Mangum Funeral Home

This list was transcribed from the files of Mangum Funeral Home for the burial year 1992.  The text has been written just as the recording person wrote them into the register.  Only in a few cases have they been edited and rewritten as they were intended.  Records are sorted into alphabetic sequence for ease of research.   

Special thanks to Leonard Irish for his assistance in transcribing these records

Name Birthdate  Deathdate Father/Birthplace Mother/Birthplace Spouse Occupation Interment Born
Adams, E. V. 02-21-1910 05-05-1992 Edgar Barber         Fernader Hughes -              Housewife Oaklawn Nacog. County Tx.
Adams, Minnie Eloise 03-14-1914 09-23-1992 Walter A. Martin    Ella E. Chandler -        Housewife Oaklawn Pineland, Texas
Alford, Clara Reed 08-10-1896 02-12-1992 William A. Baker     Cynthia Jane Jamison -        Housewife Fairview Shelby County Tx
Alford, Freddie Joe 04-06-1928 09-02-1992 Fred E. Alford/Tx  Clara M. Truitt/Tx   Doris        Carpenter Jackson Shelby County Tx
Anchez, Cruze Peredes 07-05-1953 07-13-1992 Filiberto Paredes  Martina Sanchez Natalia     Refrig. Jaun Martin, Mexico Celaya, Gto, Mexico
Anderson, Addie Aliece 11-13-1905 02-18-1992 Porter Anderson/Tx  Inez Espy/Tx -               Ret.Teacher Fairview Center, Texas
Andrews, Ethel May 10-21-1899 01-12-1992 L. M. Andrews      Cosstella Windham -           Housekeeper Mt. Pleasant Shelby County Tx
Armstreet, Edna Kathrine 08-26-1909 07-29-1992 Cicero Risinger      Cynthia Wilburn -            Housewife East Hamilton Shelby County Tx
Bailey, Leona (Lona) 08-16-1903 02-11-1992 Compton Bailey     Oneida Wannigan -             Housewife Neuville Shelby County Tx
Bailey, Lou Leona 10-30-1920 09-03-1992 John D. Mouser    Annie L. Rogers -           Housewife Cedar Grove Oakdale, Louisiana
Bailey, Walter Scott 09-22-1908 11-09-1992 Thomas J. Bailey     Susan E. Eason Oda           Farmer Pine Ridge Shelby County Tx
Bailey, Zelma Louis Adams 11-09-1914 04-25-1992 Luther T. Adams     Eleanor Hurst -                 Homemaker Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Baker, Maudie May 10-03-1905 07-10-1992 Acie Moody/Tx      Serena Samford/Tx -               Housewife Jackson Shelby County Tx
Ballenger, John Allen (Jack) 04-17-1927 06-03-1992 Clifton Ballenger    Lois Montgomery Cladia    Ret.Mar.Eng. White Rock Henderson, Texas
Barnett, Willie Lee (Sanford) 05-03-1914 10-28-1992 Will Sanford          Annie Smith Jim H.      Housewife Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Beckham, Howard 03-22-1917 05-05-1992 Hillon V. Beckham  Nora Palmer -           Construction Johnson Shelby County Tx
Bell, Ruby L. 04-11-1910 10-01-1992 James F. Pilot        Zola Brandon -                Housewife Strong Many, Louisiana
Belrose, Carlton Lee 08-21-1967 11-11-1992 J. E. Belrose           Janet Leehin Cain Georgie   Const. Weld. Sardis Shreveport, Louisiana
Berwick, Nora Bell 07-24-1929 06-17-1992 John F. Smith        Eddie J. King -             Housewife Pleasant Grove Shelby County Tx
Billingsley, John Terry, II 04-10-1961 05-06-1992 John T, Billingsley, I  Elanor Majors Melinda         - Ramah -
Black, James Howard 08-12-1927 05-26-1992 Joe Black          Beatrice McGee Dorothy    Heavy Equip. Jackson Joaquin, Texas
Blackburn, William Lawrence, Sr. 09-13-1913 10-08-1992 William Blackburn       - -              Sales Adv. Wimberly Anthony, Kansas
Blount, Sr., Aaron Avery 10-03-1920 07-05-1992 Girad Basil Blount  Dorinda Coyle Girtuce   Construction Willow Grove Shelby County Tx
