History of the Buena Vista Community

Our Flag, How to Honor It

"Eyewitness of Life in Shelby County in 1835 Under Mexican Rule"

The International Boundary Line between Texas and United States

The Truitt Family of Shelby County

Robert L. Parker  1830-1916

Shelbyville During The Republic Of Texas

History of Shelbyville First United Methodist Church

Haslam and the Pickering Lumber Company

Fire of 1911

Creation of the Town of Center

Center: Home of the Irish Castle

Center: Home of the Irish Castle, part 2

Center Post Office Mural

Odds and Ends

Early Day Officials of Shelby County

Center in 1873

East Hamilton, a mystery in the forest

History of Steamboats on the Sabine River

John C. Rogers Drug Company

Old Recipes

Thirteen Days to Glory

Milton Irish--A True Texas Hero

A Brief History of Waterman

History of Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church

Sam Weaver, Shelby County Surveyor

The Poison Wedding Supper

Capital of Texas once in Louisiana

Mier Expedition

Killer at the Casement:  A Texas Mystery

Murder of Marlie Childs, continued

Community of Short

Texas Joins the Union

Test Your Knowledge on Presidents

Answers to last week’s President Quiz

Murder in Shelbyville (Regulator-Moderator War)

Regulator-Moderator War, part II

Regulator-Moderator War, part III

Regulator-Moderator War, Part IV

Huxley, Texas

Methodist Churches of Shelby County

Methodist Churches of Shelby County 2

St. Mark’s United Methodist Church

Here Lies Texas and Tells the Truth, too