Mangum Funeral Home

This list was transcribed from the files of Mangum Funeral Home for the burial year 1978.  The text has been written just as the recording person wrote them into the register.  Only in a few cases have they been edited and rewritten as they were intended.  Records are sorted into alphabetic sequence for ease of research.   
Special thanks to Leonard Irish for his assistance in transcribing these records.

Name Birthdate  Deathdate Father/Birthplace Mother/Birthplace Spouse Occupation Interment Born
Adams, Hartwell Dee 11-24-1915 11-26-1978 Hartwell Adams, Sr. Bertha C. Bush Bessie Mae Mechanic Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Agnew, Fletcher Harrison 12-31-1889 08-22-1978 Paul L. Agnew      Mattie Pruitt -     Ret.Farmer Ramah Alabama
Akison, Elwood H. 12-30-1923 06-16-1978 Ervin Akison            Iva Schwiterman Pauline     Tool Pusher Oaklawn Columbus, Ohio
Alford, Clara Truitt 03-92-1900 05-11-1978 Sam H. Truitt     Josephine Taylor -       Housewife Jackson Shelby County Tx
Askew, Carey W. 06-17-1891 03-03-1978 William K. Askew Charity Creech Nannie   Ret.Farmer Clever Creek Center, Texas
Askew, Kenneth Wayne 09-25-1945 05-21-1978 Jewell Askew       Pearly Fults Jo Ann     Construction Mt. Herman Center, Texas
Avery, Mary 03-22-1891 03-08-1978 Richard Shofner     Emaline Bowlin - Ramah Shelby County Tx
Baggett, James J. (Bob) 09-28-1880 01-14-1978 Cage Baggett        Colter -   Ret.Farmer White Rock San Aug. County Tx
Bailey, Nettie Odie 12-18-1897 11-01-1978 Millard Grace       Docha Strain -     Housewife White Rock Nacog. County Tx
Ballard, Bessie 10-15-1902 02-19-1978 Rufus Wimberly    Marie E. Wilson -      Housewife Brooklyn Logansport, Louisiana
Beck, Foye 04-17-1899 01-21-1978 B. A. Alford           Mary Land Hartzell     None Rather Shelby County Tx
Bell, Ludie D. 02-20-1907 06-29-1978 Joe L. Walker       Alphie Fults -     Housewife Fairview Shelby County Tx
Bennefield, Lula 03-27-1891 04-01-1978 Henderson Chumley  Zue Hardy - Corinth, San.Aug. San Aug. County Tx
Bertha Hooper 03-09-1888 10-25-1978 George Golding   Gertrude Davis -     Housewife Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Betts, Broadus 10-30-1946 01-21-1978 Emmett Broadus    Flossie Wiggins -            Laborer Sholar Overton, Texas
Biggers, LaVerne 01-08-1923 01-23-1978 Leon Lee               Annie Lout Earl   Lib.AirFrce Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Bowden, Dan Renea 09-10-1978 09-10-1978 Bobby C. Bowden Shirley Ann Kerr Child Oaklawn Shreveport, Louisiana
Bradberry, Joe 08-22-1912 05-27-1978 Lafiette Bradberry Nodie Watson Brooksie  Carpenter Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Bridges, John W. 09-17-1897 08-19-1978 James (Jim) Bridges Lula Reagan Hettie       Pipe Fitter Joaquin Louisiana
Brittain, Delbert B. 09-03-1918 08-31-1978 Burton Brittain         Lizzie Reynolds -     Ret.Const. Strong Shelby County Tx
Brown, Gay 02-18-1902 03-07-1978 Thomas Brittain      Oveta Alford - - Shelby County Tx
Brown, Giles Bowers 06-05-1899 09-22-1978 Charles Brown     Mary Bowers Ruby  Ret.Druggist Oaklawn DeFuniak Sp, Florida
