Mangum Funeral Home

This list was transcribed from the files of Mangum Funeral Home for the burial year 1976.  The text has been written just as the recording person wrote them into the register.  Only in a few cases have they been edited and rewritten as they were intended.  Records are sorted into alphabetic sequence for ease of research.  
Special thanks to Leonard Irish for his assistance in transcribing these records.

Name Birthdate  Deathdate Father/Birthplace Mother/Birthplace Spouse Occupation Interment Born
Allen, Bryan Gale 12-31-1956 07-29-1976 Walter Allen        Adelle DeMent Jo Beth  Const.Wkr. Oaklawn Center, Texas
Bailey, John Harvey 12-22-1890 12-27-1976 Green Berry Bailey  Deannie Hughes Odie  Ret.Farmer White Rock Shelby County Tx
Baker, Ernest 06-17-1976 08-03-1906 Charlie Baker       Minnie Spears Maudie M. Retired Jackson Shelby County Tx
Baker, Frances Patricia 11-23-1937 02-22-1976 George W. Jones     Alice J. Padgett Hubert        - Strong Washington, D.C.
Bakos, Stephen 09-12-1903 05-06-1976 John Bakos       Elizabeth Hudock Daisy P. Ret.Const. Oaklawn Ohio
Banes, Pearlie Lavonia 02-18-1913 06-24-1976 W. A. Rice             Ola Partin Elmer G.     - Shelbyville Blout County Alabama
Barton, Dewey Elton 04-02-1925 12-29-1976 J. S. Barton          Clara Roe Helen  Ret.Trk.Dr. Old Home Shelby County Tx
Beck, Robert Leroy 05-29-1905 08-23-1976 Hugh Beck             Lucy Cobb Maggie  Ret.Rancher Campti Shelby County Tx
Bennefield, Mattie Sanders 08-05-1884 01-11-1976 George Oliver       Mary Jones - Myrtle Springs Sabine County Tx
Blackmon, Jack W. 02-14-1904 06-06-1976 John Webb Blackmon Becky McGee Audrey  Proc.Plt. Rather Shelby County Tx
Bonner, Rufus Burleson 12-22-1882 10-13-1976 Andrew J. Bonner   Mary Jane Hooper Alma   Ret.Farmer Lone Cedar Shelby County Tx
Booth, Annie Della Wheeler 01-26-1887 09-05-1976 John Wesley Wheeler Ann Billingsley Edwin         - White Rock Shelby County Tx
Bowden, Mable C. 08-12-1900 09-03-1976 Georghe King         Josephine C. Fridell -     Housewife Ramah Shelby County Tx
Bowlin, Benjamin Morris, Sr. 05-08-1913 10-04-1976 Sol Bowlin              Lillie Morris Elsie    Ret.City Mr Old Tennessee Tenaha, Texas
Bradham, Alfred Lee 05-03-1894 09-05-1976 Ed Bradham           Jennie Bell -      Ret.Pipe Ln Ramah Shelby County Tx
Bradham, Mrs. Bennie Lee 01-07-1899 07-27-1976 Will Cammack        Mae E. Grace Alfred    Housewife Ramah Shelby County Tx
Bradshaw, Ira 08-30-1915 05-01-1976 Ben Bradshaw       Clem. E. Williams Annie B.  Trucker Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Bradshaw, John Webster 03-22-1905 04-16-1976 Ben Bradshaw       Clem E. Williams Essie    Ret.Farmer Short Shelby County Tx
Brimer, Harvey Joe 03-01-1937 09-23-1976 Earl Brimer          Margaret Jones Virginia I.    - Melrose Texas
Brittain, Arlie P. 02-16-1936 03-11-1976 Price Permenter      Ray Edna Snyder Davis          - Strong Shelby County Tx
Brittain, Ida 09-27-1886 06-27-1976 Hilliard Sapp        Annie Wilson -     Housewife Blair Shelby County Tx
Buckheart, Wallace Buford 09-07-1924 08-16-1976 Lemon Burkheart/Ar  - -    Ret.Police - Clay County Arkansas
Burns, Jean H. 01-23-1928 07-12-1976 Euell Hopkins       Viola Burns Richard  Ret.Teacher Mt. Herman Shelby County Tx
