. 01-05-1881 05-21-1974 Thias Myers      Fannie Welch Lonnie  Ret.Farmer Ramah Shelby County Tx
Nichols, Della 05-12-1900 01-14-1974 Dick Goochie     Addie Price Sam C.  Housewife East Hamilton Shelby County Tx
Nichols, Karen Lathaine 07-13-1965 02-07-1974 -                           Billy Nichols -                None East Hamilton Shelby County Tx
Northcut, Johnie Willis 04-04-1904 01-17-1974 Noah O. Thomas/Ala Mary Beckham/Ga J. C.  Ret.SWBell Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Oliver, Thomas Harold 05-17-1949 12-21-1974 A. W. Oliver        Hazel Buckner -   Electrician Buckner Shelby County Tx
Padgett, Chesley 12-31-1898 09-25-1974 Chesley Padgett    Mary Jones Annie  Ret.Supt. New Hope Van Zandt County Tx
Page, Mary Ada 10-14-1887 05-20-1974 Samuel Passmore  Mary Hagler - Antioch, San Aug. Shelby County Tx
Palmer, Martha Elizabeth 12-18-1890 09-22-1974 John Dennis        Amanda Page -     Housewife Wimberly Ardmore, Oklahoma
Parkman, Sam C. 08-31-1907 05-18-1974 Cliff Parkman     Elizabeth Pou Lillie      Paint Cont. Ramah Tenaha, Texas
Parkman, Tom 02-17-1886 09-19-1974 Henry P. Parkman Henrietta Dean -    Ret.Farmer Ramah Shelby County Tx
Payne, Martha Ila 07-13-1888 10-08-1974 Thomas Duncan    Sally Horn - Duncan Shelby County Tx
Peace, James Matt 01-15-1890 06-05-1974 W. H. Peace       Lovie Ritnour Lillie  Ret.Farmer Mt. Herman Shelby County Tx
Permenter, Robert Henry (Bob) 12-14-1888 06-16-1974 J. R. Permenter     Susan Lane - Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Pleasant, Lamar 07-15-1912 09-16-1974 Odis W. Pleasant  Maudie Creech Maxine        - Newburn Shelby County Tx
Pratt, Elisah Monroe 12-03-1912 08-17-1974 Monroe Pratt        Bell Bush -              Seaman Asbury Chapel Shelby County Tx
Presswood, William Elvin 10-09-1909 07-11-1974 - Thelma B. Oil Recov. Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Pyle, Auvis 02-03-1910 10-02-1974 Barnel Pyle          Gwendolyn Shirey -               Clerk Pyle Panola County Tx
Ramsey, Arthur Montgomery 03-24-1889 10-28-1974 Obie Ramsey      Maggie Crawford Anna            - Old Tennessee Shelby County Tx
Ramsey, William Potter (Will) 12-18-1887 07-31-1974 Erv Ramsey            Mary Graves Minnie  Ret.Rancher Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Raymond, Charlie Edward 10-19-1933 02-01-1974 Claymond Raymond  Ozella Anderson Vivian  Pulp.Dealer Pleasant Hill Shelby County Tx
Ready, Donna 12-01-1954 03-20-1974 - - Pleasant Hill -
Richardson, Robert Fisher 12-28-1890 07-27-1974 Fisher Richardson Francis Connell Jennie  Ret.Farmer Joaquin Shelby County Tx
Risinger, William Jordan 03-02-1901 04-10-1974 Jimmie R. Risinger  Cora Wilburn Zelma Mae Ret.Ctr.Ply Patroon Shelby County Tx
Rivers, James F. 10-22-1914 10-27-1974 Benjamin Frank     Nona B. Wilson Irene   Mechanic Converse, Louisiana Shelby County Tx
Roberts, Marcelle N. 08-11-1891 03-20-1974 Marcel Desmoulieres/France  Menard Hendrick Housewife Oaklawn Paris, France
Ross, Emma Olevia 02-07-1898 03-25-1974 Colombus Squyres  Sealy Lynch - Sardis -
Rowe, Henry 01-11-1889 12-19-1974 Joseph Rowe      Finklea Fannie  Ret.StoreO Old Center Panola County Tx
Sablosky, Peter - 06-17-1974 - Lollie Mae   - Oaklawn -
Samford, Allen 02-06-1882 12-20-1974 E. B. (Buck) Samford Lou Thomas - Ramah Shelby County Tx
Samford, Elton V. 03-27-1899 08-11-1974 Virgil Samford  Victoria Faulk Lois  Ret.IceCrm. New Hope Shelby County Tx
Samford, James D. 09-21-1922 08-22-1974 Bibb S. Samford    Nevels Fincher -   Electrician Jasper Mem Park Shelby County Tx
Sample, Annie Mae 08-14-1902 04-30-1974 John Collum          Betty Bolton -     Housewife Wimberly Shelby County Tx
Sells, Velma Vergie 04-28-1907 05-03-1974 George W. Bryant May Evans Osbie A. Housewife Willow Grove Wise County Texas
Sharp, Melinda Kay 10-19-1973 05-11-1974 Jimmy Sharp        Debra Wiggins Child Brooklyn Center, Texas
