1934 Day School

Shelby County Texas

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Front L-R:  Jewel Phillips, James Phillips, Holman Willis, Morris Parrish, Ches Lee Lemley and Jack Rutledge.
Second L-R:  Bernie Beth Snyder, Marie Willis, and Bernice Shelton.
Third L-R:  Helen Snyder, Maurine Shelton, Grace Hutto Oneita Mae Hutto, Felon Jackson, Starlin May,
R.C. Snyder, Mitchel Parrish, Oleta Hutto and Raymond Phillips (behind Oleta Hutto)
Fourth L-R:  Shirley Phillips-boy named Shirley, Oliver Parrish, Ruth May, Robert Rogers, Imogene Hutto Laverne Bright, Ethel Snyder.