Mt. Herman School - 1940's
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Mt Herman School was established in 1893 and was annexed to Center Independent School District on February 6, 1954, under the "Dormant School Law of Texas."

Front Row: Maxine Fults, Mildred Choate, Timpie Helen Barbee, Fred Johnson, Raymond Chandler, Royce Ellington, & Bettie Lue Choate.
Second Row:  Doyle Luman, Joyce Goodman, Bettie Lou Walker, J.C. Choate and Carroll Dale Mills.
Third Row:  Tommie Joe Walker, Margie McCauley, James Gibson Barbee, Mary Joe Reeves, Betty Ruth Fults&  Lurlane Samford.
Fourth Row:  ??? Luman, James Ray Mills, Juanita Chandler, ??? Lucas, Redell Luman & Calvin Jernigan.
Back Row:  Robert Ramsey Teacher, Geneva Mills, Laree Chandler, Dorothy Nell Bowman, Teacher Ruby Strahan, Laverne Goodman, Dorothy Fults & Jaunita Mills.

The exact date of this School Year is not know, but other records have Robert Ramsey and Ruby Strahan were teachers at Mt. Herman School from 1941 through 1943.