Bowers, Giles 05-18-1914 04-06-1992 Tollie Bowers       Beulah Parkman Marie       Ret.Ethyl Cp. Ramah Shelby County Tx
Bridges, Ada 07-31-1895 09-14-1992 John H. Bullard       Ida Tate Walker -             Housewife New Hope Shelby County Tx
Bridwell, Edna 08-11-1915 02-10-1992 Joseph Mangrum    Addie Lee Bailey E. J.     Housewife White Rock Shelby County Tx
Bridwell, Leamon H. 07-22-1909 11-15-1992 James H. Bridwell   Mae McLeroy Ruth          Construction Oaklawn Rusk County Texas
Brittain, Maron Lamar 02-11-1915 02-07-1992 William J. Brittain    Emma Jane Windham -              Disable Vet. North Jericho Shelby County Tx
Brown, Homer B. 07-29-1901 10-15-1992 Charles T. Brown/Ala Lela Oates Sarah        Timber Mgr. West Hamilton Shelby County Tx
Brown, Kathryn, Louise 08-29-1904 11-10-1992 T. G. Minton        Tilatha Ann Pickard Max         Housewife Oaklawn Geneva, Texas
Burgess, Johnnie Stephens 05-17-1909 12-16-1992 William E. Stephens  Ellen Wilson -            Ret.Bookkpr Lone Cedar Shelby County Tx
Bushiey, Flozell 01-19-1920 04-17-1992 James R. Powdrill   Mallie Ruth Hughes -            Housewife Mt. Olive Shelby County Tx
Campbell, Callie 08-22-1900 07-02-1992 Crit Furlow           Vannie Fleming -              Housewife Strong Shelby County Tx
Campbell, Lela Bell 09-06-1898 05-14-1992 Walter Carlton      Sudie Meyers -           Housewife Fairview Shelby County Tx
Campbell, Sandra Kay "Sandi" Jones 06-16-1967 03-09-1992 Bobby Bruce Jones Thelma Kay Lewis -                Const.Painter Smith Center, Texas
Carlton, Carlos S. 04-13-1904 12-16-1992 Rob Carlton        Minta Thomas Edna      Carpenter Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Case, Beulah 11-08-1891 09-09-1992 Richard M. Biggar   Verse Sudora Creech -             Housewife Oaklawn Center, Texas
Ceal, Edna D. 04-11-1901 10-11-1992 James Allen Tindol  Leeona Choate -              Housewife White Rock Shelby County Tx
Chandler, Patsy Ruth 09-05-1929 08-23-1992 -                           Harriet Anderson -            Housewife White Rock Shelby County Tx
Childs, Fannie Lou 04-18-1913 09-18-1992 Truitt Powdrill/Tx    Junie McGee/Tx -             Housewife Jackson Shelby County Tx
Cockrell, Johnnie 04-11-1902 05-27-1992 Robert Lilly             Elvina Scott -              Housewife Sholar Shelby County Tx
Cockrell, Wesley A., Jr. 11-07-1920 02-28-1992 Wesley Cockrell, Sr. Gena Taylor/Tx -        Upholstry Joaquin Shelby County Tx
Cole, Chestine Sylvia Payne 09-20-1925 08-07-1992 Hilliard Payne         Lillie Inez Metcalf -               Nurses Aid Latham Shelby County Tx
Colvin, Lois Adell 07-22-1912 10-18-1992 Julious Daw           Elrtha Anding -           Housewife Short Shelby County Tx
Courtney, Jessie Maudell 08-13-1898 12-19-1992 Tom Carroll          Leona Whitmire -             Housewife Bradley Springs Shelby County Tx
Creasy, Mabel Virginia 05-16-1922 05-18-1992 Kaufman P. Williams Elizabeth Hatton -            Housewife Mt. Pleasant Shelby County Tx
Crenshaw, James Clyde 02-15-1908 12-22-1992 Richard F. Crenshaw Ione Metcalf -              Txs.Bdr.Pt. Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Cruse, Cora Mae 06-17-1924 07-31-1992 John Willis Brittain   Tennie C. Buckley Fred       Homemaker Strong Shelby County Tx
Culberson, Arnie Aaron 02-12-1934 03-31-1992 A. Z. Culberson    Hazel Wilburn Norma Lee  Ret.Hou.Fire Joaquin Joaquin, Texas
Davila, Uvence Ernest (Vince) 04-06-1966 10-04-1992 Uvaldo Davila    Ernestine Stanfield -              Poultry Ind. Salem Carthage, Texas
