Mangum Funeral Home

This list was transcribed from the files of Mangum Funeral Home for the burial year 1975.  The text has been written just as the recording person wrote them into the register.  Only in a few cases have they been edited and rewritten as they were intended.  Records are sorted into alphabetic sequence for ease of research.  
Special thanks to Leonard Irish for his assistance in transcribing these records.

Name Birthdate  Deathdate Father/Birthplace Mother/Birthplace Spouse Occupation Interment Born
Adams, Bobby Gene, Jr. 01-24-1967 11-21-1975 Bobby Gene Adams Gay Williams - Oaklawn Center, Texas
Alford, Fred Eugene 04-17-1896 05-23-1975 John Alford              Edna Lattimer Clara    Ret.Farmer Jackson Shelby County Tx
Anderson, Nancy Pearline 04-26-1888 03-12-1975 Joseph Wilson      Sallie Owens -     Housewife Salem Shelby County Tx
Askew, Clara Bell 07-07-1917 05-12-1975 Sam Davis            Losie Fowler Jewell   Housewife Fairview Shelby County Tx
Bailey, Wesley Ward 05-06-1908 12-29-1975 Nathan Bailey      Leora Lindsey Evelyn L. Ret.Jus.Pce. New Hope Shelby County Tx
Baldwin, Joseph Carl 11-26-1975 11-27-1975 Mike Baldwin       Joan McSwain Child Woods Center, Texas
Barlow, Grover Cleveland 11-23-1884 04-25-1975 Joseph Barlow      Sarah Hinton Nora  Ret.R.R. Shelbyville Newton County Tx
Barnett, Alvin 04-17-1912 12-25-1975 Eddie Barnett       Maude Sikes Myrtie         - Willow Grove Panola County Tx
Barron, Claude Elmo 11-05-1889 05-25-1975 E. H. Barron          Beulah P. Lee Kate     Building Oaklawn Panola County Tx
Bass, Clarence 12-14-1907 09-11-1975 Robert Bass          Mary E. Campbell Fay  Ret.Broiler Sholar Nacog. County Tx
Bazer, Joe Alton 07-16-1903 03-17-1975 Edgar Bazer          Annie Leslie -   Ret.Farmer Friendship, Grande C. Louisiana
Belsha, Mable 12-30-1908 06-14-1975 Ellis Hall                   Ida Rhodes Rufus   Housewife Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Belsha, Tommy Ray 03-20-1953 03-15-1975 Earl Belsha            Ruby Pate -             Truck Driv. New Hope Center, Texas
Bentley, Eula Mae 09-04-1909 06-23-1975 Jeff Parker              Sally -     Housewife Black Jack Nacog. County Tx
Bethel, Eula 03-04-1908 09-26-1975 George Sims     Nancy Mooney Ray    Housewife Sardis Nacog. County Tx
Boles, Mrs. Cecil 01-06-1898 09-13-1975 - - Buckner Shelby County Tx
Borders, Elsie Mae 05-14-1902 05-04-1975 Will George             Ola Cooper E. L.            - Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Boyd, Isla 01-02-1888 02-23-1975 Butler Splawn       Collins - Oaklawn Wise County Texas
Bridges, Cora Mae 06-01-1917 01-26-1975 A. E. Schillings      Mary Hughes Joseph G.  Housewife Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Brister, Zeffie 06-24-1905 10-11-1975 Tom Springer    Florence Straham - Oaklawn Nacog. County Tx
Broadway, May Zell 03-10-1910 03-31-1975 Willie E. Barton     Emma Barton John Henry  Housewife Ramah Shelby County Tx