Burns, Richard 09-22-1951 02-14-1976 Richard H. Burns Jean Hopkins - Mt. Herman El Dorado, Arkansas
Bush, Robert S. 08-20-1895 01-31-1976 John C. Bush     Tennessee Fults -       Ret.Pipe Ftr Asbury, Chapel Shelby County Tx
Bush, Ronnie Glenn 01-31-1950 06-11-1976 S. E. Bush             Willie Mae Kimbro -          Truck Drv. Mt. Herman Center, Texas
Bush, Willie 06-18-1890 03-10-1976 Joe Lout               Effie Goodwin - Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Byrd, Marion Dunigan 08-08-1899 04-09-1976 Wash Byrd            Lizzie Hughes -     Ret.Farmer Newburn Shelby County Tx
Caldwell, Nona 09-11-1886 01-18-1976 A. O. Watson       Floyd Terrell -     Housewife Ramah Mississippi
Campbell, Manuel Bryan 09-11-1895 02-02-1976 Enos Campbell       Mary Jane Murply Maggie        - Fairview Shelby County Tx
Chandler, Rachel Celeste 04-17-1905 06-08-1976 Jessie Permenter  Gertrude Miller -            Store Own. Wimberly Shelby County Tx
Christian, Clarence Whitfield 04-26-1915 11-15-1976 Charlie W. Christian Ethe. Whittlesey Bernadine Mail Carrier Clever Creek Shelby County Tx
Christian, Gerald M. (Jerry) 08-13-1940 06-05-1976 Woodrow Christian Frances Parker -       Teacher Old Union Center, Texas
Clifton, William Edward 09-30-1910 02-18-1976 Will Clifton           Sallie Smith -   Const.Wkr. Pleasant Grove Shelby County Tx
Cobb, Allie Newton 10-25-1903 02-10-1976 William Cobb          Lula Simpson Mildred  Ret.Oil Fld. Restland Shelby County Tx
Collum, Alice 08-05-1887 10-03-1976 Bud Lout                  Jo Anna Lout -     Housewife Wimberly Shelby County Tx
Connell, William Edward 12-07-1904 08-15-1976 Dave Connell           Lula Cockrill Commella  Gulf Corp. Joaquin Panola County Tx
Conway, Tommie Clifton 02-09-1914 06-15-1976 L. C. Conway          Lela Buckner Adelle  Ret.LogCon Neuville Shelby County Tx
Cook, Roxie Porter 03-17-1897 10-23-1976 William S. Jackson   Sarah Ann Hughes -    Housewife Sardis Shelby County Tx
Cooper, Lida Scates 07-30-1899 12-09-1976 Major Cooper       Ora Scates -  Ret.Ext.Serv Fairview Center, Texas
Corbell, Jeffery Cole 02-09-1955 04-15-1976 A. G. Corbell     Barbara Eddins -               Oil Fld.Wk. West Hamilton Jefferson County Tx
Cordray, Robert William 02-18-1892 01-01-1976 Oliver Cordray    Isabell Galletly Lizzie  Ret.Farmer Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Cox, Anne Irish 01-29-1902 12-06-1976 J.W.E. Taylor       Sally Williams Tom             - Joaquin Shelby County Tx
Coyle, August C. (Gus) 04-11-1895 11-28-1976 Charles E. Coyle    Charlsie L. Hurt Ida  Ret.Farmer Willow Grove Angelina County Tx
Crenshaw, William Elbert 02-13-1926 01-22-1976 W. E. Crenshaw    Nettie Mae Pixley -             Painter Brooklyn Glenn Fawn, Texas
Crump, Roy Henry 07-15-1912 03-06-1976 William Crump      Rilla M. Richards -     Ret.Sales Caledonia Rusk County Texas
Dearing, George Arling 05-04-1915 09-14-1976 Waymond Dearing  Martha Luman Irene  Mach.Oper. New Prospect Shelby County Tx
Doggett, Clarence R. 01-08-1898 03-22-1976 Rev. B.M. Doggett  Amanda King -     Ret.Sales Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Duke, Ada L. 01-06-1894 11-05-1976 Elijah Williams     Annie Smith -    Housewife Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
