This letter was addressed to Miss Alice Hooper, Paxton Texas

from - July 2, 1912

W. C. Hurst
Superintendent Public Instructions
Shelby County Center, Texas




Pays About per month

Arcadia B. Wheeler Waterman $50
Bailey Bud Lout Shelbyville $40
Borders R. W. Spann Neuville $40
Buckley W. E. Miller Shelbyville $40
Cash L. J. Ellis Patroon $40
Cooper M. A. Block Waterman $60
Enterprise J. W. Falling Tenaha $40
Haley L. T. Wilburn Patroon $45
Henrietta J. A. Bridges Center $50
Hooper Tom Haight Paxton $45
Liberty W. H. Schull Shelbyville $40
Patroon x T. B. Brittain Patroon $60
Pine Grove W. A. Hamilton Choice $60
Quitman x W. T. Swanzy Patroon $60
Rather x J. H. Helpinstill Shelbyville $60
Risinger R. C. Shofner Tenaha $55
Shady Grove E. S. Childs Timpson $70
Smith x T. D. Watson Center $55
Strong B. F. Miller Shelbyville $60
Tom Day C. E. Coyle Sholar $50
Union R. O. Parrish Paxton $55
Waterman  x H. I. Spivey Waterman $75 -- Asst. $45
Webb x S. C. McKee Center $65
White Rock W. P. Emmons Grigsby $55

Signed W. C. Hurst, County Superintendent

P. S.  I am sending you a list of Schools that are open or were open last report.  A few of these will want First Grade, so I will mark these with Cross (x).  I hope that you will be able to secure a good place because I know you are to be worthy of such.  The number of Second Grade Teachers is so large that I have not been called onto help, select for any one but should be asked to recommend, I can assure you that I shall take pleasure in giving you as high recommendation. as I can write.  WCH

Submitted by Deanna Baumgardner