Brown, Lena 02-13-1905 01-28-1975 William P. Harvey    Lula Daw J. T.             - Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Brown, William Bennie 03-16-1890 08-24-1975 Huey A. Brown    Sally Blackburn Jewel   Trk.Cont. South Park, Pearland Angelina County Tx
Buckner, Beulah 08-15-1892 12-16-1975 William Potts           Lou Sinclair - Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Burgess, Olon B. 10-31-1909 03-11-1975 Dallas Burgess   Nettie May Adams Lizzie M.  Ret.Mech. Johnson Shelby County Tx
Burns, Harry Hall 08-15-1891 11-14-1975 Dr. J. W. Burns    Lucy Ann Armstrong -       Ret.City Jdg Fairview Tenaha, Texas
Busch, Charlie J. 01-29-1895 02-21-1975 Charlie J. Busch   Catherine Gossard Myrtle   Retired Truitt Leper, Missouri
Byrd, Earnest 08-20-1935 03-20-1975 Marion D. Byrd   Mollie Ann Broadway Sylvia  Const.Wkr. Ramah Shelby County Tx
Cain, Alice 10-10-1910 11-21-1975 Felix Willburn       Rosa Eddins - Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Cannon, Morris Sheppard 09-18-1919 09-17-1975 W. G. Cannon    Olivia Nan Lester Lucie  Security Gd. Rather Shelby County Tx
Carroll, Johnny Mack 08-23-1951 12-23-1975 Felix Carroll              Ora Lea Chambliss Susan  Hallib.Oil Strong Shelby County Tx
Chambliss, Robert Marion 07-28-1895 09-05-1975 Marion Chambliss   Laura Shomire Nettie  Ret.Carpen. Strong Shelby County Tx
Chandler, Ed. H. 04-20-1899 06-04-1975 Joe Chandler     Cassie Stephens Grace          - McClelland Shelby County Tx
Chandler, Newton Edward 12-25-1918 03-15-1975 Edsel Chandler      Hattie Bell Elliott Rosa Lee Ret.Maint. Caladonia Shelby County Tx
Choate, Auvie Bob 01-26-1917 02-14-1975 Walker Choate   Minnie Luman Fannie     Farmer Old Salem Shelby County Tx
Choron, Lee 12-28-1881 10-17-1975 Tillman P. Choron   Mary Ott - Oaklawn Sabine Parish La
Cockrell, Ernest 05-18-1900 01-19-1975 Peter Cockrell      Martha Pyle Johnnie   Ret.Farmer Sholar Shelby County Tx
Conway, Tula Bell 04-04-1890 12-21-1975 H. C. Adams       Jeannie Crea Pugh - Oaklawn Mansfield, Louisiana
Cooley, Ivory Jane 05-10-1903 12-29-1975 A. T. Smith          Louise E. Neal -     Housewife Galletly Burrs Ferry, Louisiana
Cosby, Thomas E. 07-25-1901 05-20-1975 Thomas B. Cosby     Fry Helen  Ret.Elect. Oaklawn Alabama
Crawford, Bonnie Belle 09-09-1907 09-13-1975 Ed Childress       Bobbie Moody E. B.            - Jackson Shelby County Tx
Cruse, Stella 02-14-1906 12-11-1975 John Tyler              Anna Metcalf - Holly Springs Shelby County Tx
Culberson, Chester Sammy 09-29-1918 10-03-1975 Thomas Culberson  Laura Lee Williams Margaret  Auto Body Johnson Shelby County Tx
Davis, Lillie Mae 05-17-1899 10-13-1975 Ben Jordan           Sarah Goodwyn -     Housewife Newburn Shelby County Tx
Dean, Juanita 1912 03-06-1975 - R. M.          - Oaklawn -
Dearing, Ovada 10-25-1925 12-28-1975 Robert J. Baggett   Willie Murphy Milton J.      - White Rock Shelby County Tx
