1918 Crockett School

Shelby County Texas

        Crockett School Opened in 1914 as a result of the communities of Short, Sandhill, Mt. Pleasant and Bethel Schools consolidating their one-room, one-teacher schools.  It was located at what was, and is, known a "Big Ditch"  and the first teachers were Cortus Wedgeworth, principal and Lilly Stanfield, teaching lower grades.  A complete history of the school can be found the Shelby County History, Volume I.  

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Front L-R:  Merton Samford, Tracy Hayes, Truman Graves, Wilmer Burns, Ephe Owens, Ted Middleton, Hill Wall Hollis Humphries, Melvin Shillings, Martin Wilson, Edison Owens, Bernard Hayes, Eldred Wilson, Luther January, Lionel Graves, Harmon McWhorter, Eric Mills, William Henry Samford and Sam Odom.
2nd Row:  Ercel McSwain, Onita Samford, Maurine Humphries, Geraldine Samford, Palestine Graves,
Nelma Wilson, Mohea Hughes, Linnie Gillis, Ruby Hawthorn, Janie Odom, Novice Jarry, Mozelle Jarry,
Clara Mae Shillings, Emil McSwain, Edna Mae Samford Evilla Jarry, Willie Murphey, Hassie Shillings,
Cleve McSwain, Maple Sommer, Lenox Mills, Lucille Samford, Andrew Thomas, Denman Johnson,
and Orva Middleton.
3rd Row:  Teacher, Carl Adams, Inez Hawthorn, Virgie McSwain, Beaulah Mae Wall, Ouida Summers,
Rosa Koonce, Gladys Hughes, Jimmy Lee Thomas, O.D. Humphries, Vilua Owens, Earl Martin,
and Johnnie Murphy.
4th Row:  Nona Wall, Nora Gillis, Tiny Gillis, Fay Hughes and Vera Johnson.
5th Row:  Ollie Thomas, Teacher, Annie Strong, Thelka Owens, Myra Stephens, Johnnie Mills, Mary Humphries and Lucille Hughes.

from article by Maurice Stack