1921 Duncan School

In 1921-1922 Duncan School had 44 students with John W. Creech and Miss Alma Wright Teachers.

The first record of the school was in 1893 and first known as Oakland and Pine Springs School.   In 1894, Miss Annie Laird was the teacher.  In 1910-11 the teachers were Miss Iva Oates and Martha Sharpe.  In 1912, the teachers were Albert Beck and Mrs. Cynthia Boren, with 38 pupils.  Don Bickman was the 1914-1915 teacher with a salary of $50 per month. He had 40 pupils. Walter Alexander, a trustee , was paid $15.60 for work on the school and trustee, J. W. Blackstock was paid $3.75 for work and for a new rope.  Other teachers included, Kay Gossitt, 1918; George McCowin, 1919; Paralee Samford, 1920; John W. Creech and Miss Thelma Monroe, 1921. 

In April 1922, Duncan School was consolidated with Cook No. 1 and in June 1922, the school was consolidated and name Dreka Consilidated School No. 1.   Dreka hd also been called Mosely, Cook, All Street, and Pine Springs.  This No. 1 School District dontinued until the school was consolidated with Strong at the end of 1948.

Front Row:   A. J. Scarber, Curtis Loften, S. L. Scarber, Jimmy Blackstock, Hulan Beck, Earl Payne, Otis Parker, Herman Duncan, J. L. Collum, Hershel Brittain, Buford Sholmire, Tommy Chambers, Hoye McMahon, ???  Stevens boy, Preston Samples, Elton Payne and John Goings.

Second Row:   Ella Ree Sholmire, Blanche Shue, Claudie Goodwyn, Lera McMahon, Fern McMahon, Janie Brittain, Lottie Duncan, Cynthia Payne, Avis Duncan, Lois Duncan, Octavis Duncan, Margaret Beck, Odell Blackstock, Lila Mae Payne, Lizzie Parker, Dollie Bell Taylor, Adelle Blackstock, Sallie Payne, Syble Duncan, Audie Sims, Rose Scarber, Loraine Duncan, Bell Metcalf, Dollie Mae Blackstock, Cecil Payne, Eldred Sholmire and Lee Britain.

Third Row:   Miss Alma Wright- Teacher, Lee McMahon, Willie B. McMahon, Irene Collum, Nelva Sims, Verna Lout, Wayne Shofner, Leona Latham, Arvie Shofner, Della Parker, Euell Adams, Arbon Samples, Ray Ervin, Waymon Ballard, Sallie Scarber, Hubert, McMeans, Leek Stevens, John Creech - Teacher, and Hoyt Shue.

Fourth Row:   Mae Samples, Dale Brittain, Pauline Ervin, Lucille Miller, Lucille Blackstock, Alta Sims, Irene Duncan, David Miller, Mable Brittain, Mildred Sholmire, Altha Goings, Melba Sims, Iva Scarber, Anton Partin, Kittie Mae Stevens, Lee Ella Samples, Hazel Miller, Lela McMahon and Willie Latham.

From Champion News, articles of Mattie Dellinger