DeFriend, Roger 07-17-1926 06-13-1975 Eddie DeFriend     Dora Murphy Ruth  Ret.GlassW. Johnson Shelby County Tx
Diamond, Robert Henry 02-26-1975 05-01-1917 William Diamond   Ollie Dovie Kolb Florence D. Trk.Driver Duncan Shelby County Tx
Dickinson, Evie 02-20-1891 09-24-1975 Naopleon Cannon   Louise Johnson - Cannon Shelby County Tx
Doggett, J. T. 08-22-1908 11-06-1975 Charlie Doggett    Betty Howard Norma Lee  Welder Shelbyville Shelby County Tx
Doster, James Herschel 07-04-1921 12-05-1975 J. O. Doster           Ethel Wicker Edith        Carpenter Newburn Shelby County Tx
Eddins, Mattie L. 12-29-1889 07-30-1975 Jack Lout              Kate Barbe -    Housewife Rather Shelby County Tx
Ellis, Audrey 09-11-1897 03-12-1975 Matthew Eugene Cole Susan Ella Rushing N. P.            - Joaquin Shelby County Tx
Emmons, Jessie Inonia 10-14-1890 07-26-1975 George Mallory    Lillie Harralson -    Housewife Johnson Shelby County Tx
Eppes, Lucile Jordan 04-24-1889 05-25-1975 Spart F. Jordan     Anna M. Neuville - Neuville Family Shelby County Tx
Estess, Martha Clark 12-29-1881 07-26-1975 Joshua Page        Ashley -     Housewife New Prospect Shelby County Tx
Fancher, Luvina 06-23-1891 07-11-1975 Sam Mahan            Sarah Burgess -     Housewife White Rock San Aug. County Tx
Faulk, Aubrey Daniel (A.D.) 12-29-1921 08-20-1975 Aubrey D. Faulk  Gertrude McKinney Louise    Barber Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Faulk, William C. (Bill) 10-26-1892 02-18-1975 Talton Faulk          Mary Ann Fleming -  Ret.Serv.St. New Hope Shelby County Tx
Fears, Julia Downs 04-19-1898 08-27-1975 John L. Downs  Georgia Baldwin - Restland Corsicana, Texas
Fittz, Charles Douglas (Doug) 01-01-1888 09-15-1975 Louie Walter Fittz   Emma Curry - Wimberly Louisiana
Fomby, Shellie 01-17-1915 03-09-1975 L. D. Fomby          Rena Andrews Emma  Ret.TexEast Snell, Hooper Ar Arkansas
Fults, Jewel Dewitt 09-23-1908 04-17-1975 Wm. M. Fults     Elizabeth Samford Odell   Ret.Trk.Dr. Mt. Herman Shelby County Tx
Fults, Noah 12-02-1907 09-30-1975 Eli Fults                Sally Wilkerson -   Ret.Carpen. Powdrill Shelby County Tx
Galindo, Manuel Garcia 01-10-1915 01-07-1975 Pedro Galindo       Maria Garcia -  Fact.Mach. Ramondville Texas Nuevo Leon, Mexico
Gary, Fannie Maud 03-07-1898 03-20-1975 John N. McClure    Julia - Mt. Bethel Georgia
Goggins, Arnold Elmo 06-27-1916 09-20-1975 William Goggins        - -       Trk.Driver Old Tenaha Cabin Creek Arkansas
Golden, Robert H. 02-22-1884 05-06-1975 Will Golden            Jeannie Hudson -   Ret.Farmer Fulsom Chapel Shelby County Tx
Goodman, Jim Fate 06-16-1892 07-23-1975 John Goodman   Matilda Graham Carrie  Ret.Taxi Dr. Oaklawn Nacog. County Tx
Green, Lizina 03-05-1905 03-15-1975 Joseph Wilson       Sara Owens - Pleasant Grove Shelby County Tx
Gunnels, Dalhia R. 09-14-1909 01-17-1975 Jim Garner                 - E. C.  Ret.Store O Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Hagler, Alice Eudora 08-08-1891 07-05-1975 William J. Creech  Louise Cochran -    Housewife Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Haight, Charlie 04-21-1921 06-23-1975 Tom Haight          Roxie McCann Lottie  Ret.Hvy.Eq. Old Home Shelby County Tx