Daw, Orator Mae 06-10-1910 03-23-1992 Julious Daw          Eletha Anding -       Housekeeper Short Shelby County Tx
Delaney, Johnnie Leroy 11-17-1917 12-17-1992 Eddie F. Delaney  Maggie O. Miller Thelma     Ret.Post Mst Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Denby, Albert Prentis 09-16-1930 10-16-1992 George Denby     Mary Shofner Clara       Heavy Equip. Latham Shelby County Tx
Derby, Nella Dean 11-14-1936 12-16-1992 Owen Lawley     Lenora Beasley Murry     Housewife Martinsville Lanlo, Texas
Dockens, James Donice 07-30-1933 10-03-1992 Elzie Dockens     Fannie Sims Elnora Shue  Ret.Military Strong Shelby County Tx
Downing, Virginia Wilkerson 02-02-1918 07-03-1992 James Bell             Caroline Habermehl -             Housewife Union Houston, Texas
DuBose, Emma Jane 09-27-1931 06-23-1992 J. R. Walter Wood   Bessie Adair Warner William W.  Ret.Clerk Woods West Plains, Missouri
Duke, Nina Mae 01-10-1911 08-14-1992 James Monroe King  Lucy Elizabeth Alders -               Housewife White Rock Nacog. County Tx
Dupre, Esther Wood 06-09-1903 07-22-1992 John Lee Wood   Zella Ferguson -            Housewife Corinth Ragley, Texas
Eaton, Thomas Wayne 01-11-1941 11-19-1992 William G. Eaton Thelma L. Bradford Jo Ann     Bookkeeper Timpson Missionary Franklin, Texas
Eddins, James W. 02-27-1899 03-02-1992 Robert P. Eddins     Nancy McKinzie -               Ret.Farmer Mt. Herman Shelby County Tx
Ellington, Earnie Almedia 11-14-1901 03-02-1992 Jesse Taylor          Mattie Kimbro -           Housewife Mt. Herman Shelby County Tx
Ellis, William David 09-15-1956 07-26-1992 Pete Ellis              Margie Ann Joseph -                Comp.Draft Strong Ironton, Ohio
Elrod, Shelly Rene Parker 04-10-1965 11-13-1992 Larry C. Coons   Charlotte Taylor Donald    Housewife Mt. Herman Freeport, Texas
Englehart, Lillian Lucille 09-25-1920 08-14-1992 Charles S. Carroll  Cleo Gay Frank    Ret.Post Clk Mulberry, Fannin Co. Fannin County Tx
Enmon, Clyde H. 11-20-1919 06-22-1992 Burett Enmon       Nancy Brittain Jo Stedman  Const.Eng. Clever Creek Shelby County Tx
Ervin, Buford 12-13-1904 01-09-1992 Howard Ervin        Lela Strickland Annie Mae  Pipeline Cons Holly Springs Shelby County Tx
Estes, Alva Burton 09-22-1924 040-30-1992 Burton Estes           Lola Buckner -             Truck Driver Tom Buckner Shelby County Tx
Estes, Roxie A. 09-08-1904 05-20-1992 Ellsworth                    - -           Housewife Fairview Louisiana
Fancher, Randy Lamar 08-12-1957 08-12-1992 Royce Fancher      Gracie Wimberly Marlene   Construction Strong Center, Texas
Fields, Florence R. 10-19-1894 01-11-1992 Horace Squyers    Martha Ann Mills -             Homemaker Sardis Shelby County Tx
Fleming, Mamie Lou 03-15-1907 09-27-1992 Mack Webb          Lizzie Walker -           Homemaker Sandhill Shelby County Tx
Forrest, Billie Ruth 05-16-1949 02-09-1992 Jim Bob Harvey    Tommie Lee Theford -             Homemaker Strong Shelby County Tx
Foster, Alma 07-09-1899 08-26-1992 Phillis Rogle                - - Tennessee -
Foster, Selma Lilly 03-21-1925 08-31-1992 - - Ramah Shelby County Tx
Fountain, Floyd Elvin "Buster" 05-18-1919 10-11-1992 Robert E. Fountain  Lela Langford Era             Ret.Logger Sunset Memorial San Aug. County Tx
Fountain, Joseph Charlie 07-19-1907 11-23-1992 Marion Fountain   Ollie Byrd Cora        Timber Cru. Mt. Herman San Aug. County Tx
Fountain, Louis Anderson 01-10-1917 10-05-1992 Marion Fountain    Ollie Byrd Ruby        Farmer White Rock Shelby County Tx
