Mangum Funeral Home

This list was transcribed from the files of Mangum Funeral Home for the burial year 1987.  The text has been written just as the recording person wrote them into the register.  Only in a few cases have they been edited and rewritten as they were intended.  Records are sorted into alphabetic sequence for ease of research.  

Special thanks to Leonard Irish for his assistance in transcribing these records

Name Birthdate  Deathdate Father/Birthplace Mother/Birthplace Spouse Occupation Interment Born
Adams, Laurie M. 01-15-1906 05-27-1987 J. W. Reynolds       Sallie Dean Rev. Willie   Housewife Adams Shelby County Texas
Adams, Oswald Vernon (Bill) 10-31-1920 02-26-1987 Bob Adams              Vannie Mae Saford Ruthelma Lou Body Shop Newburn Center, Texas
Alford, Edith Margaret (Skeeter) 06-30-1928 12-17-1987 James M. Hughes Evie Lynch/Tx -                    Housewife Oaklawn Shelby County Texas
Alverson, Ella Mae 05-01-1904 02-24-1987 William Nutt           Elizabeth Scott -                 Housewife Old Center Panola County Texas
Andrews, Bertie S. 01-31-1893 10-25-1987 Jessie W. English    Annie Windham -                   Housewife Lone Cedar Shelby County Texas
Andrews, Mary Irene 08-21-1897 09-22-1987 L. M. Andrews      Costella Windham -                  Housekeeper Mt. Pleasant Shelby County Texas
Armstreet, Annie D. 10-10-1897 08-22-1987 William H. Cockrell  Marnie Lee Lilly -                  Housewife Jackson Shelby County Texas
Arnold, Juanita 08-27-1932 08-07-1987 Carroll Horn Lovell  Elder Savell Tommie       Housekeeper North Jericho San Augustine County Texas
Bagwell, Lawrence Raymond 08-15-1907 09-20-1987 George Bagwell      Elzia Templin Betty            Electrical Eng. Ramah Shelby County Texas
Bailey, Kathryn 07-22-1912 07-04-1987 D. Kay                    Annie Brown Garland       Housewife Wimberly Louisiana
Baldwin, James E., Jr. 11-27-1936 04-04-1987 James E. Baldwin    Jessie Lee Hartt Maria Helen  Ret.Cent.Ply Woods Nacogdoches County Texas
Baldwin, Mary Alice 02-29-1916 02-19-1987 - - Wood -
Barbe, Lois 04-15-1904 07-19-1987 Joseph B. McKinzie  Minnie B. Cross -                 Housewife White Rock Shelby County Texas
Basham, Megan Ann 12-06-1987 12-06-1987 Jessie Coy Basham  Sheri Chapman Child Ramah Nacogdoches, Texas
Belrose, Cecil 03-06-1899 02-26-1987 Henry Willoughby     Lou Cressie Webb Lloyd C.      Housewife Sardis Shelby County Texas
Billingsley, Hallie Porter 10-09-1902 02-18-1987 Robert Allen Porter  Lillie F. Risinger -                    Housewife Tennessee Shelby County Texas
Binger, Duane E. 09-06-1925 09-17-1987 Henry A. Binger      Laura Brown Oma Lee     Maintenance Brookside, Houston Neleigh, Nebraska
Black, Vera Essie Hughes 02-04-1899 05-02-1987 George Hughes      Nancy E. Biggars -                   Housewife Sardis Shelby County Texas
Bodine, Essie B. 06-08-1908 04-12-1987 James A. Goings    Virginia Chambliss Bert               Housewife West Hamilton Shelby County Texas
Boles, Eva Mozelle 06-21-1922 12-07-1987 Robert Gunnels        Alma Eaves - Spann's Chapel -
Bowers, Marietta 08-15-1891 02-04-1987 George Buroughs    Alice Parker -                 Housewife Newburn Shelby County Texas
Bowser, David Homer 11-12-1918 07-08-1987 Marton Reed Bowser Carrie Fair Nadine        Ret.Merch.M Cremation Kittaning, Pennsylvania
Boyd, Lessie Martin 08-17-1912 08-01-1987 Robert Lee Bridges  Almina E. Mull -                   Housekeeper Martinsville Shelby County Texas
Brooks, Barry Lynn 07-10-1957 05-08-1987 B. R. Brooks            Tommie Wall -                   Pipe Liner Woodlawn Panola County Texas
