Hamilton School #40 - Goober Hill

Shelby County Texas

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Middle of back row, standing tall, are the teachers -- C.S. Ray, in the hat, and Robert Eddins, who after WWI was a long-time agriculture teacher in the Center school system.

Also included in the picture (not in order and not complete) are:
Asa Taylor, Ellis Wilburn, Billy Reynolds, Auvil Noel, Homer Brown, Johnny Jacobs, Bertha Elliot, Laurie Risinger, Willie Risinger, Clarence Adams, Thelma Taylor, Mae Noel, Edith Brittain, Lonnie Peace, Johnny Risinger, Rena Wilburn, Tempie Eddins, Nettie Lee Wilburn, Susie Corbell, Alice Eddins, Vera Peace, Lois Wilburn, Evie Cravey, Willie Peace, Winnie Risinger, Artie B. Risinger, Leo Corbell, Perry Corbell, Robert Cravey, Gladys Adams, Joe Jacobs, and Grady Jacobs.

Thanks to
Maxie Jacobs - CHS class of '51 for identifying the picture


 Thanks for Kathrine Sherrod Wilburn for identifying these students

FRONT ROW left to right
Joe Jacobs, (boy) Ray (boy) Brittain, Earl Adams, Dale Brittain, (boy) Ray, (boy) Ray, Beadie Noel, Johnny Risinger, Leo Corbell, Perry Corbell ,J.D. (Red) Brittain, Huey Risinger, Toby Curtis, Eric Wilburn, Robert Cravy, and Grady Jacobs.

SECOND ROW left to right
Eunice Cannon, Lola Taylor ,Odel Wilburn, Viola Wilburn, not identified, Edna Risinger, Winnie Risinger, Lilly Brittain, Alice Wilburn, Valery Wilburn, Willie Peace, not identified, Artie B. Risinger, Evie Cravy, Cealy Wilburn, Odel Taylor, Lois Wilburn, Minnie Anderson, Vera Peace, Lavern Noel, Gladys Adams ;and Bertha Corbell.

THIRD ROW left to right
Nettie Wilburn, Levetta Wilburn, Lela Wilburn, not identified, Lois Curtis, Thelma Taylor, May Noel, Edith Brittain, Lonie Peace, Zanny Wilburn, Rena Wilburn, Temple Eddings, Nettie Lee Wilburn, Susie Corbell, and Alice Eddings.

FOURTH ROW left to right
Acey Taylor ,Ellis Wilburn, Bill Reynolds, Arvil Noel, Reese Wilburn, Buddy McKnight, Homer Brown, Johnny Jacobs, Robert J. Eddings (teacher)C.S.Ray (teacher),Bertha Elliott, Johnnie Corbell , Johnnie English, Ovita Wilburn, Lauree Risinger, Buck Wilburn, Willie Risinger and Clarence Adams.