1934 Antioch School

The Antioch School No. 53 existed in Shelby County from 1893 to 1953.  Miss Evie Beck was the last teacher in 1951.  It was annexed to Center Schools under the Dormant School Law. The Teachers were Orva Jones and Dorothy Shilling in 1934. 

Front:  Glen Lawson, Nolan Jones, Charles Jones, Vernon Cooper and Forest Lawson.

2nd Row:  Hurst Reynolds, Unknown, Totsie Lawson, Ruth Shillings, Helen Jane Jones and Billie Jean Jones.

3rd Row:   Mildred Ashberry, Joy Harris, Dorothy Lawson and Marcelle Jones.

4th Row:   Billie Shillings, Calvin Harris, Unknown, Holbert Lawson, Leon Waldon, Ernest Lawson, Jr., Mary Louise Burns, Margie Jones, Bert Garner and Nolan Cogswell.

5th Row:   Orva Jones - Teacher, Virginia Arie, Opal Waldon, Mildred Lawson, Eldon Jones, Marie Lawson, Helen Ashberry, Hester Williams, Ruth Lawson, and Dorothy Shilling - Teacher.