E. B. Jeans 08-14-1925 11-23-1976 Walter Jeans          Ella O'Rear Bertie P. Fld.Supt. Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Eindham, Wyatt Elon 06-01-1917 01-17-1976 Wyatt Windham      Evie Gann Myrtle  Night Watch Patroon Shelby County Tx
Elliott, Chester Hoyt 10-23-1909 01-01-1976 J. T. (Truman) Elliott Lexia Permenter - Ret.Un.Gas Fairview Center, Texas
Elliott, Mary Elizabeth 09-25-1905 03-03-1976 C. C. Elliott           Emma Carriker -     Housewife Fairview Center, Texas
Emanis, Vada 03-13-1906 03-14-1976 Ross Graves          Winnie Cook - Oaklawn -
English, Alice 12-21-1894 01-03-1976 Thomas W. Jackson Sarah Reddin - Jackson Shelby County Tx
Enmon Minnie 11-06-1897 08-19-1976 Willie Green          Laura Willie Gilliam - Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Ervin, Curtis C. 10-03-1900 07-14-1976 Howard Ervin        Lela Strickland Cliffie  Ret.Forester Wimberly Shelby County Tx
Ervin, Maurice P. 02-05-1910 03-22-1976 Marshall P. Ervin    Nora Horred Doris B. Drill Supt. Shelbyville Shelbyville, Texas
Fears, Lillie Daniel 03-20-1896 12-31-1976 Henry L. Fears    Narcissus E. Peddy -       Teacher Ramah Shelby County Tx
Filecia, Juana Powdrill 02-23-1923 09-03-1976 John R. Powdrill   Cordelia Peace -    Housewife Powdrill Center, Texas
Fowler, James Frank, Jr. 09-14-1951 08-13-1976 James Frank Fowler Esther Mae Bell -          Inland Well Fairview Shreveport, Louisiana
Frazier, Christine -  11-03-1976 Jim Wright           Sallie Golden A. L.            - North Jericho -
Fults, Elzie Ulen 03-19-1912 01-26-1976 James P. Fults       Lela Fults -        Farmer Mt. Pleasant Shelby County Tx
Fults, Gertie Mae 10-07-1912 06-17-1976 Henry B. Courtney Martha J. Palvadore E. B.  Housewife Mt. Herman Shelby County Tx
Fults, Oscar O. 07-10-1896 10-30-1976 Will Fults          Elizabeth Samford Ethel  Ret.Farmer Thompson Shelby County Tx
Furlow, John Frank 08-27-1897 01-08-1976 Thomas Furlow   Martha Vaughn -    Ret.Farmer Wimberly Shelby County Tx
Gary, Harold 05-20-1902 12-26-1976 Lagran Gary           Cora Bowers Alma    Ret.Farmer Ramah Shelby County Tx
George, Alfred Monroe 04-01-1900 10-23-1976 Will George             Ola Cooper -  Ret.Farmer Biggar -
George, James Howard, III (Scooter) 08-20-1948 04-11-1976 James H. George, II Fern Samford -    Carpenter Old Center Navasota, Texas
George, Joe H. 03-12-1904 10-07-1976 Will George             Ola Cooper Mae  Ret.Teacher Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Gillispie, Bethel E. 12-02-1899 02-14-1976 Frank Gillispie           Ira Mullins Lois    Ret.Groc. Pleasant Grove Shelby County Tx
Glenn, Austin Delana 07-15-1892 03-12-1976 Edmond Glenn      Nancy Chapman -            Retired Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Gochie, Parker 04-05-1905 02-16-1976 Dick Gochie           Addie Price Audrey  Ret.Farmer North Jericho Shelby County Tx
Goings, Rickey Leon 07-15-1960 11-07-1976 Leon Goings        Johnny H. Cassell School Boy Strong Shelby County Tx
Goodwin, Vessie 11-15-1896 11-11-1976 John Cheshire        Tony Edge -    Housewife Joaquin Shelby County Tx
