Francis Tucker Funeral Home
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        Francis Tucker Funeral Home was founded in 1939 by Francis Edward Tucker.   It was family owned and operated until it was sold to Mangum Funeral Home in 1962.   The home was originally located on the corner of Tenaha and Church Streets, Center, Texas.  In the mid 1940 it was moved to Logansport and Porter Streets.  Mr. Tucker was born August 19, 1908.  He was employed with Oakley Metcalf Funeral Home in Nacogdoches, Texas for a period of time.  He later moved to Center and worked for John G. Harris Hardware, located on the Center Square.  He married first Corinne Hendicks and after her death he married second time Pat Jordan in 1945.  Mr. Tucker fathered 2 sons and 3 daughters.  Francis Edward Tucker died in 1989.

        These records are graciously provided by Mrs. Pat Jordan Tucker.  The records are somewhat worn and the interpretation of the writing is sometimes difficult.  Every effort has been made to transcribe the records as they were written.  Only in a few instances have they been change to make them more understandable.   In the years from 1939 through 1962 Francis Tucker Funeral Home conducted  over 750 services. 

        For the ease of loading and viewing these files, they have been made available by the year of record and alphabetic with the years.  

1939 - 1942 1943 - 1945 1946 - 1949 1950 - 1954 1955 - 1959 1960 - 1962