1912 Holbert School

Shelby County Texas

        The Holbert School was also known as the Rather, Boles and Hurst Town School. The school was consolidated with Shelbyville School.
        The first recorded record of the Holbert School, No. 78, was in in 1910 when the trustees were J.K. Castleberry, J. H. Helpinstill, A.C.Cannon and J. M. Harris. The teachers in 1910 were Joe M. Combs. G. M. White and Sam Matthews. The 1914 trustees were J.B. Beck, J.H. Helpinstill and T.H. Brittain.
        J.T. Campbell was a teacher in 1917 and his salary was $60 per month. Other teachers through out the years at the school were Mrs. C.H. King, R. M. Wedgeworth, W.R.Swanzy, Annie Haley, Miss Minnie Swanzy, G. M. White, B.C. Stalling, Annie Darnell, Selma Alford, R.J. Eddins (later teacher and principal of Center Schools) Elsie George, Fleta Blackstock, W.E.Goodwin, A.McClelland, A.B. Crain, Katherine Creech, Mrs. W.B. Rudd, Lillia Bell Ratcliff, Albert Beck,, Exa Cannon, Eula Hurst, Walter McClelland, M. Jennings, Annie Lee Hearne, Bryan Blevins, Ethel Carter, J.E. Meadow, Mrs. J.E. Meadow, Gid Hooper, Idell King, A.a. Brown, Mr. and Mrs. W.G. Harris, Vera Hammock, era Mae Alford Biggers, J. Menefee, Gracd Harrison, Janie Brittain, Cynthia Martin, Hardy Hairston, Sallie Chandler, Mrs. Hardy Hairston, Selma Gibson, Ina Swanzy, Gevohn Hooper, Renna Norris, Johnnie White, Annie Hearne Thomas, Marcellus White, Edward Alford, Harvey Russell, Alice Johnson, Lillian Bell, Ira Russell Hairston.  Thomas D. Johnson, Sarah Goodwyn, Lena Randell, Adell Lout, and Odie Scott.