1914 All Street School

All Street School in Shelby was located Between Stockman and Waterman.   This photo was was taken in approximately 1914, according to Clara Hancock Williams. 

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   First Row L/R:  Velma Hughes, Gladys Spivey, Eunice Spivey, Gertie Matkins, Melton Matkins, Edna Matkins, Robert Crump, Robert Moore, Obie Moore, Bura May, Verta Matkins and Thelma Hughes.
   Second Row L/R:  Cleave Hughes, Millard Matkins, Mattie Mills, Lula Mills, Annie Bryce, Fannie Bryce, Sadie Crump, Lockie May, Garlon Williams, Earnest Hutto, Vannie Hancock, Fleta May and Sam Crump.
    Third Row L/R:  Teacher, Miss Swanzy Stokes, Monroe Moore, Clara Hancock, Vallie Hughes, Archie May, Della Crump, Mollie Hughes and Jessie Mills.


I've gone bak to the place where the old school house stood,
Walked down to the spring whee we use to drink 60 years ago
The Spring that bubbled neath,
The hill clost by the spreading beech in very low.
Twas then so high that we could scarcely reach,
And kneeling down to get the drink, I started so to see
How sadly I am changed since 60 years ago.
Near by that Spring upon an elm,
you cut my name and I did yours the same.
Some heartless wretch has peeled the bark,
twas dying sure, but slow
Just like the on whose name,
you cut 60 years ago.

                            Clara Hancock Williams (1973)


---The Champion, 03/14/1973