Goolsby, William Joe 04-04-1941 11-06-1977 Isaac J. Goolsby      Annie L. Windham Dovie  Roughneck New Prospect Timpson, Texas
Graves, Mamie Lou 07-17-1894 09-23-1976 Judge W. Askew   Maude Belsha - Strong Texas
Hammond, Earl Madison 01-05-1946 06-19-1976 Carl M. Hammond  Ruby Hammond Becky  Store Mgr. Dannvillle, Kilgore Longview, Texas
Hanson, Dorothy Bryan 01-05-1895 02-15-1976 C. M. Hill                Mary E. Runnels -    Housewife Jackson Austin, Texas
Hardwick, Willie Mae 12-21-1890 04-29-1976 William Wiggins     Mary Grace Gerety -    Housewife Rose Mound Waco, Texas
Hardy, Cassie Vera 01-22-1902 09-19-1976 Will Green          Laura Gilliam -  Ret.Groc.O. Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Harris, Buford Allen 03-15-1899 10-08-1976 Felix M. Harris      Alice Mills Della  Ret.Carpen. Oaklawn Center, Texas
Harris, Clifford 08-29-1910 10-29-1976 Haram Emmons          - - Weaver Texas
Harris, Willie Ellis 02-22-1905 08-26-1976 Jim Harris               Leons Clifford Ret.Farmer Powdrill Shelby County Tx
Hayden, Cleveland 01-19-1893 10-17-1976 John R. Hayden  Henrietta Tatum -  Ret.Farmer Ramah Shelby County Tx
Hayes, Dillie Jane 09-15-1890 03-24-1976 William W. Holt      Mary Stack -    Housewife Short Shelby County Tx
Hayes, Grady 12-18-1893 02-14-1976 John Wesley Hayes Martha Bittick - Fairview Shelby County Tx
Hayes, Mrs. Furman 05-27-1886 04-28-1976 Jim Owens            Carrae Hix -    Housewife Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Head, Henry Alva 05-11-1893 07-09-1976 William Sidney Head Emma Messer Beulah   Ret.Farmer White Rock Shelby County Tx
Helpenstill, Charles Lloyd 11-17-1976 11-17-1976 Charles Helpenstill Patsy Ruth Emanis Child Helpenstill, Garrison Kilgore, Texas
Henderson, Pauline 10-13-1911 08-26-1976 Herman Adams   Stella Rivers Delmas  Retired Restland Shelby County Tx
Hewitt, Patricia Lee 05-28-1976 05-29-1976 G. Y. Hewitt          Jane Peace Child West Hamilton Beaumont, Texas
Holt, Dalaska (Dola) 09-25-1893 10-14-1976 Jeff Adams          Cindy Daniel - Fairview Shelby County Tx
Holt, Jim A. 07-20-1890 01-14-1976 Arch Holt             Pallie Covington Della     Ret.Rancer New Hope Shelby County Tx
Holt, John Calvin 01-29-1886 10-31-1976 William W. Holt     Nancy Covington Mallie   Ret.Farmer Bethel Shelby County Tx
Holt, Mrs. Maud 07-10-1886 05-19-1976 McDuffy Risinger     Julie Ann Mize -     Housewife Old Tenaha Shelby County Tx
Hooper, Mirtie Frances 07-30-1896 12-31-1976 Charlie Hooper     Myrtie Hinkle -   Housekeep White Rock Center, Texas
Hooper, William Edward 11-14-1910 05-18-1976 Charlie Hooper    Mertie Dell Hinkle Pearline  Ret.Farmer White Rock Shelby County Tx
Hughes, Alma 09-19-1875 12-25-1976 Neal Nicholson    Oliva Everett -    Housewife Fairview Shelby County Tx
Hughes, Dr. Bob 08-08-1932 08-21-1976 Tharon Hughes   Thelma Gathwright Helen       Minister Oaklawn Center, Texas
Hughes, Fannie T. 04-13-1884 03-12-1976 Josh Clifton          Mary Harris - New Prospect Shelby County Tx
Hughes, Irvin 03-29-1906 12-24-1976 John William Hughes Nora Sigler Addie  Ret.Book. Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Hughes, Thomas Clinton 07-15-1887 03-10-1976 Ryle Hughes       Mollie Garrett Minnie  Ret.Un.Gas Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Hutto, James Vernon 06-02-1928 01-05-1976 - Wanda L. Lab.Tech. Ramah Paxton, Texas