Haley, Jess J. 11-16-1893 04-14-1975 Abe Haley        Cynthia Scruggs Lucille  Ret.Hotel.O Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Haley, Lucille 11-16-1898 11-28-1975 Robert F. Swanzy  Annie Allen -            Retired Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Haley, Willie Fay 09-19-1913 02-03-1975 Alexander Mayberry Kate Mings E. D.            - Oaklawn Upshur County Tx
Hamlin, Cathy Lynn 04-22-1974 04-22-1974 James Hamlin       Cathy Lee Rhame Child Sardis Longview, Texas
Hanson, George W. (Billy) 02-10-1898 02-22-1975 Belton Hanson       Emma Strong Katie Lee Ret.Broiler Jackson Shelby County Tx
Harbison, Leon 11-22-1913 04-29-1975 Charles Harbison     Willie Jasper Vallie     Farmer Oaklawn Bronson, Texas
Hardin, Georgia Bell 11-10-1898 07-15-1975 William Risinger    Lethia Ham - Old Tennessee Shelby County Tx
Hardy, Samuel Joe 10-28-1899 02-09-1975 -                           Pearl Cassie  Groc.&Mec Oaklawn San Aug. County Tx
Hatfield, James K. 05-06-1967 03-19-1975 Guy E. Hatfield      Majors Child Ramah -
Heisel, Walter Donald 04-24-1954 04-26-1975 Edwin D. Heisel   Helen L. Ramsey -  Const.Tm.K Oaklawn Howard County Tx
Hendrick, George Elzie 10-07-1902 03-15-1975 Walter Hendrick   Samanthia Renfro Susie  Ret.Farmer White Rock Shelby County Tx
Hill, Coyle Brice, Sr. 03-03-1903 10-21-1975 Jessie Hill                Emma Pigg Cecil Gay  Cabinet Mkr Smith Cotton Valley, La
Hodges, Andrea Jacqueline 10-22-1928 03-23-1975 A. J. Thornell       Lillie Mae Akin William A.   - Oaklawn South Texas
Hogan, James Floyd 04-29-1896 12-25-1975 John I. Hogan       Lou Ella Gill Annie          - Jackson Liberty Co. Mississippi
Holt, Ferman Dillard 06-27-1922 09-23-1975 William Holt     Adelle Nail Mary K. Pipe Fitter Fairview Shelby County Tx
Holt, Lillian Parrish 01-21-1883 05-16-1975 Issiah O. Parker   Elizabeth Ann Yeary - Tenaha Shelby County Tx
Holt, Willie Clayton 04-13-1913 06-06-1975 Clayton Holt       Dolasta Adams Laverne  Maintenance Fairview Shelby County Tx
Hooper, James Sterman 08-09-1900 10-25-1975 P. L. Hooper        Rita Hughes Clio              - Pleasant Grove Shelby County Tx
Hooper, Raymond Deavon 06-17-1955 07-14-1975 Paul Hooper          Henry Fay Bush - White Rock Shelby County Tx
Howard, Warren C. 07-15-1911 04-06-1975 James S. Howard Lena Fowler -                None Shelbyville Shelby County Tx
Hughes, Amos Dolphus 06-04-1895 12-08-1975 Robert Crit Hughes Emma Holt -        Ret.Oil Wk. Short Shelby County Tx
Hughes, Floyd Burton 11-23-1901 05-25-1975 Ed Martin              Della Bailey Elzie E.        - Fairview Shelby County Tx
Hughes, William Wyatt 08-23-1917 02-06-1975 Marion D. Hughes  Mary Oates -  Boilermaker Lone Cedar Shelby County Tx