Brown, John Thomas 09-17-1904 07-08-1978 Charles E. Brown     Lona Bell Williams -        Ret.Oil Fld. Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Bryce, Emery E. 01-08-1896 07-15-1978 James Henry Bryce Beatrice Reg.SchBus Pleasant Grove Shelby County Tx
Buckhalter, Lennis Leon 06-01-1903 04-01-1978 John Buckhalter     Joyce Grace Lorena  Ret.Foremn Mt. Herman Shelby County Tx
Bussey, Raymond Maurice 02-20-1923 09-21-1978 Hilliard Lee Bussey   Addie Livingston -    Mechanic Patroon Patroon, Texas
Butts, Jesse 03-02-1899 08-26-1978 H. J. Butts            Ethel Fambrough Mary K. Ret.Hwy.Sp Fairview Gregg County Tx
Butts, Mary Catherine 02-26-1905 12-12-1978 Lon Price                Mary Roberts -        Housewife Fairview Center, Texas
Byrd, Maude E 10-18-1891 01-25-1978 Tom Peddy          Elizabeth -       Housewife Ramah Shelby County Tx
Cammack, Mary Ella 04-01-1895 05-30-1978 Dan Davis            Fannie Holt -     Housewife Clever Creek Shelby County Tx
Carlton, James E. 02-19-1907 01-15-1978 Thomas E. Carlton    Lottie Butler -                 Oil Driller Ramah Panola County Tx
Carroll, Myrtle M. Adkison 08-11-1929 01-25-1978 Deway J. Minyard   Vernie L. Pruitt Doyle   Housewife Mt. Herman Tyler County Texas
Chandler, Sally Mae 06-29-1911 04-17-1978 Will Burton            Monnie Morton Brown         - Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Chandler, Samuel Dalton 05-28-1945 04-18-1978 Ray Chandler       Hazel Strickland -        Minister Jackson Dallas, Texas
Chase, Effie 03-05-1896 03-18-1978 Albert Cox             Lula Matthews -       Housewife Oaklawn Louisiana
Childs, Melvin Auvy 03-06-1907 04-12-1978 James Franklin Childs Sarah Eliza Palmer Bertie   Ret.Postal Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Christian, Robert Glen 10-07-1927 07-25-1978 Julian Christian     Viola Walker Dessie  Hvy.Eqp.Op Union Tenaha, Texas
Clark, Della 11-03-1889 09-18-1978 Yankee Ramsey      Nettie Page -       Housewife New Prospect Shelby County Tx
Cobb, Mildred Hairgrove 09-19-1906 08-22-1978 Sam Rhodes           Lura Sheppard -      Housewife Restland Shelby County Tx
Cockrell, Robert Darrell 02-26-1942 04-30-1978 Earl Cockrell        Gladys Whiddon -             Mari. Ser Sholar Shelby County Tx
Cole, Mathew Eugene (Mack) 11-19-1904 03-04-1978 Mack Cole              Ella Rushing Thelma  Ret.Teacher Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Coody, Minor 12-07-1902 07-09-1978 George W. Coody  Mary Kay Kirkland -       Ret.Pipe Ft. Corinth Linden, Texas
Cooper, Cammie 04-25-1902 07-13-1978 Joe Childress           Della Barnett Leslie  Housewife Jackson Shelby County Tx
Cooper, William Clarence 02-04-1904 05-25-1978 William A. Cooper  Mary E. Windham Essie   Const.Wkr. Antioch Shelby County Tx
Copelin, Landon Robert 04-23-1904 10-18-1978 Lewis Copelin      Maggie Hood Neoma   Ret.Farmer Rose Hill, Tulia, Texas Arkansas
Corbell, Perry Cornelious 04-09-1903 05-15-1978 Perry C. Corbell    Salie Celest Davis Lovetta   Ret.Farmer Strong Huxley Com. Texas
Corder, Atness, Sr. 03-13-1899 06-24-1978 John M.Corder     Mary Davis -  Ret.Civ.Serv Ramah Shelby County Tx
Covington, Will 01-15-1888 09-14-1978 Lucky Covington    Paralee Fults Mae       Ret.Farmer Bethel Shelby County Tx