Fountain, Lubbert Earl 04-02-1939 09-04-1992 Clarence Fountain  Jewell Renfro Betty Lou    Farmer White Rock San Aug. County Tx
Franks, Geln Daniel (Sonny) 03-26-1930 10-08-1992 Willie Franks        Jewell Strawn Betty       Teamster Pleasant Grove Shelby County Tx
Gafford, Maurice 10-24-1914 02-15-1992 John R. Sowell       Lottie B. Colly Bert       Housewife Newburn Shelby County Tx
Goss, Alicia Ann 03-31-1962 11-02-1992 Gordon McDonald Patricia A. Doggett Delbert        Housewife Oaklawn Houston, Texas
Graves, Joe 12-12-1908 06-04-1992 Tom Graves           Myra Rowe Atha        Ind.Mtr.Read Old Center Carthage, Texas
Gray, Edith Theresa 03-28-1912 09-11-1992 John J. Gallagher Daisey Ritter -         Housewife Ramah Sandia, Texas
Gray, Eva Agathrena 10-09-1918 10-03-1992 Lockwood Cox       Ruby Wiggins -           Housewife East Hamilton Shelby County Tx
Green, Charles A. 11-22-1921 12-13-1992 Edward Green        Alma Whitson Martha     Truck Driver Ramah Shelby County Tx
Green, Mae 04-09-1915 01-02-1992 Jim Dearman/La    Mary Permenter/La -             Housewife Strong Shelby County Tx
Gunter, Truman E. 05-27-1921 09-06-1992 Noble Gunter       Jennie Porter Jewell L.   Truck Driver Tennessee Shelby County Tx
Haws, Harold Ray 09-18-1928 03-22-1992 Gopher Haws/Tx   Ruth Jacobsmeier/Tx -                  Oil Field Wkr Strong Tyler, Texas
Hayden, Theodore (Ted) 10-16-1933 06-22-1992 Frances E. Hayden  Georgia Moore Merline       Oil Field Wkr Mt. Herman Ohio
Hendricks, Travis 05-10-1913 10-07-1992 George W. Hendricks Samantha Renfro Ola Mae   Carp.&Farm. White Rock Shelby County Tx
Hill, Cecil 08-20-1906 11-07-1992 James Jones            Cora Gibbs -            Housewife Smith Shelby County Tx
Holt, Oma G. Sample 12-26-1911 07-30-1992 Alfred Permenter    Josie Bass -           Housewife Sample Shelby County Tx
Holt, Woodrow E. 07-29-1919 05-20-1992 Lawrence A. Holt  Johnnie Mae Hanks Dorothy     Carpenter McClelland Shelby County Tx
Hooker, Bertha McKee 01-15-1906 08-15-1992 Sam McKee           Ada Carroll -                 Ret.Tele.Op. Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Horton, Foris Calvin 10-01-1903 03-21-1992 Calvin H. Horton/Ark Allie Roper/Tx Mary         Ret.Gauger Tennessee Panola County Tx
Howard, John Alvis 07-03-1917 01-26-1992 James S. Howard   Lena Fowler Olivia      Poultry Sup. Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Huckabay, James Udelle 12-07-1909 11-30-1992 G. W. Huckabay   Allie Mae Bailey Estelle       Maint.Supv. Pine Ridge Oil City, Louisiana
Hughes, Eva P. 02-28-1912 04-11-1992 Oscar A. Mills      Ameila Cox -             Housewife Sardis Shelby County Tx
Hughes, Jerry MacAurthur 11-16-1942 12-12-1992 William E. Hughes  Emily C. Jernigan Janine      Auto Mech. Mt. Pleasant Shelby County Tx
Isbell, Irene 03-16-1906 03-13-1992 Joseph E. Hooper  Millisa Wagstaff -           Housewife Mt. Pleasant Shelby County Tx
Johnson, Leonard Wayne 06-29-1951 04-07-1992 Newton Johnson, Sr. Anna Lea Oliver -            Electrician Short Shelby County Tx
Jolley, Wylma Jane 01-11-1901 09-06-1992 Pete Latimer        Frances Black -            Housewife Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Jones, Albert Lee 02-03-1905 02-19-1992 John Jones             Mary Burns Mertie      Farmer,Cattle New Hope Shelby County Tx
Jones, Willie Mae 06-17-1902 10-08-1992 Elidge Lowe/Tx      Georgia Smotherman -            Housewife Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Juarez, Alfredo Santamaria 03-16-1967 09-26-1992 Antonio Santamaria Basilia Jaurez -                Laborer Dolores Hidalgo Dolores, Hidalgo, Mx