Hutto, Solomon James (Sollie) 03-03-1895 03-07-1975 Rhame Hutto           Ida Williams - Newburn Shelby County Tx
Ihlo, William 08-27-1890 04-26-1975 Wilhelm Ihlo         Katherina Cordts Jennie Mae Ret.Carpen. Old Fellows Carthage Bremen, Germany
Jackson, Bobby Waymon 07-08-1973 04-24-1975 W. H. Jackson, Sr. Viola Deason -    Carpenter Lone Cedar Shelbyville, Texas
Jarvis, Etta 10-07-1889 01-06-1975 John Hill                Mattie Byrd -     Housewife Ch. of Chr. Cemetery Ashley Co. Arkansas
Johnson, Charles Ray 05-20-1928 02-15-1975 Rev. Frank Johnson Minnie Creech -  Dep.Sheriff McClelland Shelby County Tx
Johnson, Johnny Willie 09-08-1909 10-21-1975 W. M. Johnson     Minta Hallmark Mable  Heavy Equ. Oaklawn Angelina County Tx
Jolley, Annie Bell 07-27-1893 05-13-1975 David Risinger   Margaret Risinger -    Housewife Restland Shelby County Tx
Jones, Pleasant Dalton 01-08-1882 04-09-1975 Pleasant Louis Jones Nancy Ann Watkins -   Ret.Banker Oaklawn Center, Texas
Jordan, Lucy 03-03-1895 04-20-1975 Manuel A. Rivers   Maggie McGee - Ramah Shelby County Tx
Langley, Ray 04-09-1915 07-09-1975 William E. Langley   Lou Ann Brown Thelma  Boilermaker Oaklawn Panola County Tx
Latham, Ada 09-20-1886 06-30-1975 Billy Blackstock    Sally Hodges -    Housewife Duncan Shelby County Tx
Latham, William Price 06-05-1915 07-07-1975 William P. Latham  Annie Brittain -  Ret.Nt.Wat. Latham Center, Texas
Latimer, Ila Mae 06-27-1900 07-19-1975 William P. Halliburton Kelley Mahan Eugene Ant.Dealer Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Lettett, Cannie 12-10-1896 04-01-1975 Jessie Taylor       Stellar Brown - Jackson Shelby County Tx
Lewis, Clifford B. (Jack) 09-02-1919 08-14-1975 H. B. Lewis            Lula Rhame Wilda   Contractor Jackson Joaquin, Texas
Livingston, Thurman Paschall 02-05-1937 07-14-1975 W. T. Livingston    Lois Samford Barbara P. Bldg. Cont. Trippe Shelby County Tx
Lout, Charlie C. 10-02-1899 05-15-1975 Ben Lout           Eglentine Goodwyn Dollie  Ret.Broiler Rather Shelby County Tx
Lucas, Alex Merrill 02-21-1901 01-18-1975 John Lucas            Betty Murray Linnie     Ret.Hgh.De Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Marshall, Gertye 09-10-1898 03-15-1975 Dave Hurst             Lula Duke Grady   Housewife Ramah Shelby County Tx
Matthews, William H. 1883  04-22-1975 - -   Ret.Driller Restland Rosewood, Texas
McClane, Isabell 09-25-1900 11-26-1975 Edmon Beebe     Celia Dillon Emmitt  Housewife Oaklawn Boyce, Louisiana
McDaniel, Crawford W. 06-10-1891 09-23-1975 - Beulah  Ret.Farmer Ramah Panola County Tx
McKee, Percy Orr 02-15-1897 08-17-1975 Sam McKee            Ada Carroll Clara  Ret.Pipe Ft. Green Lawn LakeView Shelby County Tx
McNeese, Oma 01-17-1902 01-16-1975 Q. M. O'Rear       Nety M. Morris W. H.         - Wimberly Shelby County Tx
McSwain, Becky Jean 03-21-1938 09-16-1975 Jess Luman          Frances Warr Joe    Housewife Mt. Herman Center, Texas
McSwain, Cleve 04-04-1905 01-26-1975 Henry McSwain    Onnie Bailey -      Ret.Pipe Ft. Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