Brown, Iva Mae 03-13-1908 07-24-1987 F. B. Lewis              Martha Richardson -                  Housewife Oaklawn Bowie County Texas
Brown, Nennie Sample 11-15-1900 09-18-1987 Nathaniel W. Sample  Maggie Jane Metcalf -                   Housewife Wimberly Shelby County Texas
Bruno, Myrtle F. 09-19-1901 05-08-1987 Thomas M. Mays/Ar Bama Hynes/Tx -                  Housekeeper Pocahontas, Arkansas Randolph Co. Arkansas
Bryant, Anna Mae 09-17-1918 04-21-1987 J. B. Edwards        Mattie Holder C. B.             Housewife Waterman Shelby County Texas
Buckner, Lillie L. 10-03-1896 07-04-1987 John W. Hanks       Lucinda Mucleroy -                   Housewife Buckner San Augustine County Texas
Bullock, George Edward 02-24-1908 01-20-1987 John H. Bullock       Emmie S. Crawford Linnie           Ret.Pub.Wks. Pleasant Hill, Nacog. Co. Texas
Bullock, Kizzie Mae 01-06-1903 01-07-1987 William J. Dick         Sarah Impson -                   Housewife Pleasant Hill Nacog. Co. Louisiana
Bush, Bulah M. 05-21-1893 08-26-1987 Ablert Jetton            Fannie Graves -                   Housewife New Hope Shelby County Texas
Byford, Fate 04-28-1911 11-12-1987 Hugh Byford           Emma Wall Buna             Farmer Mt. Pleasant Shelby County Texas
Cammack, Callie Ann 04-20-1903 02-09-1987 Will Hutto                Ida Kilpatrick -                 Housewife Ramah Shelby County Texas
Carmichael, Nina Baker 12-16-1900 09-05-1987 John N. Baker       Valley Beck -                  Ret.Tele.Op. Pleasant Grove Shelby County Texas
Carroll, Everett 10-28-1914 08-05-1987 - -                  Mechanic Fairview Indiana
Chambliss, Nettie Ora 12-11-1897 02-21-1987 John T. Estes           Almedia Waltrop -                  Housewife Strong Shelby County Texas
Chandler, Grace 09-11-1903 02-01-1987 W. W. Boozer        Octavia Metz -                   Housewife McClelland Shelby County Texas
Choate, Donnie Faye 05-17-1948 10-24-1987 Pierson Choate      Mae Wilson - Cremation Shelby County Texas
Choron, Virgil Lee 01-05-1907 05-23-1987 Lee Choron            Mattie Goen Minnie           Ret.Butcher Pleasant Grove Nacogdoches County Texas
Clark, Audrey K. 10-14-1900 09-02-1987 Robert E. Kyle        Sally Morris -                  Housewife Lone Cedar Panola County Texas
Clifton, Richey 07-04-1923 12-07-1987 William E. Clifton     Sallie Smith -                  Pipe Fitter Pleasant Grove Shelby County Texas
Clotiaux, Stella Lee 08-23-1906 11-21-1987 David Weatherford  Lydia Thompson -                   Housewife Old Home Shelby County Texas
Cloud, Laverne A. 09-15-1928 03-26-1987 Ora Danley              Allie Denton -                  Store Owner White Rock Shelby County Texas
Cockrell, Myrtie 10-03-1911 06-22-1987 Henry Cockrell/Tx   Marnie Lilly/Tx -                  Housekeeper Sholar Shelby County Texas
Cohenour, Helen 04-01-1926 10-21-1987 Michael James Britt  Sarah Belson -                   Housekeeper Folsom Chapel Massachusetts
Collins, Edmund Frank 02-22-1910 03-07-1987 Edmund D. Collins  Lilly Killens -                   Pest Control McClelland Shelby County Texas
Collum, John James 12-25-1921 10-16-1987 Will E. Collum         Myrtie Mae Hitt -                   Ret.Disab.Vet Wimberly Shelby County Texas
Cooper, Essie D. 07-20-1903 09-18-1987 John W. Jones          Mary E. Burns -                    Housewife Antioch Shelby County Texas
Cox, Everett 12-23-1906 03-17-1987 John L. Cox             Beulah Irving Myrtle         Heavy Equip. Jackson Shelby County Texas
Cox, James Abner 09-29-1906 06-16-1987 Henry H. Cox          Kate Griffin Frances       Steel Oper. Smith Shelby County Texas