Kay, Fred 08-06-1908 06-19-1992 DeWitt Kay          Annie Brown Ruth         Farm/Ranch Strong Oakdale, Louisiana
Kennon, Ed, Jr. 08-27-1927 03-10-1992 Edward Kennon, Sr. Elizabeth Gamble Vivian Ford Inspt.Eng. Colonial Gardens San Augustine, Tx
King, Jackie M. 12-06-1926 11-12-1992 Maurice J. Dupoll    Ester Wood Bill            Housewife Corinth Tenaha, Texas
Kuich, Velma 12-18-1930 08-12-1992 Bob Gibson            Ethel Davis -                Home Maker Ramah -
LaGrone, Nettie Dunham 09-19-1901 12-03-1992 Marion Dunham/La  Mae Willis/Tx -              Housewife Joaquin Shelby County Tx
Lamb, Franklin Daniel 07-01-1939 05-15-1992 Walter Hugh Lamb  Fannie Armstrong -         Carpenter Fairview Fairfield, Texas
Lampley, Charlotte Bertha Swanston 09-26-1919 11-18-1992 Marvin Swanston   Nancy Wimberly -            Homemaker Oaklawn Edmond, Oklahoma
Lane, Richard Fonville 04-05-1936 11-10-1992 John R. Fonville          - -               Sales Mgr. Truitt California
Langford, Patricia Annette 10-21-1941 11-24-1992 Cecil Weatherspoon Yvonne McGee -        Secretary Joaquin Houston, Texas
Lawson, John R. 01-16-1933 01-25-1992 John R. Lawson, Sr. Mattie I. Watson/Tx Dorothy     Ret.Fireman Lone Cedar Shelby County Tx
Leim, Alma Mae Cammack 01-17-1900 05-17-1992 James Cammack/Ms Maggie G. Cammack W. H.     Postal Emp. Oaklawn Paxton, Texas
Liles, Lorena Brawley 11-27-1908 07-16-1992 Tom Brawley      Ophelia Burton -            Housewife Cedar Yard Shelby County Tx
Lowe, Blanche Lenora 05-03-1909 03-21-1992 Edger Roberts      Flora Wilburn -             Housewife Jackson Shelby County Tx
Luman, Eunice 08-24-1902 06-30-1992 James B. Anderson Elizabeth Hatton -         Housewife Old Salem Shelby County Tx
Luman, Nonie Vio (McSwain) 03-11-1898 02-11-1992 Allen McSwain   Margaret Savannah -       Housewife Mt. Pleasant Shelby County Tx
Luman, Vera 06-22-1904 02-03-1992 Dan S. Hatton      Susie McRae -            Housewife Mt. Pleasant Shelby County Tx
Maloy, John Charles 08-17-1926 10-22-1992 John Patrick Maloy  Marie H. Maloy -               Writer Holy Sepulchre Rochester, New York
Manning, Alice Louise 05-18-1915 06-01-1992 Belton May/Tx     Cynthia Daugherty/La Walter Homemaker Brooklyn De Soto Parish, La.
Manning, Walter D. (Bud), Sr. 08-20-1904 01-07-1992 Charles A. Manning  Julia Powell Louise     Mechanic Brooklyn Shelby County Tx
Matthews, Mary Ann 11-08-1906 11-27-1992 Augustus Wainwright Rose Scanlan Ben      Homemaker Oaklawn Church Point, Louisiana
May, Eula Boles 11-21-1898 09-18-1992 Cap Boles             Willie Brittain -              Housewife Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
May, Gracie Lee 09-04-1916 07-24-1992 Wiley Blackwell     Mae Pannell -         Housewife Joaquin Troop, Texas
Mays, Jaunita 06-10-1920 05-03-1992 Forest V. Caldwell Bessie Meyers Burl       Housewife Rest Haven Oklahoma City, Ok
McCann, Rev. Ferman Adderson 04-18-1920 01-01-1992 Adderson, McCann Maggie Willis -              Minister Old Home Paxton, Texas
McGee, Bennie Nathan 03-14-1924 03-27-1992 Tom McGee/Tx     Alta Chance/Tx -            Railroad Willow Grove Shelby County Tx
McSwain, Carla LaRue Davis 03-10-1966 08-07-1992 Jerry Thomas Davis Sylvia Lee Owens Michael G.  Home Maker Salem Shelby County Tx
McSwain, Eugene Roscoe 04-18-1920 08-04-1992 Sanford B. McSwain Stella Holt Fay       Comm.Trker Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Mena, Andrew 11-16-1924 04-09-1992 Sidney Mena       Emma Paddie Ruth        Ret.Fish Mkt. Oaklawn -