McSwain, Elzie Leo 05-17-1887 07-02-1975 Allen McSwain  Savannah Murdock Ada  Ret.Farmer Mt. Hermon Shelby County Tx
Menefee, Don Martin 07-18-1925 12-20-1975 George Menefee   Mittie Hayes - Fairview Shelby County Tx
Miller, Ona 02-18-1898 07-03-1975 G. W. Heath       Eveline Bates - Pinecrest Mena, Arkansas
Mims, Blanche Cammack 06-06-1894 10-23-1975 Will H. Cammack   Mae E. Grace -    Housewife Old Center Paxton, Texas
Moore, Monroe Ivey 10-27-1895 08-03-1975 Jim Moore          Nannie Williams Myrtle  Ret.Nt.Wat. Mt. Olive Shelby County Tx
Morris, Robert Earl (Bo Jack) 04-03-1946 08-23-1975 C. D. Morris      Mavouryne Grace Cynthia  Heavy Equip Old Tennessee Shelby County Tx
Munnerlyn, Benjamin H. 06-05-1907 10-11-1975 Benjamin Munnerlyn Mary Eugene Miller Blanche  Ref.Mech. Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Myrick, Ralph W. 01-27-1903 11-07-1975 John James Myrick Mattie Jernigan -   Ret.Painter White Rock Troy, Alabama
Nail, James E. 07-06-1915 06-18-1975 Amos Nail             Emma Nutt -        Butane Deal Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Nettles, Clyde Eugene 06-22-1904 05-16-1975 Benjamin C. Nettles Fannie Tracy -       Jeweler Cedarvale, Bay City Tx Bay City, Texas
Nixon, Melvin Eugene 08-25-1926 08-18-1975 Eugene Nixon        Ozie Scipper Mary  Weld.Sup. Jackson Carlton, Georgia
Oliver, Minnie Ora 06-14-1907 02-09-1975 G. W. Permenter    Nora E. Oates -            Retired Lone Cedar Shelby County Tx
Oliver, Phines Selmer 07-09-1896 02-19-1975 Hez Oliver             Ellen Luman Minnie  Ret.Farmer Black Jack Nacog. County Tx
Oswalt, Jewell Odessa 04-05-1899 04-14-1975 Silas M. Dockens  Mary E. Beasley -               None Strong Texas
Parker, Jerry Austin 04-27-1958 07-19-1975 James N. Parker   Barbara Walker -         Parker Mtr. Willow Grove Center, Texas
Parkman, Mamie Ruth 05-16-1901 10-25-1975 Grace Hill           Laura Williams Howard      - Ramah Panola County Tx
Parrott, Nora Diamond 10-09-1902 12-11-1975 Amos Nail               Mary Emma Nutt -     Ret.Sales Fairview Shelby County Tx
Pate, Jesse Osby 12-25-1900 10-07-1975 Robert Pate      Elizabeth Dockens Evilla   Rancher Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Payne, A. J. (Jimmy) 03-02-1896 11-19-1975 Ches Payne          Molly Wilburn Coy   Ret.Grocer Fairview Shelby County Tx
Peddy, Ollie 01-12-1892 03-10-1975 W. T. Pou            Mollie Grace - Ramah Shelby County Tx
Pigg, Eddie Almon 07-18-1920 04-23-1975 William Pigg            Alma Cooper Evelyn    Welder Sardis Shelby County Tx
Poole, Ada Terry 07-22-1905 10-03-1975 James M. Terry/La Frances E. James/Tx -            Retired ForrestPark Shreve. La Marshall, Texas
Prudhomme, Irene 03-04-1901 06-01-1975 Charles M. Wollen  Carry Mae Wright -    Housewife Mt. Zion, Panola Co Fairfield, Illinois
Pugh, John M. 02-23-1887 07-19-1975 Jerry Pugh             Allie Jones Leona   Ret.Parmer Pine Ridge Desota Parrish La