Jackson, Debora Renay 09-21-1954 04-03-1976 Belton Jackson       Clarice Joy Risinger - Patroon Shelby County Tx
Johnson, Debra Jan 10-31-1958 06-19-1976 Earnest W. Baggett Charlsie Miller Travis L. Housewife Oaklawn Center, Texas
Johnson, Ellis 08-25-1897 06-13-1976 Oliver Johnson     Katie Richie Emma  Ret.Plumber Mt. Herman Shelby County Tx
Johnson, Mary 10-31-1898 11-22-1976 Sam Brown           Betty Cooper - Mt. Herman Shelby County Tx
Johnson, Maxine 01-20-1919 03-21-1976 Walter Williams    Frances Campbell Johnie         - Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Johnson, Narnie 10-29-1903 04-01-1976 Hugh Byford          Emma Walls - Short Shelby County Tx
Jones, Early Jodye 01-23-1911 07-15-1976 Calvin Jones           Julia Strowd Gladys   Ret.Sec.Gd. Mt. Herman Texas
Jones, Mamie 10-27-1897 04-01-1976 D. D. Smith            Lilla Saulter Otha   Housewife Ramah Shelby County Tx
Keith, Rev. Dewey Walter 06-21-1903 11-30-1976 Walter Watson Keith Ella Milford Ruth      Minister North Jericho Panola County Tx
Kilpatrick, Rev. James Walter, Jr. 02-02-1932 09-11-1976 James Kilpatrick, Sr. Hildred Ruth Wallace Peggy   Minister Memorial Oaks Houston, Texas
Latham, Clinton Reeves 10-01-1902 09-17-1976 Roland Latham     Pearl Lout Oda   Ret.Dispat. Latham Shelby County Tx
Latham, Sam Houston 07-05-1888 06-06-1976 Al Latham                Joe Holt -    Ret.Farmer Fulsom Chapel Shelby County Tx
Lawless, Belva Allie 08-05-1889 07-29-1976 Jessie A. Ferguson  Mary E. Sholar - Ret.Teacher Joaquin Shelby County Tx
Lee, Nodie 08-27-1876 02-07-1976 - - Martinsville Palestine, Texas
LeGrone, Earby B. 02-14-1910 05-02-1976 Silas J. Ratcliff        Hardcastle Frances       - Powdrill Vivian, Louisiana
Leopold, Rudolph 07-24-1930 04-14-1976 Rudolph Leopold Geneveive Cartwright - Fairview Shelby County Tx
Litton, Dollie 03-04-1910 12-01-1976 Jack Snider           Nettie Anthony - Wimberly Oklahoma City, Ok
Lott, Fred Randolph 10-23-1914 01-26-1976 Jackson Morgan Lott Mattie Walker -               Oil Fld. Wk. - Fairfield
Lout, Randy 09-19-1957 08-13-1976 Kenneth Lout       Marilyn Cannon -      Const.Wkr. Cannon Shelby County Tx
Luman, Royce 10-21-1936 05-30-1976 P. E. Luman          Irene Hooper -          Radio An. Mt. Herman Shelby County Tx
Majors, Charlie W. 05-04-1875 08-02-1976 Tom Green          Mariah Davis -    Housewife Ramah Pikins, Mississippi
Mangrum, Joseph Ernest 07-23-1904 07-27-1976 John Mangrum     Laura Page Ruthaleen Ret.Poult. Liberty Hill, San Aug. Shelby County Tx
Marshall, Grady Morris 04-30-1896 07-02-1976 John Marshall     Nannie Majors -  Ret.Rancher Ramah Clayton, Texas
Masterson, Louise Z. 03-04-1909 04-22-1976 Hugh S. Stubblefield Katherine L. Burnett - Oaklawn Missouri
McDaniel, Lela McLemore 03-05-1889 10-14-1976 A. S. McLemore  Mary L. McWhorter -   Housewife Ramah Liberty County Tx
McGee, Willie Lee 10-07-1907 04-22-1976 - - Willow Grove Texas
McHugh, Lester Leeland 01-01-1913 07-27-1976 Wm. E. McHugh Mary Kohl Helen F. Ret.Trk.Dr. Oaklawn Wisconsin