Menefee, George Harry 01-20-1911 10-20-1911 George W. Menefee Mittie Hayes Nellie        Clean/Press Oaklawn Center, Texas
Midkiff, Emmett William 12-30-1909 09-14-1992 William C. Midkiff  Myrtle Hooper -           Carpenter Joaquin Shelby County Tx
Miller, J. T. 12-25-1917 07-21-1992 - -             MonsantoCo. Sardis Shelby County Tx
Monk, Vilua (Owens) 04-28-1906 09-22-1992 Will Owen            Dessie McCauley -             Housewife Short Shelby County Tx
Monzon, Antonio Montecillo 03-25-1958 01-20-1992 Juan Caseta/Mx         Ricanda Galindo/Mx Lidia A.    Laborer - Comonfort, Gto, Mexico
Mulliken, Wylma Martha 02-14-1907 08-01-1992 Tobe Melton       Willie Bradham -           Housewife Ramah Shelby County Tx
Munnerlyn, Davis (Shue) 07-25-1912 04-17-1992 Benjamin Munnerlyn Mary E. Miller Maud        Ret. Co. Cola Oaklawn Patroon, Texas
Murphy, Florence Elizabeth 06-26-1908 12-02-1992 Franklin O. Jones     Rohda Ann Carlton -         Housewife Patroon Shelby County Tx
Neruda, Ozella 11-26-1927 04-29-1992 George Hutto          Rosa Bates -              Housewife Ramah Shelby County Tx
Oates, Carl Louis 05-14-1916 04-26-1992 Sam Oates/Tx        Bessie Eddins/Tx Nannie     Construction Ramah Shelbyville, Texas
Oliver, Melvin Claude 03-17-1921 11-24-1991 Joseph Oliver          Iris Burgey Brooksie  Switchman Powdrill Texas
Osborn, Thomas L. 10-08-1919 10-06-1991 James Osborn     Gertrude -                  GM Fld. Rep. White Rock Bicknell, Indiana
Pack, Ernest 03-05-1930 09-01-1992 W. M. Pack          Julia Baldridge Corda Mae Foreman Olklawn Johnson County Ky
Parker, Donald Forrest 02-24-1926 01-16-1992 Jefferson D. Parker Nellie Gunter Jean        Electrician Union Tenaha, Texas
Parker, Evie Lou 07-22-1916 04-18-1992 Herman Curtis      Nancy Brown O. O.      Housewife West Hamilton Shelby County Tx
Parker, Mary Gladys 07-04-1914 10-25-1992 Chester Parker       Winnie Faulk -              Saleslady New Hope Shelby County Tx
Parrish, Hazel Asa Pickard 01-24-1903 06-16-1992 Edgar Pickard          Ellie Davis Herman    Homemaker Ramah Shelby County Tx
Parrish, Herman 06-01-1896 07-23-1992 Oliver Parrish          Mollie Parkman Hazel       Ret.Farmer Ramah Tenaha, Texas
Patterson, Etoil Hogue 11-14-1922 04-07-1992 Fulton Hogue        Lonna Bell Harvey Buford    Housewife New Hope Shelby County Tx
Peacock, Donese R. 08-23-1921 12-22-1992 Connie M. Peacock Rebecca Wright Wynell      Car Dealer Mt. Pleasant Center, Texas
Pharis, Minnie A. 07-20-1906 08-10-1992 John A. Spurlock/Tx Fannie Warner/La -              Housewife Fairview Geneva, Texas
Polk, Ellen 12-11-1930 04-27-1992 Alvin Herold          Ellen Lanham -              Homemaker Oaklawn Dallas, Texas
Potts, Frank Leak, Sr. 03-20-1899 02-12-1992 W. C. Potts            Lou Allen Sinclair -             Track Repair Bucker Family Shelby County Tx
Raines, Ellis Lathan 07-23-1907 01-09-1992 Luther Rains           Sarah E. Davis -              Grain Oper. White Rock Shelby County Tx
Ramsey, Era Lane 11-21-1901 04-01-1992 Polk Lane/Tx           Ella Roper/Tx -              Housewife Tennessee Shelby County Tx
Reeve, Elsie May 12-15-1932 12-14-1992 Seth Kiser            Abby Johnson Darrel          Homemaker Cremation Cold Wood, Montana
Reeves, Geneva 04-25-1937 07-27-1992 Lonzo Everett/Tx    Nancy Johnston/Tx Robert   Housewife Enterprise Franklin, Texas