Shelton, Lizzie 03-07-1907 12-08-1974 Joe Shelton      Minervia McKinney -               None Old Home Kaufman County Tx
Shillings, Isabel 08-01-1894 12-13-1974 Henderson Bell     Amanda Tam Lum   Housewife Sardis Shelby County Tx
Simon, Ona E. 04-15-1899 09-19-1974 Benjamin Alford    Addie Cannon M. B.          - Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Sims, Burt Newton 07-15-1899 12-17-1974 Samuel Sims    Clemtine Golden Ruby  Ret.Rancher Sardis Shelby County Tx
Sims, Jack Rufus 04-02-1907 04-15-1974 Monroe Sims      Maggie Smith Mildred  Ret.BroilerG Oaklawn Louisiana
Singletary, Edna Jodie 06-30-1892 10-13-1974 W. J. Thompson   Augusta G. Waller -    Housewife Willow Grove San Aug. County Tx
Skinner, Una Mae 03-20-1893 11-12-1974 D. W. Tullous       Nancy Lea Arnett -     Housewife Oaklawn Wheelock, Texas
Smith, Barry Wayne 03-19-1965 08-19-1974 Buren Wayne Smith Katherine Nettles Child Oaklawn Harris County Tx
Smith, Billie P. 03-12-1901 12-21-1974 John Paul               Annie Ted              - - Neuville, Texas
Squyres, Lena Mae 12-04-1888 05-23-1974 Elcany Samford    Mollie Holt -     Housewife Asbury Chapel Shelby County Tx
Squyres, Marvin 01-23-1897 08-11-1974 William C.Squyres/La Allie M. Bridges/Ala - Fairview Center, Texas
Stanley, Rudolphus (Doff) 09-19-1890 02-09-1974 Lee L. Stanley       Mary Shivers Mary  Ret.Farmer Pleasant Grove Alabama
Statum, Eugene (J.C.) 05-29-1890 02-12-1974 -                        Josephine Samford Cordia  Ret.Farmer White Rock Shelby County Tx
Swanzy, Mary Addie 01-12-1893 02-08-1974 Levi Garrett        Beulah Netherly William R.   - Truitt Shelby County Tx
Swanzy, Vera 12-30-1897 07-21-1974 Baldie A. Alford   Mary Land -   Ret.Teacher Rather Shelby County Tx
Tenberg, Ruth 04-26-1918 10-22-1974 Lee Warren           Susie Agnes Koonce Carl             - Mt. Herman Shelby County Tx
Thedford, Avie 10-08-1894 09-23-1974 D. Robinson               - -    Housewife Fairview New Or., Louisiana
Thrasher, Thomas Ward 11-17-1896 07-17-1974 John T. Thrasher  Lavinnie Westbrook Maggie  Ret.Grocery Oaklawn Henderson County Tx
Tyer, Vinie 08-16-1895 03-22-1974 Mat Murphy        Ellen Conway -     Housewife White Rock Shelby County Tx
Walker, Kathryn Belle 12-18-1887 01-08-1974 Daniel M. McKnight Octavia C. Hearne - Fairview Shelby County Tx
Walker, Robin Lee 09-26-1913 10-13-1974 Elzie Walker          Sofia A. McGee Vera            - Joaquin Joaquin, Texas
Warr, Lola 11-27-1893 04-14-1974 Tom Hatton           Ada Jary - Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Way, Clyde D. 12-30-1892 01-24-1974 George Way        Amanda Everett Mandy        - Ramay Colquit Co. Georgia
Whitton, James Walter 10-12-1903 09-09-1974 J. E. Whitton      Gertie Patterson Johnny  Ret.BroilerG Sardis Nacog. County Tx
Wigley, J. E. 12-22-1899 10-24-1974 Albert Wigley      Amanda Scott Mildred Ret.Groc. Oaklawn Leon County Texas
Wilburn, Ross Roosevelt 03-03-1908 05-05-1974 Charlton Wilburn Lydia Jane Wilson Dixie L.  Retired Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Williams, Dave 02-20-1885 02-20-1974 Allen Williams/Tx Effie Kirkland -  Ret.Farmer Jackson Shelby County Tx
Williams, Fettie 11-01-1914 10-31-1974 Jack Williams      Jessie Stalling -   Ship.Clerk Jackson Neame, Louisiana
Williams, Mary Etta 04-17-1883 01-22-1974 Charles Bogard    Mary J. Brookshire -    Housewife Old Tenaha Shelby County Tx
Williford, Robert Jewel, Jr. 05-19-1971 11-06-1974 Robert J. Williford  Diann Ross Child Oaklawn Carthage, Texas
Wilson, Ada Lee 03-24-1915 05-14-1974 W. J. Brewster     Mary Ann Barton Marcus  Housewife Willow Grove Sabine Parrish, La
Womack, Marvin Newton 03-01-1892 04-21-1974 L. W. Womack    Susan Butler Rosa L. Ret.Wtr.Wk Restland Wilkes Co. Georgia
Wood, Annie 02-13-1890 12-07-1974 W. H. McNeese/Tx Isabell Sorrell - Sholar Panola County Tx
Wright, Maggie 05-08-1889 05-27-1974 Kaufman Walker   Melisa Covington -  Ret.Laundry Fairview Shelby County Tx