Cravey, Erma Mae 11-05-1907 11-22-1978 Dock Latham      Cassie Wiggins Robert    Housewife Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Crawford, Gladys Wheeler 06-14-1901 12-06-1978 Henderson Wheeler Lou Echols -      Housewife Powdrill Shelby County Tx
Crenshaw, Pearl Mae Choron 12-25-1910 04-22-1978 Lee Choron                - Clyde          - Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Cross, William Cody 12-15-1977 01-01-1978 Roland Cross       Dianne Barnett Child Ramah Bossier City, Louisiana
Crump, Robert Manning 06-21-1898 05-04-1978 Jack Crump          Carrie Eakin Myrtis  Ret.PipeLnr Sholar Louisiana
Cummings, James Robert (Bob) 07-23-1918 07-28-1978 Robert L. Cummings Minnie Goings Opal         Shop Forem Oaklawn Shelbyville, Texas
Daniels, Karen Denise 09-18-1958 05-20-1978 Robert Daniels            Jo Ann McDaniels -              Teller Lone Cedar Garrison, Texas
Davis, James Vernie 11-25-1920 01-08-1978 Jim Lawhorn           Alma Johnson George        - Mt. Bethel, Gary, Tx Panola County Tx
Davis, Virginia 09-13-1892 03-02-1978 Gus Bouland           Rosa Bryan -      Housewife Tenaha Shelby County Tx
Daw, James P. 06-10-1920 05-02-1978 Mack Daw             Ola Truitt Peggy     Pipe Fitter Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Dawson, John Wesley 08-11-1904 07-02-1978 John W. Dawson    Fannie Harris -    Ret.Carpen. Sholar Bryant County Ok
Dean, Birtie Viola 12-08-1889 09-26-1978 Sam Sims               Alice M. Adkison -      Housewife Salem Chireno, Texas
Denby, Glen Nelson 10-30-1923 07-27-1978 George Ray Denby  Mary E. Shofner -    Ret.Const. Latham Shelby County Tx
Doggett, Alice 05-12-1889 09-04-1978 Richard Jordon         Selistine -      Housewife Joaquin Shelby County Tx
Dominy, Mary Zelma 11-30-1902 09-27-1978 Joessie M. Windham Lou Siddell Dean - Pleasant Grove Shelby County Tx
Dusek, Fay Elizabeth 01-27-1907 05-20-1978 L. Y. Rogers           Fay Hill Fred J.  Ret.Teacher Fairview Center, Texas
Eaves, Ola 11-20-1907 04-27-1978 Charlie Amburn   Gertrude Rogers - Restland Nacog. County Tx
Ellington, Verna Laura 11-03-1892 11-24-1978 Hamp P. Bell        Allice Polley - Fairview Shelby County Tx
English, Manuel L. 07-01-1905 06-08-1978 Bob English              Ida Simmons -      Ret.Pipe Ln Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Enmon, Mike Paul 01-05-1904 10-14-1978 Thomas C. Enmon Francis E. Holt -             Ret.Gulf Clever Creek Shelby County Tx
Estes, Tommy Hurston 02-25-1944 09-07-1978 Frances Estes           Ida Andrews -       Mechanic North Jericho Shelby County Tx
Etheredge, Gladys B. 10-24-1902 12-09-1978 J. E. Brester          Arrie Pierce -     Housewife Walton Panola County Tx
Forbis, Lula L. 07-10-1903 10-13-1978 Tom Strong        Wealthy Vaughn -      Housewife Strong Shelby County Tx
Forbis, William Levi 09-13-1899 07-21-1978 Billie Forbis           Nancy Jane Martin Susie Jane Broiler Rn. Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Foresythe, Buford D. 11-08-1926 05-11-1978 W. G. Foresythe  Fannie L. Broadway -   Ret.Grocer Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Franks, Tommie 09-28-1894 05-05-1978 William C. Strawn  Amy Steele -       Housewife Oaklawn Alabama
Fults, Ervin Bell 06-03-1905 06-18-1978 Benton Fults        Samaria Wilson -           Weld.Const. Mt. Herman Shelby County Tx
