Black Cemeteries in Shelby County

These are only a partial listing of the Black Cemeteries of Shelby County.  There are many missing or abandoned and locations of many are unknown.  If you have information   on any cemetery or a place where a person may be laid to rest please  

Cemetery First Name With Marker First Burial Date
Antioch - Timpson Sarah A. Roberts 1914 Map
Ashton Hill Joaquin Williams 1884
Ballard Unknown -
Bell Chapel Wife of Walter Blount 1900
Bennett Chapel Albert Louis 1910 Map
Blount Rev. Calvin Daniel 1928
Blount Chapel Bishop Suell 1961
Bobo - Friendship    
Brittain Creek Caroline Jones 1904
Burton Field Hill Moore 1902
Buzzard Roost Mary Moore 1900
East Liberty Marvin Ray Garrett 1922
Gates Chapel Ovada Byndaom White 1983
Haley Bush Ellen Biggers 1881
Joaquin Lorene Taylor 1955
Liberty Joaquin Williams 1884
McWilliams Fennie McClelland 1903 Map
Mt. Gillian (Flat Fork) Harriet Roberts 1900 Map
Mt. Zion (Timpson-Netherly) Mayma V. Griffin 1906
Murphy's Bridge Hill Moore 1902
New Hope - Timpson Cora McClelland 1896 Map
Pickering Switch George Davis Sewell 1928  
Old Peasant Grove Cemetery    
Pleasant Grove - Baptist Rev. Gip Smith 1902
Rather Margaret McClelland 1895 Map
Shelbyville Lizzie Eddins 1915
Smyrna-Timpson Rosie Deramus 1882
St. John's (Africa, Center) Dan Greer 1907
St. John's (Tenaha) Anna Cartwright 1926
St. Paul's Baptist Ras Anderson 1895
Thompson Sarah Thompson 1916 Map
Todd Springs Erma McLendon 1918  
White Family (East Liberty)    
Westview Charley Carroll 1909