Ramsey, Anna 07-07-1891 09-01-1975 J. B. Woodfin   Docia Bowlin - Old Tennessee Shelby County Tx
Ramsey, Otha Allen 08-20-1893 12-03-1975 Charles L. Ramsey  Nannie Crawford Era   Ret.Un.Gas Old Tennessee Shelby County Tx
Reynolds, Hazel Pauline 01-17-1917 07-28-1975 - Johnny M.   - McClelland -
Risinger, Cora 05-01-1883 09-09-1975 Will Wilburn        Amanda Roberts - West Hamilton Shelby County Tx
Rivers, Benjamin Franklin 01-30-1894 03-28-1975 F. L. Rivers          Stacy Hooper Ruth      Ret.Carpen. Old Home Shelby County Tx
Rivers, Noble Walton 07-17-1898 12-19-1975 Lafatte Rivers      Stacy Hooper -   Ret.Nur.Ow Joaquin Shelby County Tx
Rodgers, Clara 06-23-1908 11-08-1975 Frank McAdams    Mary Baldwin J. Paul         - Oaklawn Walker County Tx
Samford, Emma 10-16-1886 08-18-1975 - - Sandhill -
Sample, Travis Monroe 05-29-1921 09-07-1975 Malcolm M. Sample Annie May Collum Avis             - Wimberly Shelby County Tx
Shadix, Lacey Frank 03-24-1899 08-19-1975 Clem Shadix       Laura Field Bereniece Ret.Tx.Emp Fairview Leon County Texas
Shull, Edward Lee (Brown) 10-01-1907 06-28-1975 W. H. Shull       Frances Buckley Sallie  Ret.U.S.For Strong Shelby County Tx
Singletary, Marshall S. 10-04-1898 07-06-1975 Nether T. Singletary Cecily Booty -   Ret.Farmer Oaklawn Vals Mills, Louisiana
Smith, Jake 05-09-1907 08-24-1975 Tol. T. Smith         Lucille Parker - Fairview Shelby County Tx
Smith, Leroy 08-29-1920 04-03-1975 Jim Smith               Lula Boon Gladys N. Ret.Army Oaklawn Brookhaven, Mississippi
Smith, Weldon Wade 10-10-1909 03-06-1975 Sam Houston Smith  Jennie E. Sanford -  Ret.Trk.Dr. Restland Shelby County Tx
Snider, Bobbie 10-24-1951 09-08-1975 -                           Sadie Baker Jerry            - Adams Carthage, Texas
Spann, James E. (Buck) 08-06-1921 10-18-1975 Flint Spann           Minnie Gamble Nancy  Mechanic Spanns Chapel Shelby County Tx
Stanley, William Henry 03-22-1896 11-08-1975 Willis W. Stanley   Mattie Borders -    Ret.Farmer Borders Shelby County Tx
Strickland, Neva Belle 06-19-1924 11-16-1975 A. R. Blackshire  Ninnie Weatherford Ray   Housewife Ramah Haslam, Texas
Strong, E. C. 11-05-1893 06-27-1975 Thomas H. Strong  Alice Vaughn Mae  Ret.St.Own Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Swanzy, William Roger (Dutch) 12-25-1889 06-05-1975 John R. Swanzy     Jane Harkness -  Ret.Lawman Truitt Shelby County Tx
Tarter, Mabel Laura 03-21-1889 10-27-1975 W. W. Wood       Josephine - Spokane, Wash. Spokane, Washington
Taylor, Mary Jane 12-17-1891 06-17-1975 A. J. Daniels        Mary E. Johnson Jim C.  Housewife Johnson Shelby County Tx
Taylor, Thomas Ohran (Jack) 11-03-1916 07-25-1975 James M. Taylor    Alma Lydia Lane Doris        Ret. Navy Jackson Shelby County Tx
Thomas, Ellis 09-01-1907 02-03-1975 John Phillip Thomas Mary Frances Ford Esther R. Ret.Penzoil Lone Cedar Many, Louisiana
Thorn, Willie 08-08-1902 12-31-1975 Ben Thorn             Cora Palmer -            Retired Wimberly Shelby County Tx