Fults, Modenia 06-18-1906 06-21-1978 Issiac Byrd           Martha Wilkerson -     Housewife Powdrill Louisiana
Furlow, Christopher Columbus (Crit) 12-02-1880 03-11-1978 Jim Furlow          Cicley Vaughn Jessie   Ret.Farmer Strong Shelby County Tx
Furlow, Vera I. 10-11-1904 09-01-1978 Thomas G. Permenter Lecy Samples Jimmy         - Wimberly Shelbyville, Texas
Gann, Bart 09-02-1902 01-09-1978 Ben Gann                   - Lockie  Ret.Foremn New Hope Franklin, Texas
Gault, Thomas Payne 05-13-1914 05-13-1978 Joseph Edward Gault Lucy E. Mitchell -       Ret.Sales Fairview Mississippi
Graves, Truman O. 01-01-1912 07-24-1978 Will Graves            Sally Langford Troyce  Ret.Hwy.Dp Short Shelby County Tx
Graves, Vernon Mahon 12-03-1909 01-24-1978 Ross Graves          Winnie Cook Annie B.      Const.Cont. New Hope Shelby County Tx
Gunnels, E. C. 04-28-1898 11-24-1978 Steve Gunnels      Sallie Oates -                Shoe Store Oaklawn San Aug. County Tx
Hagler, Lon 11-14-1889 02-24-1978 Milton Hagler      Eppie Passmore Sudie  Ret.Farmer Fairview San Aug. County Tx
Hamilton, Ima Smith 03-11-1900 07-09-1978 Preston Smith        Lilly Cannon -        Housewife Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Hancock, William L. (Bill) 02-25-1917 12-10-1978 William L. Hancock  Mae Scott Julia           Auto Dealer Forrest Prk, Shreveport Stamps, Arkansas
Hanna, Mildred King 03-25-1889 03-13-1978 J. E. King                Alice Onstott -        Housewife Mt.Carmel Wolf City Wolf City, Texas
Harris, Paula 10-25-1900 07-04-1978 Henry H. Satterwhite Alma Biggers -  Ret.Tel.Opr. New Hope Shelby County Tx
Harvey, Donald Wesley 12-12-1978 12-19-1978 John Wesley Weir  Dorothy Harvey Child Strong Shreveport, Louisiana
Hayden, Irene Gunter 12-13-1897 11-03-1978 Bill Gunter           Caroline Ledbetter -       Housewife Cedar Yard Shelby County Tx
Hinton, Ernest 04-27-1903 01-31-1978 Hugh Thomas Hinton Mary Rogers   Elizabeth Ret.Min. Pine Ridge Shelby County Tx
Holt, Mrs. Mallie 10-25-1892 02-26-1878 G. W. Tillery      Mollie C. Myers -      Housewife Oaklawn Nacog. County Tx
Hooper, Don 12-31-1899 12-26-1978 Sam P. Hooper    Catherine Burns Willie Mae  Ret.Gulf Ramah Shelby County Tx
Hooper, Euna Pearline 01-03-1916 01-23-1978 Rubin Parrish       Willie Choate -              Nurse White Rock Shelby County Tx
Horn, David Dean 12-21-1899 01-19-1978 Charles Horn      Beulah Still Katie   Ret.For.Ind. Jackson Logansport, Louisiana
Horn, Hazel 03-07-1924 11-26-1978 C. A. Brooks          Dixie Parker  Poultry Proc Sholar Corsicana, Texas
Hughes, Buford 10-22-1897 01-27-1978 Crit Hughes           Emma Holt Edith      Ret.Farmer Short Shelby County Tx
Hughes, Deallie Holt 11-18-1881 10-23-1978 R. D. Holt              Eliza Forbis -     Housewife Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Irish, Charles Elroy 10-20-1907 07-27-1978 Charley R. Irish       Ida Menefee Margie   Ret.Lbr.Dl. Newburn Center, Texas
Irish, Lucretia 04-15-1893 08-29-1978 William H. Dunbar  Minnie Price Rouser L.    - Joaquin Minneapolis, Minnesota
Jackson, Charlie C. 01-26-1941 06-25-1978 Charlie Jackson      Annie Lee Cruise Virginia   Pipe Line W Jackson Shreveport, Louisiana