Cox, Lockwood C., Jr. (Junior) 04-08-1930 04-19-1987 L. C. Cox, Sr.        Ruby Wiggins -                  Const.Rigger East Hamilton Shelby County Texas
Cox, Myrtle 12-27-1907 08-20-1987 Joe Henry Lamber   Savanah E. Hodges -                  Housekeeper Jackson Shelby County Texas
Coyle, Jennie M. 04-26-1906 10-28-1987 Stalford                     Ruby Mae Jordan -                   Housekeeper Old Home Kansas
Crocker, Zera 04-06-1897 02-05-1987 Thomas N. Crocker  Margaret Thomas -                   Cosmotics Antioch Shelby County Texas
Crouch, Jacob Edgar 06-18-1927 01-02-1987 Raymond Crouch   Ethel Davis -                   Kroger Mgr. Newburn Shelby County Texas
Cruse, Theordore 09-03-1914 08-06-1987 Fred Cruse/Ill     Minnie Beasley/La -                      Auto Mechan Holly Springs Shelby County Texas
Cupit, Ollie Avis 11-15-1908 05-21-1987 W. H. Nichols        Jennie Fitzgerald -                   Housewife Shiloh San Augustine County Texas
Davis, Fred W. 02-26-1914 01-17-1987 Marvin Davis           Maybell Willoughby -                   Farmer Sardis Shelby County Texas
Davis, Jimmie W. 06-09-1904 01-15-1987 John T. Davis           Vannie Warr Grace            Ret.Painter Fairview Shelby County Texas
Denton, Frank Roy 10-21-1906 05-06-1987 Martin Roy Denton   Edith Best -                   Geologist Bishop Mason Ctr. Lincoln, Nebraska
Duncan, Maxie 10-04-1918 04-22-1987 Charlie Owens        Myrtie Ann Boozier Leon             Housekeeper Wimberly Shelby County Texas
Eaves, Aaron Johnny 04-02-1921 11-07-1987 Carl Eaves               Janeve Satterwhite -                   Blow Sander Spann's Chapel Shelby County Texas
Edgar, Opal 08-30-1903 09-22-1987 John McKay           Lula Tipton -                  Housekeeper Sunset, Sunset, Tex. Wise County Texas
Elliott, Bertha C. 06-26-1907 10-16-1987 Charles M. Woolen  Cary M. Wright -                  Housewife Oaklawn Fairfield, Illinois
Emanis, Clara Belle 01-15-1902 11-08-1987 George Fincher       Mollie Porter -                  Housewife Pleasant Grove Shelby County Texas
Emanis, Wanda Mae 02-19-1925 02-06-1987 William E. Holden   Zella Mae Bigony F. A.          AbsSecretary Powdrill Falls County Texas
Etheredge, Wesley D. 02-24-1926 10-22-1987 D. C. Etheredge/La  Lela Phillips/La Johnnie Mae  Pharmacist Oaklawn Pleasant Hill, Louisiana
Fletcher, Mary Elizabeth 03-26-1936 02-04-1987 J. J. Murphy           Florence Jones James Alvin   Housewife Patroon Shelby County Texas
Forbis, Leola 08-15-1898 05-11-1987 John Davis             Laura Brittain -                   Housekeeper Oaklawn San Augustine County Texas
Frazer, Ruth V. 07-23-1899 02-02-1987 Ben Thorn               Cora E. Palmer -                  Housewife Fairview Shelby County Texas
Fuller, Laura L. 04-06-1905 04-30-1987 Bartow Scarborough Lucy Newsome -                   Housewife Rest Lawn Starke, Florida
Fults, Floyd 10-15-1916 02-28-1987 Eli Fults                   Sallie Wilkerson -                  Construction Caledonia Shelby County Texas
Fults, William M. 01-31-1898 02-24-1987 William Fults           Elizabeth Sanford -                 Ret.Farmer Thompson Shelby County Texas
Gary, Rev. Glyn 06-14-1926 01-02-1987 Lester Gary             Fannie McClure Bobbie        Minister Mt. Bethel, Gary, Texas Panola County Texas
Gatlin, Gladys 04-09-1911 08-19-1987 Glenn McDonald    Pricilla Dewberry -                Housekeeper Oaklawn Oklahoma
George, Mary 11-05-1901 04-21-1987 Dave Ballard            Maud Shillings -                 Housewife Antioch Shelby County Texas