Mills, Prentiss 05-07-1926 02-01-1976 J. E. Mills              Addie Mae Hughes -     Pipefitter Sardis El Dorado, Arkansas
Mills, Robert P. 07-21-1905 12-27-1976 Robert W. Mills   Nannie Powell Lena H. Rec.Elect. Short Shelby County Tx
Minie, Tommie Day 09-04-1908 10-16-1976 A. E. Day, Sr.     Nellie Smith Ray   Ret.Teacher Fairview Center, Texas
Monroe, Hugh A. 11-07-1901 04-11-1976 Augusta Monroe      Sally Scruggs Lillian  Serv.St.Op. Strong Shelby County Tx
Monroe, W. I., Jr. 02-14-1914 05-03-1976 William I. Monroe   Mary Lou Scruggs - Patroon Shelby County Tx
Moore, Robert Lee 09-03-1906 11-07-1976 Jim Moore           Nannie Williams -   Ret.Farmer Mt. Olive Shelby County Tx
Moore, Virginia Dare 09-12-1887 02-29-1976 Billie Moore             Lou Ella Peterson -  Housekeep Woods Panola County Tx
Morton, Lena 04-20-1894 07-17-1976 Bryant Williams     Emma Mitchell Charlie        - Oaklawn Harrison County Tx
Motley, Pauline Smith 12-09-1887 12-16-1976 Howard W. Smith/La Lula Drago/La - Restland Ruston, Louisiana
Nash, Paulena Wicker 04-21-1892 04-06-1976 Randol W. Wicker  Anna Laura Jones -   Housewife Newburn Center, Texas
Norris, William Raymond 09-07-1916 02-06-1976 Joel C. Norris       Lillie Bell Smith Juanita  Electrician Tetter, Humble, Tx Humble, Texas
North, Mitford Louvenia 02-25-1900 05-04-1976 W. A. Miller           Ella Shull -   Housewife Latham Shelby County Tx
Odom, David Wayne 11-12-1958 12-18-1976 L. B. Odom               Alice M. Broadway School Boy Ramah Panola County Tx
Oliver, Raymond 10-05-1918 03-14-1976 Tom Oliver            Effie May Parmer Mariam  Electrician White Rock Arcadia, Texas
O'Rear, Beddie Frances 04-20-1875 03-21-1976 Richard R. Rayburn Mary Ann Skipper -    Housewife Jackson Shelby County Tx
O'Rear, Ellis Lee 03-29-1905 06-01-1976 Mathew Lee O'Rear Ivy Harris Helen  Ret.Sinclair Oaklawn Texas
Oxley, Riley Franklin 07-06-1903 10-08-1976 Riley Oxley           Liddie Martin Susan P.  Ret.Farmer Red Land Lousiana
Parker, Joanna Baldwin 07-13-1882 06-09-1976 James S. Baldwin Joanna Williams - Woods Panola County Tx
Partin, Paul Lister 10-07-1955 10-30-1976 George E. Partin    Erma Roberts Tiny Ann  Farmer Trout Creek Kirbyville, Texas
Patterson, Jessie 03-28-1897 10-18-1976 Sam Cassell          Mary Permenter -    Housewife Old Home Shelby County Tx
Patterson, Lou Venia 08-31-1896 07-12-1976 Will Halliburton       Callie Stanley -   Housewife Powdrill Shelby County Tx
Peace, Eula 01-20-1898 12-20-1976 Bud McKenzie      Etta Taylor -   Housewife Pleasant Grove Shelby County Tx
Peace, Lillie 09-03-1896 04-25-1976 Joseph Courtney   Mollie McKinzie - Mt. Herman Shelby County Tx
Peace, Mary Alma 09-18-1888 11-19-1976 Frank Chandler    Martha Baker -    Housewife Mt. Pleasant Nacog. County Tx
Peek, Peggy Sue 11-30-1976 11-30-1976 Harold Peek        Sharon Chambliss Child Strong Lufkin, Texas
Permenter, Henry Barney 05-20-1907 11-11-1976 Joseph J. Permenter  Susan Strickland Cleo  Ret.BoilerM Wimberly Shelby County Tx
Permenter, Richard Jackson 03-09-1917 09-03-1976 Calvin Permenter       Sadie Beasley Lela   WelderCon. Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Pierce, Beverly 04-30-1957 10-27-1976 B. J. Pierce          Annie Ruth Bass Student Sholar Cleveland, Texas
