1942 Timpson High School

Timpson Class of 1942

The class had 55 receiving diplomas.  Included in this picture, but not in order are: Gary Ash, B.C. Baker, Katie Baker, Carrol Barco, James Edd Beasley, Katherine Beckham, Edith Billingsley, Frances Bowlin, Adlee Bryce, Joe Bussey, Mary Virginia Ceals, Annie Bee Childs, Mary Jo Compton, Helen Davison, Chester Dunaway, Doyce Eakin, Marguerite Eakin, Doyle Fisher, Audrey Flatt, Evelyn Gary, Nellwyn Gasway, Catherine Green, Tommy Hairston, Benford Harris, Louise Holcomb, Pauline Holmes, Harold Hughes and Lavon Hughes.  Also, Ouida Hughes, Duhon Humphries, Billy Hunt, Charles Hutcherson, Francis Hutcherson, Dossie Jolly, Moelle Lee, Flete Legg, Arvie Lynch, Sarah Mills, Bobbie Malloy, Sophie May Molloy, Doyle Murray, Burnett Nelson, Elzie Nelson, Constance Parker, Gloria Richards, Joe Rhodes, Charles Ross, Bennie Mae Sapp, Lorine Scruggs, Charles W. Smith, Thomas Ed Taylor, Helen Weir, Callie Jean Wilson, John Oscar Wood and Louin Yarbrough.