James School - 1922

When the school was established in 1893 and contracted, in 1949,  to the Center School District.  The land records reveal in 1893 the school was known as the Ashberry School.  The school was also known as the Elm Grove School.

The known faculty and a few students named in the photo--in no particular order

Teachers:  Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Samford were teachers.  Students:  Vernon Bartle, Burton Cross, Buster Watkins, Woodrow Banker, Olvie Barr, Clyde Sherrod, Clyde Roundtree, Woodrow Middleton, Exona Harrison, Hester Ann Roundtree, Gettis Schillings.  Lucile Moody, Robe Harrison, ulah Sherrod, Juanita Jarry, Mozelle Cross, Hildred Baker, Winnie Mae Roundtree, Mosinw Moody, Nellie Barr, Buel Cross, Bryan Baker, Walter Manning, Marvin Crocker, Asie McGraw, Beadie Covington and Ercycle Jarry.