Jacobs, Alice Mae 05-15-1892 11-18-1978 Samuel Eddins      Martha Haley -        Housewife West Hamilton Shelby County Tx
Jacobs, Verdia 04-14-1911 03-19-1978 Dave. E. Jacobs     Ella Lollar Dovie Faye Self. Emp. Corinth Nacog. County Tx
Jacobs, William T. (Buck) 09-26-1910 07-21-1978 Walter Jacobs      Leone Settles Lucille   Ret.Barber Union Nacog. County Tx
Johnson, George Raymond 10-17-1928 04-26-1978 Jewell E. Johnson    Eva Hutto Joy        Paint Cont. Oaklawn Center, Texas
Jones, Blanche L. 10-29-1902 01-21-1978 Fate Davis             Lizzie Moore -       Housewife Myrtle Springs Belmont, Louisiana
Jones, Fred Edward 10-16-1905 07-14-1978 Robert Jones       Gertrude Davis Norma    Ret.R.Road Neuville San Aug. County Tx
Jones, Huey 02-20-1909 06-28-1978 John Jones               Etta Block Lillian   Ret.Exc.Sch Powdrill Shelby County Tx
Jones, Thomas E. 01-14-1905 12-14-1978 Reece Jones            Ida McGowen Thelma   Ret.Co.Emp Patroon Sabine County Tx
Killen, Minnie 10-22-1885 04-16-1978 Bill McAllen           Frances Askew -         Housewife McClelland Walnut Hill, Louisiana
King, George Spivey 11-14-1902 04-07-1978 George W. King   Josephine Fridell Ella       Ret.Farmer Ramah Shelby County Tx
Koonce, Alma 01-05-1902 08-08-1978 Walt Johnson        Mollie Duke -             Housewife Old Center Panola County Tx
Lansford, Albert Tommie 06-27-1899 07-27-1978 Will Lanford/Ga   Mary Ogden/Tx Agnes  Carpenter Libby, Nacog. Shelbyville, Texas
Lovell, J. B. 01-16-1929 12-02-1978 Bud Lovell              Lillie Mae Clopton Nettie    Trk.Driver Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Lowe, Mike 10-06-1904 11-05-1978 Elijah Lowe          Georgia Smotherman Cora     Ret.Trk.Dr. Pine Ridge Shelby County Tx
Marshall, Rayburn Doyle 11-04-1930 03-16-1978 Ernest Marshall    Lillian Bowlin Vivian Old Tennessee Shelby County Tx
Mask, Rev. Ollie 10-01-1889 03-28-1978 John Wesley Mask  Elibella C. Eubanks Zelda  Ret.Minister Brady Calshue Parish La
Massey, Lola Ruth 10-12-1900 12-13-1978 Wade H. Hunter   Estelle Howard -    Housewife Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Mathews, William Reverne (Bill) 01-10-1961 06-03-1978 Rev. Elmer Mathews Dorthy Starrett Student Joaquin Tyler County Texas
McCauley, Catherine 01-26-1894 08-12-1978 George W. Lowery  Mollie Lout - Rather Shelby County Tx
McDonald, Ella 05-21-1894 06-09-1978 John Lofton            Annie Dixon -       Housewife Ramah Mississippi
McEachern, Mary 11-13-1895 08-30-1978 John Morris          Mary Ethel Morris - Liberty Hill Texas
McGhen, Annie Laverne 10-11-1924 12-19-1978 Alvin E. Permenter  Maude Lee -        Housewife Wilkerson, Little Cyp. Shelby County Tx
McKinzie, Minnie Mae 10-26-1886 05-25-1978 Jenjamin Cross      Mattie Alma Wall -      Housewife White Rock Van Zandt County Tx
McKnight, Lillian Elizabeth 10-29-1895 06-04-1978 John Coleman Coats Donna Stone - Willow Grove Nacog. County Tx
McSwain, Ada M. 12-05-1892 03-17-1978 Ezeikal Anthony      Laura Haley -      Housewife Mt. Herman Shelby County Tx
Menefee, Hazel 06-29-1910 02-09-1978 J. W. Williams      Florence McDonald Stanton  Ret.Teacher Oaklawn San Aug. County Tx
Metcalf, Arvid D. 01-17-1919 08-03-1978 Thomas L. Metcalf  Susie J. Wilburn -          Truck Driv. West Hamilton Shelby County Tx