Goings, Deborah 07-15-1953 04-17-1987 Royce Fancher/Tx   Gracie Wimberly/Tx -                   Housekeeper Strong Center, Texas
Golden, Clyde Warren 10-19-1918 06-20-1987 Mike Golden/Tx      Janie Wilson Edna           Ret.Machinist Folsom Chapel Shelby County Texas
Graves, Loniel T. (Pee Wee) 09-21-1908 06-29-1987 Will B. Graves        Sally Langford Lucille            Truck Driver Short Shelby County Texas
Hall, Ellis Bruner 05-09-1916 01-13-1987 Ellia Huston Hall     Ida Rhodes -                  Ret.Printer Buckner Center, Texas
Hancock, Robert E (Bob) 01-09-1896 12-08-1987 Robert H. Hancock  Alice Byers -                   Ret.Farmer Old Center Panola County Texas
Hanson, Jack Carlton 09-08-1927 05-09-1987 Carl Jackson Hanson Zettie Dunham -                    Oil Fld.Pump. Joaquin Shelby County Texas
Harris, Robert A. 07-08-1921 02-14-1987 - Avis J.          Ret.West.Elec Oakawn -
Hart, Cecil Wesley 05-09-1924 05-16-1987 Thomas Hart            Angie Smith Odell           Ret.Police Mt. Herman Harris County Texas
Hasting, Wallace Lee 11-01-1896 02-17-1987 William A. Hasting   Melviney Humphries Susan          Maint.Eng. Galveston Mem. Park Welonia, Alabama
Helton, T. O. (IO) 01-09-1917 05-16-1987 John Thomas Helton  America Tramble Winnifred    Ret.Trk.Driv. Sandhill Shelby County Texas
Hennigan, Ulate 09-11-1898 06-14-1987 Jack Hennigan       Lydia Jordan Ethel            Conc. Finisher Oaklawn Bienville Parish Louisiana
Hodges, Nina 09-05-1903 07-18-1987 Will Hoges              Paralee Thompson -                  Housekeeper Cannon Shelby County Texas
Holiday, Dollie 03-18-1900 09-11-1987 Perry Anderson       Rosie Wilburn -                  Housewife Holly Springs Shelby County Texas
Holt, Luther E. 09-20-1908 08-10-1987 Amos W. Holt          Julia Ann Lout -                   Ret.Farmer Rather Shelby County Texas
Hooker, Marvin Wilkerson 10-15-1909 03-20-1987 Ben Hooker/Tx      Hazelwood Grubbs/T -                   Ins. Agency Restland Panola County Texas
Hooper, Charles Leon 10-23-1922 10-20-1987 John J. Hooper        Allie Nora Russell -                  Machinist Wimberly Shelby County Texas
Hughes, D. O. 08-03-1902 08-10-1987 Otis Hughes           Etta Martin -                   Pipe Liner Oaklawn Shelby County Texas
Hughes, Joe 05-17-1903 01-15-1987 John R. Hughes/Tx   Eva Goodson/La -                  Ret.Farmer Oaklawn Shelby County Texas
Humphrey, Minta Arnette 09-08-1910 12-15-1987 David M. Brown     Nannie Bradford -                  Housewife Patroon Patroon, Texas
Hussey, John Burns 07-21-1895 03-09-1987 A. E. D. Hussey    Sidera Risinger -                  Ret.Farmer Ramah Shelby County Texas
Inman, Bobby Joe 11-17-1949 07-11-1987 Dumas Joe Inman     Evelia Johnson Dawn         Mechanic Mt. Herman Nacogdoches County Texas
Jackson, Alvis Oneal 01-03-1967 04-26-1987 Oneal Jackson, Sr.  Linda Wilson -                 Dist.Salesman Oaklawn Center, Texas
Jackson, Theresa Pearl 08-15-1934 02-16-1987 -                               Norma Still - Sardis -
Jackson, William Henry, Jr. 06-29-1921 05-09-1987 W. H. Jackson, Sr.  Viola Deason -                  Ret.Bruce Oaklawn Shelby County Texas
Jacobs, James Rowe 07-18-1926 06-19-1987 John W. Jacobs     Stella Wilburn Eva              Lbr.Salesman West Hamilton Shelby County Texas
Jo Dell Cockrell 06-09-1930 11-15-1987 Hugo O. Edbert/Min Gussie Matthews/Tx -                  Bookkeeper Sholar Shreveport, Louisiana
Johnson, Newton, Sr. 04-24-1915 07-29-1987 Edwin E. Johnson    Vertie Mills Anna Lea     Electronic Tec Short Shelby County Texas