Topping, James W. 03-15-1897 03-31-1975 - Gay F.        - Joaquin -
Vickery, Jack 01-21-1918 02-01-1975 D. A. Vickery     Laura Parkman Avis  Electrician Ramah Shelby County Tx
Wagstaff, Lacy 10-19-1911 01-21-1975 Bert Wagstaff      Carrie Johnson Frances       - Sholar Shelby County Tx
Walker, Lurline 06-13-1908 09-08-1975 Joe Adams           Berta Adams - Restland Shelby County Tx
Walker, Nancy 10-27-1893 12-04-1975 John Dunn           Malinda Bynum - Oaklawn Angelina County Tx
Wall, William Harold 05-10-1936 07-28-1975 Herman Wall   Maurine Wilburn - Jackson Shelby County Tx
Way, Dennis Lee 03-20-1913 09-04-1975 Clyde Way           Ethel Rogers Lorene Ret.Painter Ramah Rusk County Texas
Weaver, Stella 10-21-1895 12-29-1975 Andrew Scruggs/Ms Ella Walker/Miss - Fairview Greenwood, Mississippi
Welch, Irma 06-22-1889 03-08-1975 David Lyles      Adaline Fish - Oaklawn Calcasieu Parrish La
Wheeler, Joe Chandler 04-25-1902 10-26-1975 Dr. J. Pat Wheeler  Nannie Ross -  Ret.AirFor. Oaklawn Martinsville, Texas
Wilder, Doris 02-05-1914 08-17-1975 George S. Fleming  Mattie Bullard - Pleasant Grove Shelby County Tx
Williams, Joseph Hooker 09-05-1917 02-03-1975 J. J. Williams           Mary Etta Bogard -              Rancher Old Tenaha Tenaha, Texas
Williams, Marshall Clinton (Bill) 08-19-1913 01-31-1975 J. S. Williams         Lillie Mae Lewis Mildred  Rancher Jackson Shelby County Tx
Williamson, Jessie C. 10-13-1904 12-24-1975 Jessie Williamson   Willie -  Ret.IronWk - -
Williamson, Jessie Coleman 10-13-1904 12-24-1975 Jessie Williamson  Willie Carpenter Maurine  Ret.Mach. Jackson Shelby County Tx
Willis, Bruce 09-17-1912 02-14-1975 Carl Willis              Alta Atkins - Fairview Shelby County Tx
Willoughby, Captola 11-03-1902 07-03-1975 Marshall Pigg       Carrie Armstreet -         Broiler Ind. Sardis Shelby County Tx
Wilson, Adah Louvenia 10-11-1894 11-20-1975 Stephen Neuville    Nora Bell Roy        Ret. RNurse Neuville Neuville, Texas
Wilson, Buford 09-29-1901 07-30-1975 Ellis Wilson           Callie Oates Syble  Ret.Bs.Rep. Lone Cedar Shelby County Tx
Wilson, Hester 05-27-1890 11-14-1975 Robert Spann   Mandy Jane Leach -    Housewife Center Ridge Shelby County Tx
Wilson, Ronnie Carroll 01-05-1959 12-07-1975 Marcy Carroll Wilson Barbara Peace - Wimberly Shelby County Tx
Wilson, Wallace Lee 12-08-1946 09-23-1975 R. L. Wilson        Edith Drye -   Const.Wkr. New Hope Center, Texas
Windham, Chesley Albert 12-12-1887 06-30-1975 Ples Windham       Kitty DeFee Allie E.  Ret.Farmer Fulsom Chapel Shelby County Tx
Womack, Terrie Fern 09-07-1960 05-25-1975 Joe Dan Wommack  Wandell Conner School Girl Restland Panola County
Worsham, Esker 10-21-1915 07-30-1975 Clymon Worsham   Lottie Mays Gladys      Retired Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Youngblood, Elmer Percy 05-01-1919 06-18-1975 William Youngblood Neoma Sussum Rosaline  Am.Can Corinth Panola County Tx