Miller, William Ercle 10-25-1917 11-13-1978 - Fay              - Fairview Center, Texas
Moore, Aubrey Dyer 02-19-1908 08-30-1978 Jim Moore            Nannie Williams Caudine Ret.Hwy.D Blair Shelby County Tx
Morris, Melanie Danielle 03-08-1978 12-15-1978 -                             Sue Morris Child Jackson Longview
Motley, Howard Smith 02-10-1914 10-31-1978 Luke Motley        Pauline Smith/La Anna Mary Ret.Bkr,Att Restland Tenaha, Texas
Muldrow, Louis Scriven (Choc) 11-26-1898 11-24-1978 Dr. W. S. Muldrow Alice Murrell Hazel   Bookkeeper Fairview Locksburg, Arkansas
Nail, Frank Dillard 07-07-1897 01-04-1978 Andrew Nail           Josie Fletcher Ima       Ret.Salesm. Fairview Timpson, Texas
Newton, Ella 11-15-1891 08-14-1978 Wylie Franks           Ada Bounds - Sholar Panola County Tx
Oates, Sam Calvin 08-30-1886 12-20-1978 Steve Oates      Margarett Pierson -     Ret.Farmer West Hamilton Shelby County Tx
Orear, Joe 05-21-1908 08-31-1978 Q. M. Orear, Sr.    Netty Morris Hilda O.  Rancher Wimberly Shelby County Tx
Parker, Aileen 04-04-1898 02-03-1978 John R. Runnells   Bobbie Sinclair Fornie         - Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Parker, Christian C. (Krissie) 12-31-1887 08-25-1978 Charles R. Brown   Mary Bowers - Restland Dejuniak, Florida
Parker, Milton O. 08-21-1887 12-05-1978 Augustus Parker      Mary Hamner -     Ret.Farmer New Hope Alabama
Parker, Raymond Joe 10-25-1921 12-03-1978 H. K. Parker        Betty Henry Beatrice  Maint. West Hamilton Sabine County Tx
Parker, William B. 07-14-1899 08-13-1978 William Parker     Laura Holden Lela Mae  Bull Dozer Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Parmer, Maude 04-23-1887 06-07-1978 William H. Woolsey Nancy J. Woolsey -     Ret.Store O Fairview Tenaha, Texas
Patterson, Emma 08-30-1887 01-28-1978 L. L. Stanley       Fannie Shivers - Powdrill Alabama
Paxton, Allen Larry 12-03-1949 12-02-1978 Alfred Paxton     Christine Green -               Saw Mill Restland Timpson, Texas
Paxton, James 04-28-1917 06-02-1978 Joames F. Paxton     Mary E. Casper Leone       Lbr. Logging Restland Tenaha, Texas
Payne, Burke Chester 12-11-1902 11-20-1978 Chess Payne          Mollie Wilburn Kate   Ret.Furn. Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Peoples, Bertha 03-23-1898 08-21-1978 Joseph Shelton    Minerva McKinney Jim               - Bethel, Appleby Nacog. County Tx
Powdrill, R. J. 08-03-1920 06-04-1978 John R. Powdrill  Cordellia Peace Margaret  Ret.Const. Powdrill Shelby County Tx
Powers, Johnty Lyles 10-31-1891 09-01-1978 John T. Powers/Ga  Sallie Bird/Tx Oma     Poultry Dlr. Oaklawn Waco, Texas
Richards, Sheldon Corbin 11-29-1978 11-30-1978 Charles Richards  Barbara Brittain Child Shelbyville Beaumont, Texas
Riley, Curtis B. 10-19-1903 02-05-1978 Calvin Riley          Christine McFarland Ann          Pipe Line En Woods Tenaha, Texas
Roberts, John Frederick 03-04-1911 11-17-1978 - Latane         - Neuville -
Robinson, Jearl Don 02-17-1955 08-31-1978 Roland R. Robinson Mary Ruth Mills Debarah  Maint. Oaklawn Ft. Wayne, Indiana
Rogers, William Carlton 11-06-1893 12-14-1978 John C. Robers     Susan Bell Wilson -     Ret.Laundry LoneHaven Gardens Shelby County Tx