Johnson, William Burch 03-03-1923 12-29-1987 Robert Johnson       Mary H. Wilson -                  Ret.Machinist White Rock Shelby County Texas
Jones, Gearldine 05-29-1907 04-21-1987 Lee James Stokes/Pa Maude Eldred Cox/P -                  Housekeeper Oaklawn Evansville, Pennsylvania
Jones, Oliver R. 07-13-1917 10-16-1987 James O. Jones       Cora Ann Gibbs -                  Refinery Tec. Smith Shelby County Texas
Keele, Howard 06-29-1941 05-27-1987 Arthur Keele           Reba Tindon Dorothy C.   Metal Fabric. White Rock Shelby County Texas
Krauskopf, Tina Shlea 03-28-1969 11-04-1987 Willie J. Krauskopf  Barbara L. Beaty -                   Pizzarea Folsom Chapel Houston, Texas
Lane, Linda Sue 08-06-1948 05-08-1987 Warren Good          Mildred Wright -                  Housewife Shelbyville Ochiltree County Texas
Lawrence, Charlie M., Sr. 03-10-1910 12-18-1987 David L. Lawrence   Celina Allen Olivia          Reb.Elec.Mtrs Strong Mississippi
Leach, Clarence Sid, Jr. 08-23-1921 11-07-1987 Clarence Leach       Emma Lynch Thelma       Mechanic Antioch, San Augustine San Augustine County Texas
Leach, Ferrell 06-13-1933 01-10-1987 Clarence Leach       Emmer Lynch Gertie A.   Heavy Equip. Spann's Chapel San Augustine County Texas
Leggett, Gladys Irene 04-25-1910 03-20-1987 Benjamin F. Gary/Tx Ida Jane Boucher/Tx Ace             Housewife Johnson Texas
Luman, Della 11-30-1910 01-09-1987 Tom Parrish            Nettie Danley Wilburn       Housewife Mt. Herman Shelby County Texas
Luman, John Lum 12-21-1905 07-04-1987 John W. Luman       Martha Gray Dollie          Ret.Farmer Rather Shelby County Texas
Madden, Vergie 03-11-1900 09-06-1987 Dick Boles             Rosie Brittain -                  Housewife Strong Shelby County Texas
Mahan, Jane 10-25-1930 01-13-1987 Ira Goodrich           Dollie Muckleroy Austin           Teacher Oaklawn Houston, Texas
Manshack, Dellar Lee 08-29-1904 07-15-1987 Buddy Hughes      Roxie Richards -                 Housewife Campti Shelby County Texas
Martin, Kenneth Lee 05-31-1963 08-13-1987 J. B. Martin            Sally Minor -                    Auto Mech. Brookside Henderson, Texas
Mask, Zelda 07-31-1895 10-05-1987 William A. Hamilton  Elizabeth Brady -                 Housekeeper Brady Shelby County Texas
Matthews, Lois Florene 01-06-1911 02-10-1987 Robert W. Bolton   Nannie E. Jordan -                  Housewife Oaklawn Shelby County Texas
McGowan, Drew Netherly 06-10-1925 04-01-1987 Charlie N. McGowan Connie Eddins Dicie            Well Tender Jackson San Augustine County Texas
McKinley, Glen 11-15-1907 08-24-1987 Sylvanus McKinley  Lula Hogan -                  Farmer Fairview Indiana
McLeod, Verna 01-28-1905 08-23-1987 Jom Baldree            Ella Gray -                 Housekeeper East Hamilton Sabine County Texas
McMahon, Martin Luther 09-28-1919 06-23-1987 Luther McMahon     Nela Griffith Willie             Truck Driver Wimberly Shelby County Texas
Mena, O. B. 08-23-1932 01-03-1987 Sidney Mena           Emma Paddie Florene        Construction Oaklawn Noble, Louisiana
Meshell, Ruby Mae 11-08-1926 01-30-1987 Clem Rains             Lonnie Wilkerson William          Housewife White Rock Shelby County Texas
Miller, Marshall 12-21-1923 12-29-1987 Bob Miller                Vicia Winslow Claudia         Machine Op. Pleasant Hill Shelby County Texas
Mills, Verlon 01-17-1910 10-04-1987 Thomas C. Vaughn  Eliza M. Childress -                   Housewife Oaklawn Shelby County Texas
Mitchell, Willie B. 10-16-1902 03-15-1987 Will Mitchell            Clara English -                   Ret.Farmer Oaklawn Shelby County Texas