Reeves, Willard Duvoe 10-19-1916 01-28-1992 John W. Reeves/Ala Olive Morrison/Ala Bessie       Ch. C&R Ref Oaklawn Clay County Arkansas
Risinger, Laverne 06-01-1920 05-25-1992 Issac Wilburn      Fannie Oliver Ross       Housewife West Hamilton Shelby County Tx
Ritnour, Herman Thomas "Pete" 02-09-1933 07-16-1992 Simion T. Ritnour   Almedia Sholar -               Pipe LineCon Friendship Garrison, Texas
Ross, Myrtie Mae 09-12-1921 04-04-1992 Jim Whitehead      Lena Childress Roy      Housewife Brooklyn Horn Beck, Louisiana
Rudd, Duetta 01-25-1910 12-16-1992 Everett Youngblood  Minnie J. Haight -           Housewife Oaklawn Carnegie, Oklahoma
Ruth, Donald Dale 08-14-1912 05-24-1992 Adolph C. Ruth     Nellie Galligan -             Bookkeeper Green Hills Mem. Park Okeene, Oklahoma
Ruth, Roland R. 05-22-1926 07-15-1992 Adolph Ruth       Grace Galligan Doris     Accountant Roselawn, O'keene, Ok Oklahoma
Samford, Julia Bessie 01-08-1891 11-17-1992 George W. Hooper   Babe Billingsley -           Housewife Mt. Pleasant Shelby County Tx
Sample, Alma Mae 03-16-1907 02-12-1992 Wes Metcalf        Janie Sample -           Housewife Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Sanford, Annie Bell 02-13-1896 02-09-1992 Robert Smith       Betty McCauley -              Housewife Oaklawn Texas
Sanford, John B. 01-18-1914 05-17-1992 John Henry Sanford Viola Borders Rosa Lee  Construction Borders Neuville, Texas
Schwedler, Rebecca Dawn 12-16-1992 12-16-1992 Dean Schwedler   Tracey Morris Child Strong Dallas, Texas
Sechler, Helen Maxine 05-08-1916 04-10-1992 B. F. McGill          Ada Spillers -                Motel Oper. Sholar Eros, Louisiana
Shadix, Ellis B. 11-16-1912 09-27-1992 Clark Shadix           Helen Sherman Mary        Truck Driver Oaklawn Leon County Texas
Shaver, Ola Dunham 12-29-1900 05-24-1992 S. A. McDaniel    Josephine Wilson -         Housewife Joaquin Shelby County Tx
Shirley, Belle 07-22-1922 03-07-1992 Benjamin King     Viola Johnson C. C.     Housewife Wimberly Montana
Smith, Annie Ozella Segler 11-22-1911 11-05-1992 James W. Segler/Miss Betty Ferdie Duke/Tx -             Ret.Checker Pine Ridge Shelby County Tx
Smith, Bobby Lynn 09-29-1957 07-15-1992 John Smith/Tx           Nellie Jean Conway/T Carla       Construction Restland Baytown, Texas
Smith, Eddie Josephine 07-24-1897 05-01-1992 John King               Molly Maund -         Housewife Pleasant Grove Milam, Texas
Smith, Raymond Richard 09-17-1923 12-22-1992 Dock Smith          Josephine King Louise      Ret.Mechanic Pleasant Grove Shelby County Tx
Stacy, Guy Edward 08-18-1936 04-14-1992 Guy Elmer Stacy/Tx Donnie Vell May/Tx -               Hair Stylist Oaklawn Center, Texas
Stalcup, Ova O. 07-25-1900 10-02-1992 John W. Stalcup   Alice Ferguson -            Ret.Minister Tennessee Stillwell, Oklahoma
Stedman, Grace D. 09-04-1905 04-23-1992 Lawrence Risinger  Frances Youngblood -         Housewife Corinth Shelby County Tx
Stewart, Roy Clifton 04-19-1920 01-02-1992 Jess Stewart        Myrtie Lee Eaves Fannie        Mill Rite Old Center Shelby County Tx
Still, Jack 03-20-1938 07-04-1992 Harry Still            Lucille Brown Deanna          - Wimberly Center, Texas
Strickland, Wilomaye Childress 09-16-1904 10-21-1992 Edd Childress      Bobie Moody -           Housewife Jackson Shelby County Tx
Stuard, Howard 02-06-1912 02-25-1992 John Thomas        Mary Outlaw -           Mechanic New Hope Arkansas
Taylor, Lora Jane 09-23-1928 01-21-1992 J. C. Black           Willie Holliday Austin      Housewife Oaklawn Joaquin, Texas