Rudd, William Roy 07-02-1910 05-21-1978 Francis M. Rudd    Lula Frances Wilson Elsie Tee  Farm, Ranch Mt. Pleasant Shelby County Tx
Rushing, Harry L. 06-12-1906 01-25-1978 Der. Edgar Rushing  Jessie Lassiter -   Rest.Waiter Joaquin Shelby County Tx
Russell, James Cody 03-02-1919 04-16-1978 Homer Russell      Mollie Williams Mozelle  Ret.Teamstr White Rock Shelby County Tx
Russell, John Durwood 09-17-1936 07-18-1978 Carroll Russell       Katie Burns -        Mechanic Old Salem Center, Texas
Sample, Willie 02-21-1903 10-02-1978 N. W. Sample        Maggie Metcalf Mae     Ret.Farmer Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Sanford, Oren Earl 02-11-1913 10-15-1978 George Sanford    May Golden -    Carpenter Borders Shelby County Tx
Schillings, J. T. 09-28-1918 01-07-1978 Jewell Schillings    Willie B. Nail Juanita  Ast.Bld.Spt. Fairview Shelby County Tx
Shadix, Bereniece 05-19-1898 10-18-1978 A. E. Day              Nellie Mae Smith -    Ret.Teacher Fairview Garrison, Texas
Sherrod, Virgie Townsend 10-03-1907 03-11-1978 James O. Jones       Cora Gibbs -           Ret.Nurse Smith Shelby County Tx
Shofner, Martin L. 02-11-1902 09-07-1978 Richard Shofner   Emaline Bowlin Bessie  Ret.Carpen. Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Shofner, Zack P. 05-23-1890 08-30-1978 Albert Shofner     Nannie Payne -     Ret.Farmer Duncan Shelby County Tx
Sholar, Elvin J. 03-14-1917 10-03-1978 Warren Sholar          Julia Armon Priester Dovie Lee  Shoe Cobb. Sholar Shelby County Tx
Sholar, Jodie Leslie 01-17-1903 03-10-1978 Warren Sholar       Julia Armon Priester - Sholar Shelby County Tx
Smith, Jerry Glenn 07-31-1943 09-14-1978 P. B. Smith          Grace Whitten Dianne   Contractor Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Smith, Margaret 04-20-1901 01-20-1978 Lon Price               Mary Roberts - Fairview Center, Texas
Smith, Maurice C. 12-11-1904 07-06-1978 John J. Smith/Md    Ada Virginia Hardy Norma  Ret.Pipe Ftr. Rather Weatherford Texas
Smith, Mildred Louise 02-01-1905 08-24-1978 James F. Smith        Mary E. Roundtree -  Ret.West.U Newburn Center, Texas
Smith, Myrtis L. 04-22-1913 09-11-1978 L. J. Ogden           Artie Freeman Homer         - Restland Arkansas
Snider, Rennie Clement 01-26-1895 10-01-1978 James S. Snider      Elizabeth Covington Bernice   Ret.Farmer Willow Grove Shelby County Tx
Spalteholz, Martha Price 09-17-1902 09-25-1978 Lon Price            Mary E. Roberts -         Teacher Fairview Center, Texas
Spann, Estell 11-19-1918 04-30-1978 Ephrian Estes       Louvenda Meeks Charlie  Housewife Spanns Chapel Shelby County Tx
Swanzy, Lola Wilson 12-09-1902 02-12-1978 Albert W. Jetton    Fannie Graves W. R.   Housewife New Hope Shelby County Tx
Taylor, Alma 11-27-1896 03-18-1978 James Arch Lane   Nannie Permenter -     Housewife Jackson Panola County Tx
Taylor, Thomas Elmer 07-29-1898 07-08-1978 John Taylor            Ellen Minnie    Ret.Farmer Mt. Herman Shelby County Tx
Thomas, Billie W. 05-22-1924 09-08-1978 Linus Winn          Blanche Waters -       Teacher Oaklawn Hainsville, Louisiana
Thomason, Allen Robert (Cheese) 07-25-1903 08-02-1978 J. R. Thomason    Cora Fuller Fleta    Ret.Auto Sl Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Thomason, Zora Lane 03-11-1892 12-20-1978 Eli Lane                   Zue Jones -       Housewife Mt. Herman Shelby County Tx