Pleasant, Leah Wheeler 04-03-1896 04-16-1976 N. B. Wheeler      Fannie Cook -          School Dist. Fairview Shelby County Tx
Pollard, Kizzie Antoinette 01-21-1886 04-07-1976 A. J. Weaver       Mattie Walling - New Prosp. Rusk Co. Rusk County Texas
Potts, Buren O. (Bid) 09-24-1903 12-09-1976 William Potts          Lou Sinclair Jewel  Ret.R.R. Neuville Shelby County Tx
Prentiss Mills 05-07-1926 02-01-1976 J. E. Mills            Addie Mae Hughes -     Pipefitter - Eldorado, Arkansas
Price, Charlie 01-12-1891 10-15-1976 James (Jim) Price    Liza Owens -   Ret.Farmer Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Ramsey, Annie 08-22-1886 08-29-1976 George Hooper   Nancy J. Billingsley Sim   Housewife New Hope Shelby County Tx
Reeves, Robert Charlie 09-17-1887 07-09-1976 Charlie T. Reeves  Arpalee Poland -  Ret.Farmer Ramah Louisiana
Ritter, Roger Dale 08-15-1961 11-05-1976 Hansel Ritter         Kathryn Barfield Student Oaklawn Jefferson County Tx
Roden, Altha Faye 06-17-1933 04-30-1976 Thomas Parker   Margie Strickland Herman W.  Housewife - Lamesa, Texas
Rowe, Fannie Ella 11-24-1893 03-29-1976 -                             Lela Bazer -    Housewife Old Center Shelby County Tx
Rowland, Betty L. 08-07-1928 04-24-1976 Robert Sikes       Valley Hay Duncan  Housewife Duncan Marlin, Texas
Samford, Maggie Lee 08-15-1888 01-15-1976 Jim Hughes          Jennie Faussett -   Housewife Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Samford, Weldon Bryan 01-29-1921 05-20-1976 Matt Samford          Kate Dry Margaret Shop Fore. Asbury Chapel Shelby County Tx
Sanders, James William (J.W.) 01-13-1919 01-25-1976 J. W. Sanders         Elan Carriker Martha        - Fairview Center, Texas
Sanford, Lois Eunice 07-19-1898 02-28-1976 Jimmy Davis       Frances Holt -     Housewife Sardis Shelby County Tx
Sapp, Benjamin H. (Ben) 12-27-1898 10-28-1976 Benjamin D. Sapp   Annie Wilson Ruth  Ret.Store O Blair Shelby County Tx
Scott, Jessie 01-31-1898 10-28-1976 George W. Jackson   Alice Brown - Blair Shelby County Tx
Shelton, George Martin 12-06-1906 05-29-1976 James W. Shelton  Missouri May Nettie  Ret.Carpen. Lone Cedar Shelby County Tx
Shillings, Homer D. 09-12-1919 03-15-1976 Dennis Shillings     Winnie Lawrence -   Electrician Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Shofner, Ella Ervin 12-04-1902 05-30-1976 Howard Ervin          Lola Strickland -       Housewife Holly Springs Shelby County Tx
Singletary, Mossie A. 07-12-1889 04-28-1976 William T. Adams   Anna Ansley -    Housewife Fairview Desota Parish, La
Slaughter, George William 05-18-1895 02-13-1976 George W. Slaughter Harriette Collins Grace     Car Sales San. Aug. City San Augustine Tx
Smith, Blanch Floread 04-16-1908 05-16-1976 Jessie Hill              Elmer Pigg -   Housewife Sardis Shelby County Tx
Smithhart, Benjamin Markcus (Mark) 05-15-1959 05-28-1976 A. W. Smithhart  Wanda Harvey School Boy Jackson Carthage, Texas
Snider, Nettie 09-11-1888 11-05-1976 Zack Anthony      Laura Haley - Wimberly Shelby County Tx
Spann, Nancy Ellen 04-03-1925 06-17-1976 Thomas J. Baggett Apple L. Warr -   Housewife Spanns Chapel Shelby County Tx
Spurlock, John Thomas 06-24-1883 10-17-1976 Marcus L. Spurlock   Mousouri Ann Owens -  Ret.Pce.Off. Willow Grove Shelby County Tx
