1935 Lamar School

Shelby County Texas

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        The teachers at the Lamar School in 1935 were Watsey Harris, principal, Mrs. Terah Bartle and Miss Blanch Cooper.  The identity of all the pupils is not known, but the following students are in the picture:

Edith Hughes, Vivian Ray Warr, Douglas Bush, Velma Holt, Nowell Bush, Vance Bush, Alvin Johnson, Eric Forbis, Ozroe Bush, Grady Holt, Robie Baker, Bud Ramsey, Edna Mae Hughes, Audrey Baker, Joyce Holt, Gertie Walker, Mertie Walker, Ovada Hogue, Jessie Marie Johnson, Billy Gene Stack, Wilma Parker, Doris Mosley and Etoile Hogue.