Tinkle, Shane Montgomery 08-06-1971 02-20-1978 Steve Tinkle          Monte Williams Child Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Tomlin, Ben M. 07-15-1909 12-09-1978 W. J. Tomlin          Sudie Warr -            Farmer Mt. Pleasant Shelby County Tx
Tuckness, Maudine 06-14-1901 05-15-1978 David Phillip Lyles Adaline Fish/La - Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Tyer, Maurice 09-12-1920 01-24-1978 Dewey Tyer          Paralee Alexander Opal      Painter Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Vaughn, George Washington 03-02-1911 07-21-1978 George Vaughn     Mollie Buckley Nona     Ret.Farmer Strong Huxley, Texas
Waggoner, Bonnie Lamurrell 05-30-1928 09-15-1978 Robert Windham   Lillie Wilkerson Travis   Housewife Wilkerson San Aug.  Texas
Walker, Clayte 08-03-1899 01-16-1978 Jim Walker          Mary Bullard - Pleasant Grove Shelby County Tx
Warr, Gertie 05-13-1892 02-02-1978 Jim Bridges           Endora Parker Joe     Housewife Fairview Alabama
Warren, Jessie Clark 10-23-1890 03-06-1978 Charles W. Warren Addie Meggs -    Ret.Store O Mt Herman Shelby County Tx
Watkins, Beulah 01-10-1877 07-02-1978 Sam H. Matthews  Mary Sinclair George L.    - Sinclair Shelby County Tx
Weaver, Hazel Fern 03-10-1902 11-24-1978 Vernon Weaver    Annie B. Dillon -    Accountant Fairview Timpson, Texas
Webb, Ross Melton 12-06-1936 01-25-1978 Melton A. Webb    Jimmie Lee Wilson Nell   Druggist Springville, Louisiana Mansfield, Louisian
White, Macon George 02-02-1910 08-30-1978 Joseph F. White    Hanna Goodman Ruth     Carp.Fore. Campti Bonifay, Florida
Whitten, Thomas J. 07-04-1900 06-14-1978 John Whitten       Fannie Mozell   Ret.Farmer White Rock Rusk County Texas
Wiggins, Samuel Lavon 08-31-1922 08-05-1978 Joe Wiggins            Josie -   Hvy.Equip. Ramah Shelby County Tx
Wilburn, Bentley 03-22-1897 05-20-1978 L. T. Wilburn        Mary Jane Haley Minnie  Ret.Farmer West Hamilton Shelby County Tx
Williams, E. D. 04-24-1933 10-01-1978 George Williams    Vena Bailey Jo Ann   Ret.Laborer White Rock Shelby County Tx
Williams, Hettie 11-22-1900 06-10-1978 J. F. Mullen          Crecie McDaniel -      Housewife Paris, Texas Oklahoma
Williams, Nona 03-27-1894 12-29-1978 Eli Webb              Mattie Gunnels -      Housewife Mt. Pleasant Shelby County Tx
Williford, J. C. (Jay) 06-19-1928 10-02-1978 George H. Williford Daisy Hughes Sallie     T.V.Tech. Antioch Nacog. County Tx
Wimberly, Marcus 11-13-1904 06-02-1978 Jim Wimberly       Donna Bolin Dora  Ret.Oil Fld. Old Center Shelby County Tx
Windham, Allie 08-22-1902 01-27-1978 James Riley Clark  Catherine Willoughby - Sardis Shelby County Tx
Womack, Rosa Lee 04-30-1895 08-13-1978 E. L. McDaniel     Georgia R. Parkman -       Housewife Restland Panola County Tx
Wood, Anthony 08-19-1914 03-26-1978 William Anthony   Kizzie Baggett -   Const.Wkr. Sardis Shelby County Tx
Wood, Jethro Oscar 04-29-1887 03-23-1978 - -    Ret.Farmer Bradley Springs Arkansas
Wood, Mattie M. 10-01-1899 02-04-1978 Clinton P. Wood    Paralee Ward -    Housekeep. Fairview Shelby County Tx
Wood, Samuel J. (Sam) 10-01-1911 02-10-1978 Otto Wood             Iva Walker Bessie  Ret.Teacher Truitt Shelby County Tx