Mixon, Ernest John 11-26-1946 11-30-1987 Ernest Jesse Mixon  Rose M. Schumann Helga            Truck Driver Strong Houston, Texas
Moore, Lucille 03-24-1912 05-25-1987 James R. Clark       Catherine Willoughby -                 Housewife Sardis Shelby County Texas
Muckleroy, Delbert Cecil 06-06-1910 06-27-1987 Conda H. Muckelroy Claudia Haltom Thelma        Lab. Tech. Short Melrose, Texas
Muldrow, Hazel Rogers 06-12-1902 11-18-1987 John C. Rogers       Susan Wilson Louis S.      Housewife Fairview Center, Texas
Neel, Joe Allen, Jr. 01-20-1958 12-18-1987 Joe Allen Neel, Sr.  Virginia Buckland -                   Cust. Rep. Old Tennessee Hardin County Texas
Neel, Nora B. 01-20-1901 06-07-1987 James Amos Bowlin  Alice Green -                 Housekeeper Old Tennessee Shelby County Texas
Niklaus, Karl Henry 03-07-1900 02-28-1987 Jofuvon Reve Niklaus Louise Bebonie -                  News Printer Oaklawn, Illinois Sumner, Ohio
Norton, Mavis S. 12-23-1914 07-08-1987 Jesse Senter            Fern Justin Lee               Housewife Oaklawn Nacona, Texas
Nowell, Freddie Lee 10-02-1929 09-30-1987 Will Duncan            Sally McMahon -                 Tele.Operator Duncan Shelby County Texas
Null, Merlene 12-10-1933 04-24-1987 Noah Fults              Modenia Byrd Jean              Housewife Powdrill Center, Texas
Owen, William Frank, Jr. 10-31-1923 03-21-1987 William F. Owen, Sr.  Virgie Davis Suzanne     Trasp.Mgr. Oaklawn Viriginia
Page, Lonie Clark 12-01-1911 01-20-1987 John H. Clark          Mary D. Bloodworth -                   Housewife Oaklawn Starks, Louisiana
Parker, Bertha Gertrude 02-12-1910 09-25-1987 Rube Corbell           Symathia Wilburn Clint              Housewife Oaklawn Shelby County Texas
Parker, Kimberly Vaugh 09-22-1969 10-24-1987 Douglas Parker       Doris Vaughn -                    School Girl Strong Center, Texas
Parker, Mattie Adell Borders 02-07-1901 12-07-1987 R. E. Borders           Maggie Leach -                  Housewife Oaklawn Shelby County Texas
Parker, Neelan Burnard (Crook) 08-24-1923 07-18-1987 Burnard Parker/Tx  Mattie Borders/Tx -                  Ret.Farmer Oaklawn Shelby County Texas
Parmer, Billy Lee 12-18-1932 10-19-1987 Gordon Parmer     Brooksie Hilliard Patsy            Banker Oaklawn Shelby County Texas
Patterson, Anna J. 02-01-1905 01-21-1987 Leasor                     Alice Poe -                  Housewife Powdrill Arkansas
Perkinson, Donald A. 11-24-1924 12-20-1987 Fred L. Perkinson    Geneva Wooten Elaine Ross   Houston Post Oaklawn Abilene, Texas
Pigg, Lola 03-03-1905 10-08-1987 Sylvester Snider      Elizabeth Covington -                   Housewife Willow Grove Shelby County Texas
Porter, Larry Kent 08-13-1942 10-10-1987 Aaron Porter            Hersey Belrose Evelyn          Comm.Fisher Sardis Shelby County Texas
Powell, Mamie Louise 05-22-1904 01-22-1987 Jim Bridges            Nannie Ragan -                  Housewife Joaquin Louisiana
Pratt, Zelma Ellen 02-09-1917 01-14-1987 Mat Samford/Tx     Kathryn Dry/Tx -                   Housewife Asbury Chapel Center, Texas
Rash, Reno Doudley 04-11-1926 06-08-1987 Robert C. Rash     Annie Eaves -                   Logger Wimberly Shelby County Texas
Raymond, Ozelar Anderson 07-12-1904 03-27-1987 Archy Anderson      Amanda Hanks -                   Housewife Pleasant Hill Shelby County Texas
Reynolds, Jim Bob 10-10-1910 12-16-1987 John Reynolds          Jennie Eddins Janie            Ret.Hvy.Equ. Reynolds Shelby County Texas
Richardson, Asa Truitt 03-06-1901 04-06-1987 Fisher O. Richardson Frances Connell -                  Carpenter Oaklawn Shelby County Texas
