Tidbits of Shelby County History
It Made the Paper

This week’s article is a continuation of “Tidbits” from a couple of weeks ago.  The information today was printed in the Light and Champion – Heritage addition in July of 1986. The newspaper tidbits were from the East Texas Light printed in 1928-1938 unless otherwise stated. 

Highway No. 35 capped with Asphalt
December 27, 1928

The State Highway Commission in executive session included $65,484 in appropriations for base conditioning of 24 miles of Highway No. 35 from Timpson thru Tenaha to the Louisiana state line in preparation for the asphalt topping being approved for early in m which will be gladly received by all. (Note: present day state highway 84)

Tenaha team wins 1st Place at East Texas Dairy Show
March 7, 1929

The dairy judging team of Tenaha High School carried off highest honors in the vocational agricultural dairy judging contest at Marshall Monday. The team was composed of Fred Burns, George Parrish and Belar Foley.

In winning highest honors these boys are entitled to receive the first prize of forty dollars; while Fred Burns gets ten dollars, the prize awarded high point man, and Belar Foley receives seven and 50 cents , prize given second high man. These prizes are all given to by the Texas and Pacific Railroad.  Fred Burns scored 251 points and Belar Foley showed in a total of 250, George Parrish came in for honors as seventh high man with 235 points. The combined score gave the team 736 points, and highest team of 38 entries. Bryan, Texas was second with total score of 699. The boys to attend from Tenaha were George Parrish, Fred Burns, Belar Foley, Howard Taylor, Willie Balkcom, Buster Brown and K.D. Willingham, coach of the team.

Cyclone passed through county
April 25, 1929

Late yesterday, Wednesday, a very destructive wind, rain and cyclone passed thru this county going southeast, destroying property and many homes.

The main storm hit between Joaquin and Center demolishing, the James school house, valued at $1,000.

About 15 homes were destroyed, making 75 persons homeless in the same community. The twister is said to have been a quarter mile wide and five miles long.

A dozen or more were injured, and a Mrs. Sherard, seriously, but no deaths were reported.

Tenaha Graduates receive diplomas
May 30, 1929

The 1929 graduating class held their commencement exercises in the high school auditorium Tuesday night, at which time the 18 graduates resplendent in their youth and mien proved that there were sure of past achievements and were ready to step out on the stage of future manhood and womanhood with fearless tread.

Invocation, Rev. E.C. Harris; Class Song; Salutatory Address, Bessie Bowers; Class History, Ruth Park; Prophecy, Nina Crawford; Presidents Address, Murph Kyle; Poem, Belar Foley; Class Will, Gillie Womack; Valedictory Address, Charlcye Knight; Vocal solo, Mrs. S.D. Boyd; Address, Prof. Harmon Lowman.

Stockman School begins term today
From Timpson Daily New, 1933

The 1933-34 term of the Stockman School commenced this morning in the pretty new brick veneer building, completed only several weeks ago. The new building was erected to take the place of the old frame building which was destroyed by fire sometime ago.

The good people of that community are looking forward to one of the most successful terms in the history of the district, and the faculty is composed of the following: Millard Matkins, principal; Mrs. Rachel McWilliams; Miss Edna Ramsey; Miss Bonnie Ruth Franks and Mrs. S.C. Neill. (Note: Stockman, on Farm Road 415 nine miles south of Timpson in eastern Shelby County, was founded in the 1890s and named for H. J. Stockman.)

Erect Two New Gins in Timpson, Texas
The Times (Shreveport, Louisiana) 27 Mar 1929, Wed

Timpson, Texas, March 26 (Special) Two new gins are being erected in Timpson. T.P. Todd is building another modern gin, in addition to the two gins he now owns. L.D. McWilliams is also building a modern gin.

Timpson High School Organizes Ball Team
The Times (Shreveport, Louisiana) 31 Mar 1929, Sun

Timpson, Texas, March 30 (Special) - Timpson high school baseball team has been organized, and is training for the schedule of games to be played prior to the closing of school. The team has recently received new uniforms, which were contributed by Timpson business firms.

Timpson Cannery
The Shreveport Journal (Shreveport, Louisiana) 16 Aug 1933

The Timpson cannery, under the supervision of Mrs. H.L. McDowell, has canned approximately 9,500 cans of fruits, meats and vegetables at the present date. The plant will probably run throughout the fall months to accommodate those with beef to can and to take care of vegetables raised in fall gardens. At present the cannery has on hand 700 company cans of fruits and vegetables to be sold for plant expenses and 500 R.F.C. cans. (Note: The Reconstruction Finance Corporation was created by Congress on Jan. 22, 1932, amid the Great Depression to provide emergency capital to financial institutions. The support provided to those banks has been likened to the bailouts provided in modern times.)

Tenaha Sweeps Field Meet by Fourteen Points
The Times (Shreveport, Louisiana) 28 March 1932

Tenaha, Texas, March 27 (Special). Tenaha carried off the championships in the Shelby county interscholastic meet for Class A schools held here Saturday by a margin of 14 points.

Tenaha scored 66 points, Timpson won second place with 48 points and Center brought up the little end of the score with 36 points.

The high hurdles were finished in 20 seconds. Frasier Parrott, Tenaha, placed first; Giles Bowers, Tenaha, second; Defee, Timpson, third.

The 100-yard dash was made in 10 seconds. Bobo Griffin, Timpson, first place; Coon, Timpson, second; Warsham, Center, third; Reynolds, Tenaha, fourth.

Pole Vault was 10 feet four inches. Parrott, Tenaha; Townsend, Tenaha, and Mosley, Center, tied for first place; Giles Bowers, Tenaha, followed fourth.

Mile-run was made in five minutes. Curtis Jolly, Tenaha, won first place; Wheeler, Center, second; Hunt, Timpson, third; Milton Bass, Tenaha, fourth.

The 220-yard dash was made in 23 seconds. Griffin, Timpson, won first place; R. Parker, Tenaha, second; Harris, Tenaha, third; Jolly, Tenaha, fourth.

The 440-yard dash was made in 56.6 seconds. R. Parker, Tenaha, was first; Harris, Tenaha, second; Bailey, Timpson, third; Moody, Center, fourth.

The 880-yard dash was made in two minutes 21 second. Jarry, Center, was first; Coon, Timpson, second; Reynolds, Tenaha, third; Lynch, Tenaha, fourth.