Taylor, Richard Darwin 01-21-1968 10-01-1992 Curtis Darwin Taylor Julia Ann Pierce -         Carpenter Johnson Shreveport, Louisiana
Thieler, Jacob Henry 1919             12-1992 - Val                 - Grace Mem. LaMarque -
Thompson, Audrey Lee 04-10-1906 04-10-1992 Tom Spurlock      Daisy, Priester Walter B.   Housewife Restland Arkansas
Tillotson, Atha Mae 09-29-1917 02-29-1992 Robert J. Powdrill   Laura Belle Ballard -              Ret.Beauty O Powdrill Shelby County Tx
Tomlin, Thomas Earl (Tommy) 08-05-1943 10-24-1992 - Winnie H.  Maint.Supv. Mt. Herman Center, Texas
Tovar, Benjamin Louis 06-09-1992 08-30-1992 -                        Angelica Tovar/Mex. Child Tenaha, Texas Buckner
Turner, Jesse Cleveland, Sr. 03-28-1914 05-17-1992 Clarence Turner    Eula Mae Averitt Dimple   Ret.So.Bell Livelyville Slocum, Texas
Uresti, Lawrence, Jr. 04-19-1943 04-11-1992 Lawrence Uresti, Sr. Josephine Hernandez Patti          Farm/Ranch Sunset Memorial Victoria, Texas
Van Dyck, Shawn Michael 12-18-1964 02-21-1992 Paul Van Dyck, Sr.  Shirley Kay Cates -             Heating& Air Carroll Des Moines, Iowa
Waley, James Junior 05-10-1944 01-04-1992 James Waley          Loyce Wilkerson Carol          Ret.Trk.Dri. White Rock Shelby County Tx
Walker, Ellie Leona 10-14-1902 04-29-1992 Allen McSwain      Margaret Savanah -             Housewife Mt. Pleasant Shelby County Tx
Ware, James Larry 07-04-1939 11-01-1992 Eddie Ware          Louise Thedford -                 Sales Mgr. Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Wheeler, Robert Cecil 12-01-1931 04-22-1992 Robert E. Wheeler Nancy Beulah Holt Billie         Farming, etc. Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Whiteside, Clydis Wylma 09-23-1918 09-26-1992 Cliff Porter               Sue Jean Hughes -             Housewife Sardis Shelby County Tx
Wilburn, Addie 11-07-1907 01-20-1992 Archie Anderson   Amanda Hanks -            Housewife West Hamilton Shelby County Tx
Williams, Eppie Irene 12-07-1916 06-24-1992 Ben Graves           Lizzie Debosles -                  Sales Borders Center, Texas
Williamson, Ina Mae 09-10-1914 09-11-1992 Henry Windham     Della Fleming -            Housewife Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Wilson, Buford J. 10-12-1908 01-03-1992 Jim Wilson               Ella Palvadore Ethel         Carpenter Mt. Herman Center, Texas
Wilson, Junious Dean 04-05-1922 08-26-1992 -                           Jewell Wilson Evelyn      Welder-Cons Pleasant Grove Shelby County Tx
Windham, Earl Lee 08-29-1913 04-08-1992 George Windham Jackie Ginwright Burdine     Ret.Poultry Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Windham, Lue 07-28-1895 03-24-1992 Will Noel                 Cora Wilburn -            Housewife Oaklawn Shelby County Tx
Woodfin, Bettie Lou Tillman 06-17-1903 07-19-1992 Joseph Elza Tillman Mabel Brittain -            Homemaker Patroon Shelby County Tx
Woodrome, Kurt Randle 05-11-1968 09-14-1992 Kenneth Woodrome Connie Sue Bates Susan Lovell Ship Yard Oaklawn -
Yarbrough, Troy Franklin 07-10-1935 11-21-1992 Eugene Yarbrough Lucille Christopher Frances     Self Emp. Oaklawn Garrison, Texas
Yates, Dovie Olivia 09-13-1908 05-28-1992 Hugh T. Hinton/La  Mary Rodgers/Tx      -            Housewife Jackson Shelby County Tx
Yates, Ola Taylor 09-30-1909 11-19-1992 Jesse Taylor/Tx     Stella Brown/La -            Housewife Jackson Shelby County Tx
Zanzeberg, Lottie Elzenia 05-14-1918 11-10-1992 Rueben Andrew      Annie Laura Peveto -                  Tax Office Mineral, DeQueen,A Orange, Texas