Richardson, Donley Selwyn 08-04-1902 03-17-1987 George Richardson Mary E. Scates Ruby            Ret.Farmer Cedar Yard Shelby County Texas
Ritter, Snap 04-22-1906 01-29-1987 W. A. Ritter              Minnie Presley -                  Auto Mech. Sholar Clayton, Texas
Robertson, Archie Byron, Sr. 01-17-1901 04-16-1987 Archie S. Robertson Adaline King Eula              Ret.Hvy.Equ. Ramah Shelby County Texas
Rogers, Clyde 09-04-1908 07-14-1987 Thomas W. Rogers  Leona Pugh Julie Mae      Ret.Pipe Fitter Pine Ridge Shelby County Texas
Rogers, Edwin 07-23-1907 03-14-1987 O. C. Rogers           Era Stephens -                    Labor-Const. Fairview Center, Texas
Rudd, Pershing H. 10-10-1918 08-02-1987 F. M. Rudd              Lula Wilson Mary Alene  Ret.Farmer Mt. Pleasant Shelby County Texas
Rudd, Teddy Laried 09-10-1937 08-19-1987 Weldon Rudd          Duetta Youngblood Norma        Insurance Oaklawn Center, Texas
Russell, Clayton Baker 09-03-1907 02-06-1987 Homer Russell        Mollie Williams Helen          Construction White Rock Shelby County Texas
Samford, Clarence Ford 06-26-1924 01-22-1987 Clarence M. Samford Polly Ford Ann M.        Ret.Groc.Ow Oaklawn Center, Texas
Scott, Zina M. 06-12-1909 03-12-1987 Marion B. Fountain  Ollie E. Byrd Audrey        Housewife Old Salem Shelby County Texas
Scurlock, Hazel N. 10-01-1897 11-07-1987 Daniel T. Norris      Jessie Thomas -                   Housewife Fairview Desota Parish Louisiana
Sherman, Dorothy 04-07-1912 02-15-1987 Jack Oliver              Maude Wilson -                    Housewife Fairview Leon County Texas
Sherrod, Thomas H. 01-27-1920 04-09-1987 George W. Sherrod  Verlee Williford -                  Salesman Campti Shelbyville, Texas
Sims, Travis L. 08-30-1928 12-31-1987 Jessie J. Sims          Cynthia Byrd Clara            Construction Sardis Shelby County Texas
Smith, Jesse A. 01-16-1896 05-28-1987 Willie Smith              Anna Adams Ozella S.      Farmer Pine Ridge Alabama
Smith, Lewis E. 11-20-1925 08-09-1987 Tommy Smith           Era Bell Childress Lillie             Mechanic White Rock Logansport, Louisiana
Smith, Lola Belle 05-23-1896 07-29-1987 Thomas Windham   Bobbie Davis -                   Housekeeper East Hamilton Shelbyville, Texas
Smith, Susie 01-13-1905 01-03-1987 John Garrett Smith    Ella Gay -                  Housekeeper Oaklawn Red River Parish La.
Smithhart, Bertha Cox 07-10-1910 11-04-1987 John Lewis Cox    Beulah Irvine -                  Housewife Jackson Shelby County Texas
Spann, Audry Oliver 01-09-1921 02-03-1987 Rinze Spann            Ella Stanley Bessie           Ret.Farmer Buckner Shelby County Texas
Spells, Mineola 04-07-1893 04-23-1987 Jack Fletcher          Georgia Nutt -                    Housekeeper Oaklawn Shelby County Texas
Spurlock, Bertha 04-10-1895 06-07-1987 Forest Johnson      Nancy Bagwell -                  Housekeeper Restland Georgia
Stanley, Leon Leonard (Shorty) 10-05-1910 09-19-1987 - Wilma         Auto Dealer Pleasant Grove Center, Texas
Stephens, Thelma S. 11-18-1905 12-14-1987 James Samford/Tx Julia Rhodes/Tx -                  Housewife Oaklawn Shelby County Texas
Strickland, Cora L. 12-07-1916 09-26-1987 Arthur Taylor           Rena James Arvin   - Oaklawn Shelby County Texas
Taylor, Edith Bell 06-10-1898 02-02-1987 Wesley Swearingen  Maggie Swearingen Robert R.     Housewife Saminal Texas
Taylor, William Ramsey 07-08-1917 03-17-1987 Dave Taylor            Pearlie Daw Audrey W.  Ret.Auto Sls   Oaklawn Shelby County Texas
Teal, Francis Elizabeth 01-13-1980 08-11-1987 Daniel F. Pollard       Kizzie Weaver -                   Housewife Tennessee Rusk County Texas