Spurlock, Myrtle 03-04-1893 11-19-1976 Archie Robertson  Adaline King -    Housewife Ramah Shelby County Tx
Strong, Alva Tom 04-25-1915 05-04-1976 Robert C. Strong  Jessie May Strong Loretta        - Johnson Shelby County Tx
Taylor, Arthur M. 06-27-1894 02-21-1976 John Henry Taylor  Catherine Marshall -   Ret.Postal E Oaklawn Natchitoches Louisiana
Taylor, Carrie Ann 04-30-1886 04-05-1976 Henry Hartley       Mary Ann Gorden -    Housewife Old Center Panola County Tx
Taylor, George Delta 02-23-1898 07-29-1976 George W. Taylor  Susie Brown Bonnie  Ret.Furn. Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Taylor, Sam Henry 11-06-1906 01-07-1976 Jessie Taylor        Stella Brown Cecil  Broiler Gr. Powdrill Shelby County Tx
Teal, Gyce 02-15-1906 12-08-1976 Dank Teal             Lizzie Clay Francis  Ret.Sec.Grd Tennessee Shelby County Tx
Thompson, Arlie George 05-25-1918 07-19-1976 Alvie Thompson      Bertha Coil Eva  Mgr.Post Tr Willow Grove Paxton, Texas
Tillman, Richard 12-08-1910 05-11-1976 John F. Tillman    Roena Bradford Irene      Ret.Air Fce. Sardis Oklahoma
Tindol, Inf. Dau. of Jim 01-03-1976 01-03-1976 James E. Tindol   Bekcy Reyna Child White Rock Center, Texas
Vaughn, Austin Henry (Jack) 09-30-1907 02-25-1976 George Vaughn     Mollie Buckley Hazel   Ret.Farmer Strong Shelbyville, Texas
Waites, Ellen 09-01-1891 05-13-1976 Sam G. Brawley      Ida Bridges -    Housewife Newburn Shelby County Tx
Walker, William Dies 04-15-1911 11-02-1976 William E. Walker  Aurie McGee Willie Vaye Ret.Trk.Dr. Joaquin Shelby County Tx
Warr, Dillon 09-15-1903 05-05-1976 Ezekial Warr        Stacy Patterson Eula Mae  Ret.Grocery Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Warren, Ella Irene 03-18-1891 09-19-1976 Wash Taylor         Alice Lucas J. C.  Housewife Mt. Herman Shelby County Tx
Watson, Beulah Oates 04-08-1919 01-06-1976 Bob Oates          Beulah Broadway Hubbard  Teacher Restland Paxton, Texas
White, Alcey C. 06-05-1917 03-31-1976 Tom J. White        Jessie Chandler - McClelland Shelby County Tx
Whitten, Della Mae 08-24-1885 03-25-1976 Alfred Lout            Sarah Weeks -     Housewife Patroon Sabine Parish, La
Wilburn, Jerrie Ann 09-07-1936 09-15-1976 Ellis D. Wilburn      Mae Truitt -             Teacher Oaklawn Center, Texas
Wilburn, R. B. 12-14-1936 02-28-1976 George Wilburn     Lena Eddins -   Construction Pleasant Hill Shelby County Tx
Wilburn, Walter Price, Sr. 10-22-1905 12-24-1976 Issac Wilburn       Fannie Oliver Cynthia Ret.Sch.Bus Duncan Shelby County Tx
Williams, Mary Perkins 10-23-1889 07-07-1976 Samuel H. Matthews Emma Brady - Neuville Shelby County Tx
Wilson, Roy 06-07-1889 11-26-1976 - -          Mobil Supt. Neuville Family Boon's Hill, Tennessee
Windham, Ava 03-18-1899 06-28-1976 Billy S. Blackstock Sally Hodges -    Housewife McClelland Shelby County Tx
Windham, Jarrett, Jr. 10-31-1924 06-21-1976 Jarrett Windham    Carrie Moody - North Jericho Shelby County Tx
Yarbrough, Odell 01-25-1919 10-13-1976 J. P. Moore          Lizzie Cravey Dock  Housewife Liberty Hill, San Aug. San Aug. County Tx
Youngblood, Arthur D. 07-04-1904 01-05-1976 Everett Youngblood Minnie Haight Cora   Ret.Co.Clk. Mt. Herman Shelby County Tx