Late 1920's Hurstown School

Old Hurstown School - Teacher, Mrs. Eula Alford Hurst
Not all students are identified - the grade of the students follow the name.

Front Row:  Donnie Adams, 4th, Ouida Goodwyn, 5th, Faye Lout, 6th, and Blanche Cannon, 7th

2nd Row:    Mary Ella Beck, 2nd, Oma Adams, 6th

3rd Row:     Maudis Dinks, 2nd, J. E. Lout, 6th and Sonny Metcalf, 7th.

4th Row:     Price Jordan, 5th and Morris Cannon, 6th.

5th Row:     James Swanzy, 2nd and Reedie Lout, 4th