Thompson, Harold 08-04-1929 12-17-1987 Walter L. Thompson Audrey Spurlock Lillie Roe      Ret. Painter Joaquin Shelby County Texas
Todd, Doris 11-05-1915 04-29-1987 Ned C. Corley        Eva Clardy -                  Housekeeper Cedar Yard Shelby County Texas
Truitt, Lucille Daw 09-13-1913 01-08-1987 J. C. Daw               Addie Price -                  Ret.Librarian Oaklawn Shelby County Texas
Twomey, Delbert Leroy 10-23-1918 12-11-1987 Robert Twomey     Annie Gomillon Joy Laverne Ret.Farmer Old Center Panola County Texas
Vail, Sadie B. 02-21-1916 08-17-1987 Fate Borders            Ora Graves Jessie B.        Housewife McClelland Shelby County Texas
Vannoy, Aura Jane 04-27-1918 04-22-1987 Joel Prince               April Ellis H. C.           Housewife Pine Ridge Shelby County Texas
Vaughn, Thelma Patricia 01-31-1935 11-22-1987 Elmer Ellington         Earnie Taylor Bill                 Housewife Strong Center, Texas
Vines, Lola 02-07-1902 07-15-1987 Jesse Williamson    Willie E. Carpenter Kit               Housekeeper Oaklawn Sabine County Texas
Waldon, Maggie Delaney 01-28-1899 09-10-1987 Felix Miller/Tx          Vicie Lout/Tx Earlie             Housewife Holly Springs Shelby County Texas
Watson, Hubbard A. 07-29-1905 06-04-1987 Arthur Watson          Mandy Wagstaff -                    Ret.Maint.Sup Restland Shelby County Texas
Watson, Hubbard Avie 07-29-1905 06-04-1987 Arthur Watson        Manby Wagstaff -                 Ret.Maint.Sp. Restland Shelby County Texas
Whiddon, Grace Lucille 03-12-1925 05-19-1987 Winnie C. Moody/Ga Lauree Barton/Ga -                   Housewife Sholar Savannah, Georgia
White, Dennis H. 05-21-1955 11-25-1987 A. V. White             Imogene Stone Carol J.        Carpenter Salem Baton Rouge, Louisiana
White, Onita B. 09-23-1895 11-24-1987 Norris Finley            Lena Scott -                  Housewife Pilgram Rest Martinsville Shelby County Texas
Whitney, Arthur Carter (Pinky) 01-02-1905 09-01-1987 John B. Whitney       Amelia Erider Harriett        Pro. Baseball Mission Prk. San Antonio Bexar County Texas
Whitten, John T. 05-09-1948 06-01-1987 T. J. Whitton           Lexa Willoughby Edith Ozan   Welder/Mech White Rock Shelby County Texas
Williams, Burnice (Slick) 05-13-1914 12-06-1987 Dee Williams             Arlevia McSwain Marcelle     Truck Driver White Rock Shelby County Texas
Williams, Rev. Flemond Loyd (Foey) 12-19-1906 02-16-1987 Charlie C. Williams   Paralee Parks Nell Rice   Minister Oaklawn Bosque County Texas
Williams, Veta McCann 08-31-1919 08-15-1987 James B. McCann    Odessa Wagstaff J. W.            Housewife Jackson Shelby County Texas
Windham, Carlin Ann 01-20-1952 07-06-1987 Carl G. Wright         Fayerene King Bill                Housewife Sardis Rockport, Texas
Windham, Carrie 03-23-1900 05-24-1987 Asa Moody              Shrina Samford -                  Housekeeper Oaklawn Shelby County Texas
Woodfin, Fannie Eugenia 12-03-1896 04-09-1987 J. B. Woodfin          Theodosia Bowlin -                    Housekeeper Tennessee Shelby County Texas
Woodfin, Jimmy Allen 04-14-1964 09-14-1987 Jerry B. Woodfin      Bobbie Long -                  Hair Stylist Corinth Panola County Texas
Wright, Brenda Gayle Bush 02-09-1953 01-08-1987 Coy D. Bush            Ima Jean Livingston Carl              Secretary Mt. Herman Center, Texas
Yarbrough, Adolph Dock 09-25-1904 09-17-1987 Jim Yarbrough          Lucy Lambert -                  Farmer Liberty Hill Trinity County Texas
Yeary, S. L. 09-09-1903 08-19-1987 Samuel L. Yeary     Lula Irish Mable           Ret.Mechanic Oaklawn Shelby County Texas