1915 Mt. Pleasant School

Shelby County Texas

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The last day of school at Mt. Pleasant School was the most important and students came to school with best and most times new clothes.  This time the occasion was real special as the photographer was coming to make this picture.  This old school building still stands, but has been remodeled and is now in use by the Mt. Pleasant Church of Christ for regular services

Front Row:  (3 boys) Cleve McSwain, Fred Ellington and Elzie January.
Second Row:  Roy Monk, Cosby Ellington, Oscar Rudd, Bryan Bailey, Elzie Bradshaw, Wall Ellington, Elton Bradshaw,  Nancy Monk, Shelly Andrews, Walter Monk, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown.
Third Row:  Hazel Peacock, Ruth Wilson, Amy Peacock, Naomia Wilson, Ada Mae Covington, Minnie Bell Wilson, Lena Anthony, Bama Stephens, Velma Andrews, Thelma Wilson, Loyce Hatton, Vera Stephens and Virgie McSwain.
Fourth Row:  Lena Mae Wilson, Anice Stephens, Vera Ellington, Viola Monk, Pearl Covington, Stacie Wilson, Tempie Williams, Alice Monk, Willie Andrews, Frances Wilson, Alice Rudd, and teacher Ercle Sapp.
Top Row:  Elmer Rudd, Jim Covington, Luther Grumble, Lewis Hatton, Troy January, Leemon Rudd, Alex Lucas, Sam Monk, Emmett Rudd, Ernest Grumbles, Earlie Wilson and Skeeter McSwain.
Door Steps, Front Row:  ??? Courtney, Unknown, Unknown, Norma Jarry.
Door Steps, Second Row:  Unknown Juanita Jarry.
Door Steps, Third Row:  Vera Peacock, Belvie Jarry and Evilla Jarry.
Door Steps, Fourth Row: Luna Bradshaw, Essie Rudd and Wylma Rudd.