1920 - Center High School Sophomore Class

The students of this 1920 CHS Sophomore are identified, not in order

    Ford Carnahan, Otho Hagans, Samuel Hicks, Tommie Keithley, Sam Lane, Leo Middleton, Leroy Paul, Joe Neal Runnels, George Smith, Frank Chapman, Minta Burns, Fleta Carrol, Thelma Corbitt, Bertha Davis, Exa Doggett, Mary Lizzie Elliott, Viola Hoffman, Mozelle Houston, Mozelle Huntington, Wince McDaniel, Raye McKee, Fern Napier, Thelma Napier, Eddie Frank Norris, Willie Rogers, Annie Love Samford and Masel Wood.

From the 1920 CHS Annual:

    "This grade has the reputation of being the finest collection of Blockheads in the history of CHS.  It is also the pleasure of having a Cicero and a Shakespeare in its collection and they equally as bright the originals.  In our Freshman year we had seven English Teachers and four Math Teachers, so you cannot blame us so bad. This year was a very unhappy one on account of the loss of our best teacher, Miss Laramore. As the days, months and years roll away, this grad cowers under the heel of tyrants.  Notwithstanding this fact we have our good time and are all a Jolly crowd."