Paxton - Edgefield School #89

Shelby County Texas

        The Edgefield School's name was changed to Paxton when it became an Independent School. 
        The earliest record available was in 1918-1919 when the trustees were David Sholar, Charles W. Smith and J.N. Majors.  Pupil enrollment in 1919-1920 was 120.
        Teachers in 1920's were S.E. McLeroy, Minnie Parkman, Ida B. Lassiter and Clytie Mae Womack, W.J. McLeroy, Exa Birdwell, Angie McNairy, C.H. Smith, Virgie Ramsey, Mr. & Mrs. M.E. Stanfield, LaVada Samford, Ethel Parker, Lucy Mae Tomlinson, Harry L. Rushing, Eva Sims, Derrel Parker, Bonnie Gary,, Mary A. Shepherd, Eula Poplin, Vera McCraver and Lina Smith, J.D. Mims, Mrs. Byron Robertson, Thyra Hurst, Ruth Beach, Hallie Stephens, Madge Kinnanon, Grace Johnson, Ida Bowers, Virginia Bogard, Kate Crawford, Reecie Womack and Callie Fraily. 
        Teachers in 1930's were  J.D. Mimms, Dernell Parker,Galdys Bagwell, Lucille Majors, Reecie Womack, Marle Caldwell, Ida Bowers, Easter Brown, O.R. Newberry, H.O. Mithell, Mrs. W.F. Crawford, Ruth Samford, Emmett Carter, Blance Green, Rebecca Harris, Floyd Wagstaff, E.C. Beng, Bennie Gunter, Irene Bagwell, Chester Jackson, Inez Hillard, Mrs. Howard Bryan, J.R. Popham, Ella Mae Owens, Evelyn Vanderhood, Beatrice Shannon, Levis Hurst, Lou Bell Moore and Nannie Hooper, Foy E. Wagstaff.
        Teachers in 1940's were, Jennings Peddy, Hallie Crawford, Lazell May, Curtis Savage, Charles Pou, Bonnie Gay Wagstaff, Reba Crocker, Grace Johnson, Nannie Hooper, Lola O'Neil, Eula Hurst, Ruth Templin, Evie Moody, Gladys Horton, Bessie Warr, Lillie Fears, T. M. Smith, Morris Samford, Dorothy Norris, Lillie Fields, Belva Lawlee, Minnie Parkman, Theo Dosia Jennings, Mildred Wall, Oran Bailey, Sammie Mae White, W.T. English, Millard Matkins, Jimmie Williams, Mrs. Darnell Johnson, Nannie Oates, and Mrs. Norma Leggett, Foy E. Wagstaff.

1933 Edgfield School

x1933edgefieldschool.jpg (39762 bytes)

Teacher - Mrs. O.R. Newberry
Bottom Row L-R:  Unknown Girl, Verna Estes, Edgel May, Unknown, Vita McCann Lucille Myers,
Robert Hataway.
Second Row:  Archie Fed Spurlock, Freda Jean Peddy, Melvin Hitt, Era Dell Hutto, James Roy Hill,
Geraldine Townsend, Maxine Hickman.
Third Row:  Betty Oates, Eheline Oates, Unknown Girl, Roland Caldwell, Carl Edward Ward,
Robert Earl "Pete" Oates, Unknown Boy, Thelma Oates.

1935 - 1936 Seniors Paxton School

x1936paxtonseniors.jpg (51437 bytes)

Front Row-L-R:  Lazelle May, Mary Lou Samford, Jimmy Oates, Tommie B. Sholar, Jodie B. Walker,
Marie Townsend
Back Row-L-R:  Edith Caldwell, Holvis McCrary, Teacher Mr. O. R. Newberry, Lindsay Chritian, Bonnie Gay Wagstaff, Ruby Samford

1935 -1936 Grade 3 & 4

x193536paxton.jpg (39059 bytes)

Front Row L-R:  Talmadge Hickman, Preston Hickman, Huey P. Myers, Unknown Boy, Unknown Boy,
Unknown Boy, Unknown Boy.
Second Row:  Roland Caldwell, Unknown Girl, Unknown Girl, Unknown Girl, Unknown Girl, Unknown, Boy,
Lucille Myers, Daphne Johnson, Unknown Girl, Unknown Girl, Teacher- Ella Mae Owens.
Third Row:  7 Unknown Boys, June Rowe, Unknown Boy, Unknown Boy, Carl Edward Ward
Fourth Row:  4 Unknown Girls, Joyce May, Edgle May, Unknown Girl, Freda Peddy, Unknown Girl, Verna Estes.

1937 1938 Juniors

x1937paxton.jpg (40450 bytes)

Front Row- L-R: Mr. O. R. Newberry, Unknown Boy, Unknown Boy, Cohron May, Unknown Boy,
Willard Kilpatrick
Back Row:  Unknown Boy, Unknown Boy, Loyce Callum, Faye Templin, Bernice patterson, Lemmie Ola Smith

1932 -1933 Grades 3 - 4

x193233paxton.jpg (52290 bytes)

Teacher - Blanche Green

Unknown Children

Photo courtsey of Edgel May Permenter
History from files of Mattie Dellinger